Web hosting is a kind of Internet hosting that facilitates individuals and companies to post their websites on the internet.

Web hosting has also been managed with the technologies and other systems that are necessary for any website or web page to be visited by people on the Internet.

Best Web Hosting sites provide the space to the website, fast services, speed, security of the files, uptime to the customers.

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  1. Interserver

Interserver is the oldest and most reasonable web hosting service. It is provided with the offer of peculiar best quality customer service through a different channel, 24 hours per day and 365 days a year.

In Interserve, you can easily find the kinds of options for your work because now Interserver is a refreshed and self-reliant web hosting, built on a modern framework.

Interserver gives you surety of 100% storage and network uptime, also you can easily migrate your account to the new web hosting within a short time.

Features Includes

  • It gives a thirty days guarantee that if they don’t want to work on Interserver money will return.
  • The servers on Interserver will not compress to giving faster speed than other websites and also enhances route network.
  •  The Interserver team is available 24 hours so you can get an instant response from them by call, live chat, or tickets system.


A company owned by Endurance International Group. More than 2 million domains collectively use this web hosting. 

Bluehost is linked with many other web solutions like WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting, Woo-commerce Hosting and is also linked with professional marketing.

Bluehost gives a variety of plans at cheap prices as if you cannot afford the high-budget web hosting website you can gradually start your work on Bluehost and upgrade your website with time.

Features Include

  • Simple web hosting site for users
  • Offers 99.99% work time.
  • Provide technologies for page uploading.
  • Provides 100% security to the users
  • Unlimited site tools add-ons


In network marketing, HostGator is one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies and overall HostGator provides packages of all types and sizes at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Altogether, HostGator quickly transfers the data on different servers in the situation of failure and gives the surety of safety and repetition of the copies of their work hosted on other websites.

When users have any queries regarding work on HostGator, they can easily contact the HostGator team because they are available 24 hours and give a good response to the queries.

Features Include

  • You can make uncountable email accounts in HostGator.
  • Gives a 99% guarantee of working time.
  • Migrate your account without any charges.
  • They have many plans starting from the cheapest rate to being costly.
  • It consists of three major plans for their customers, Hatchling, Baby, and Business with high-rated IP addresses and SEO plans to upgrade the online work.


Nexcess runs more than 500,000 websites worldwide and offers a fully developed WordPress hosting website to the companies. Also provides different strategy plans and platforms like e-commerce stores.

Nexcess gives the best opportunity to the companies who want to start their business on an e-commerce store. Since you have found many plans like 2TB Bandwidth with basic plans, free SSL certificate, automatic image compression, compatibility with PHP 7, etc.

On Nexcess, migration of WordPress is easily available with all their plans. If you don’t know how to create a WordPress website, Nexcess gives an impression for the fast creation of the website.

If you want to ask any questions about the creation of WordPress, the Nexcess team is available 24 hours via phone or online live chat.

Features Include

  • Security monitoring is available
  • Updates of WordPress Core and WordPress plugin available
  • Offering a one-click site means you can easily create a clone of your live website


GreenGeek is an eco-friendly web host with experience of more than 10 years. It gives fabulous support to the customer in the terms of speed, characteristics, and low price.

It is the most distinctive web hosting provider and overall it is the number one web hosting for developers that provides a maintainable site with the features of free domain and migration.

If you have GreenGreeks, you can create your website with viable methods instead of degrading the site. So if you give priority to the maintenance of your site with good support and huge value then add GreenGeeks to your system.

Features Include

  • Servers are online available 24 hours at 99.99% of work time.
  • Gives you a secure website with a 24/7 monitoring service.
  • GreenGeeks provide check and balance and backups for any mishaps.
  • GreenGeeks offers free services to the customers on VPS and different hosting plans.
  • It also provides cPanel for its primary web hosting.


6. Hostinger

Hostinger has become the best hosting web due to its low price and fast service. Hostinger offers an enormous 90% discount on paid plans with a low price of $0.99 per month.


For beginners, Hostinger is a splendid web hosting site. Beginners can learn to create new websites for WordPress and learn the skills.

Hostinger has a team of customer success knowing 20+ languages and can give a quick response in less than two minutes.


Hostinger is also one of the fastest web hosting provider sites and can load pages with a maximum speed of under 200 ms and also give the guarantee of 99.9% uptime.


It also offers limitless bandwidth and gives a free domain for the yearly package. It is up to you that you can choose any domain plan for building a site.

Features Include

  • Offer limitless storage for the disk.
  • Speeding up WordPress
  • Gives daily or weekly backups to the customer on his plan.
  • You can create many email accounts for your work.

7. WP Engine

WP Engine is a well-managed web hosting site and priority gives to accelerate, security, and flexibility.

Their specific work is to manage the site for WordPress and make it expensive.

Although it is not exactly the hosting site but commits to giving the services for the live WordPress site. 

Other providers give custom-made servers, so it will slow down the installation process of WordPress on live sites. But if you are working on WP Engine, they will provide the network of servers with hostile caching.

You can get daily backups of your file on WP Engine so you have no worries about any loss of files and you can easily continue your work there.

WP Engine also has authentic customer service and has good plans for the endeavors.

8. HostArmada

HostArmada is a new web hosting site as it is launched in 2019. But with the positivity and strategy plans for web developers make it a renowned website. 

The servers of HostArmada are committed to WooCommerce, VPS hosting, shared hosting, development hosting, domain-related services, etc.

The aspect of HostArmada is specific for cloud-based hosting that means the information and the data of the customers can easily multiply to different servers and by this customers can get the benefits.

Features Include

  • Provides automatic daily backups of files.
  • Gives free domain authorizing until you are part of HostArmada. 
  • A well-founded security system and environment support your websites and resources customers use.
  • A technical team is always on duty 24 hours to deal with the customer’s request for any mishaps and any help. 
  • Reliable app installation with one click.

9. Webdock

Webdock is a hosting site that gives the personal servers to the customer namely VPS hosting that is based on Linux and works on clouds.

Each server is working on SSD drivers to couple the extensive facts of software, also Webdock offers their personal custom-built exclusive control panel that works flawlessly on multiple servers. 

Webdock offers the guarantee of performance that they are completely sure about their servers, VPS works perfectly.

It provides more backup snapshots than other networks so you have enough history to look back on your work. Webdock gives you a true snapshot and takes an accurate snapshot of the high-budget well-developed disk image.

10. Cloudways

Cloudways is a well-developed web hosting site that highlights the work and clarity. In Cloudways, you can easily focus on your advancement of business because Cloudways do manage the inconvenience of the servers.

Cloudways offers low prices to the customer depending on the server they choose and the cloud provider. Starting price is $10 per month. It is like a short trial that gives you the time to test its working.

And if you want security for your web hosting site it will offer an SSL domain with free mapping.

If you are a beginner at web hosting then Cloudways is a good platform.

11. DreamHost

DreamHost is a web hosting site that runs more than 1.5 million sites that are used worldwide and it is a good option for WordPress. The best thing about DreamHost is that they offer a 97 days money-back guarantee and a 100% uptime guarantee to the customers.

DreamHost gives cloud storage and computing services to beginners and developers. Besides this DreamHost gives a fast response to their customers for we request with a proxy cache.


12. EasyWP

One of the well-known domains is NameCheap, which is a hosting services provider on different platforms and launched the EasyWP, the modified version of WordPress for which you can say that this is the missing part of their collection.

It gives you the easiest way to use EasyWP by one click WP setup offer so you do not have to work with the  

Complex configuration. As this is the latest version of the server, it can easily manage a huge number of visitors.

EasyWP gives the services in three different platforms: easy starter, easy turbo, and EasyWP turbo. The initial plan has a low cost with the storage of 10 GB and easily controls 50 k followers per month.

13. GoDaddy Web Hosting

A host site that gives the web hosting features for Windows and Linux users, and also offers the DNS to the customer to search them online.

If you want to migrate your hosting site to another web-hosting, GoDaddy provides you the servers or FTP that will help to protect your files from hackers and safely migrate your website.

The best thing about GoDaddy web hosting is that it fulfills its promises to control the site with all technical features. They do not work like other web hostings. They pay attention to updating software, setups, and security repairs.

14. InMotion Hosting

A fast and simple hosting platform that you can trust easily for your work. InMotion hosting is an A+ rank platform that offers you to upgrade your business.

InMotion hosting is a completely safe web hosting that you do not have to worry about the hacking of your files. It gives protection to its users.

They give many free tools to their customers to sell their work like virtual private server, Control Panel, WordPress Hosting, Integrations, and many more.

They are well known for their security management so if you want to start work on a web hosting site then InMotion is a good choice for the users. 

They offer a 37% discount to their users with a 90 days money-back guarantee without any inconvenience.

15. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting was initiated in 2001 in Ann Arbor MI. It is well known for its speed. With turbo servers, they give 20x speed for the loading time of the page. Also, A2 Hosting becomes the major web hosting on google for its speed.

Same as other web hosting sites, A2 Hosting provides one-click installation of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and content manager system(CNS). Also offers migration services of sites without any charges.

It works for Linux and Windows and also gives many SSL certificates to protect the site. It gives a discount of 51% so the starting rate of A2 Hosting is $3.92 per month.

16. SiteGround

Since 2014, SiteGround has been working as a hosting software and they feel proud of their fabulous customer services.

In 2018, their customers are 98% satisfied with their services because they reply to their users within a second, give responses to support tickets in a minimum of 10 minutes, and are also available 24 hours on chat.

They give the most outstanding discounts in the term of one year. Simple plans start at the rate of $3.95% including simple daily backups, unrestricted traffic, and allow more than 10000 visitors per month.

If anyone who is not similar to web hosting and wants to do work on any web hosting site, SiteGround is the best choice.

 17. iPage

iPage is a marvelous podium to create and upgrade business websites because iPage offers low prices, rates, and simple tools for websites.

iPage is simply the best option for starting a new local business on a low budget. Also, they offer the website builder and give control to WordPress or Weebly so that everyone simply creates e-commerce.

If you want the work on web hosting at a low price so iPage is not the option. iPage gives you the reliability to set the level of e-commerce tools and smooth working, overall iPage fulfills all the requirements to set up a website fastly.

18. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is well known as a well-developed hosting site you will ever use. First and foremost Liquid Web is known for its management of hosting.

So, if you want to do the work on the most reliable web hosting, try to work on Liquid Web.

The most effective part of this hosting site is the unsurpassed 59 seconds guarantee for the users. Then there are 24 hours of customer service on chat or calls.

Liquid Web offers a collection of hosting options for the users like it has more than six hosting options according to the needs of customers.

Features include

  • Offers Plesk control panel to the users for managing the hosting site and servers they are working with.
  • The entry fee is a bit expensive in comparison to other web hosting sites.
  • Allow automatic update of the site.
  • Provides fast hosting servers to work smoothly.
  • Also, the migration of sites is free of cost.

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19. AccuWeb Hosting

It is recognized for their shared and VPS hosting for Linux and Windows both. It was launched in 2013 in New Jersey. 

Due to some features, then it has become the best web hosting site like the speed they provide the users and Additional RAM storage.

If you want to continue your work with this site they will provide customization. Their rates depend on the features that users need. You can upgrade and decrease the scale as you want.

AccuWeb’s starting price is $2.99 % per month. And the rate of VPS is $10% per month.

Overall AccuWeb provides 100% storage for SSD and the setup of windows server 2016 OS. 

So, if you want to work on a reliable and inexpensive web hosting site, choose AccuWeb because it is the best choice for growing your business.

Although, when you are working on web hosting, you have to keep in mind a few things like always choose reliable and affordable web hosting, that gives you a smooth environment for working, easy to handle control panel, quick recovery, best starting plans, and work time.

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