Among the most widely used applications on the planet is WhatsApp Messenger. WhatsApp Messenger seems to have a unique position in our lives, be it for talking to friends, transferring urgent papers to a coworker, or simply conferencing your dearest friends or family. 

The site provides a variety of unique features, such as displaying a people’s internet status and also more.

WhatsApp Web has grown in popularity as a school or work tool over recent months.

The benefits of utilizing the WhatsApp Web are numerous, including the ability to talk from your computer or laptop, instantly attach files to share, and focus on your job without checking your phone. 

Others, on the other hand, want to understand if they are constantly “Online” on WhatsApp.

NO seems to be the answer. 

WhatsApp web will not display you online if you switch to that other tab in your browser.

It’s comparable to our phone’s case. 

It would not show itself online if you minimize WhatsApp or concentrate on other apps.

It would help if you were constantly using WhatsApp for it to show your online presence. 

With your screen turned on, the application must’ve been running in the forefront.

If the program is running in a separate window. 

WhatsApp only runs, and the status returns offline. 

In these instances, for example, the messengers are playing in the background:

When the program is downloaded, the icon appears inside the taskbar, but still, the program does not launch on the monitor.

Whenever a tab is opened in some browser, but just another window opens here on the computer

Can You Hide Your Online Status?

No. The date can indeed be turned off from both the smartphone and the computer, but the status online will show as soon as even the app is active or playing in the background on the desktop. Just the timestamp can be concealed globally, but afterward, you won’t be able to view it in his contacts. 

The options for this will be found beneath Settings in the menu bar. 

You can select the account and data security options from this menu. 

Only the saved contacts or and nobody should know if you have ever opened WhatsApp, which can be changed under the last active now, but if any

How To Hide “online” status on Whatsapp?

You can’t hide your online status on WhatsApp Web like you would on the mobile application. 

There seem to be, however, various Chrome addons that can help you look offline on WhatsApp Web. 

WAIncognito is, however, one extension. The add-on comes with a lot of cool features. 

First, it enables you to toggle on even off the latest seen updates and Read logs for WhatsApp Web conversations. 

It also lets users define a safety timeout, which causes the read receipt to be sent automatically when a particular amount of time has passed.

Pro Tip:

Once you switch on flight mode, you’ll be capable of reading texts whereas showing up offline, which means your last seen status will not change from before you turned on flight configuration. For example, if your last seen has been 5 minutes ago, when you log in to WhatsApp while on flight mode, read the messages, and then log out after 5 minutes and switch off the flight mode to usual, your last seen still will be viewable as last seen 10 minutes ago. Isn’t it great? Well, give it a shot and see how it goes

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