Following are the sites chosen for website builder reviews about their working, pricing, and customer friendliness including the ease of their use.

1. Wix Website Builder

It is easy to use as you just have to answer a few questions and boom your website is ready according to your choice. There are many positive reviews for this website builder, so it must be great.

In this, you can just select a template of your own choice, animate any template, and then customize the appearance and add icons according to your choice like color, size, and font, etc. So, this is easy to use for beginners as well as professionals but it has a special code called Wix Velo for professionals who have a good understanding of websites or developers.

Furthermore, it has about 300 of its apps that can be used to enhance and improve the functioning of a website. It has previously worked and focused on its SEO wizard after facing some criticism.


It has a free version for beginners. For paid ones, there are 4 versions available priced at $14 per month for personal use, $18 per month for freelancers and entrepreneurs, $23 for online branding, and $39 for unlimited usage which is a VIP version.

So, it can be said that it is one of the most competitive and useful website builders.

2. Standout Website Builder

It was developed in 2019 which has significantly improved over these years. It has about 5000 users across the globe. 

This website builder is very easy to use and is very helpful for beginners as it does not require the users to be able to understand coding or any other special skills. It has easily editable templates, different visuals, and has more than 1 million free images.

It allows the person to build any website from 1 page to 1000 pages. It has very good customer support which is not only available 24/7 but also helps the customers to build interesting and unique websites.


It is an SEO-friendly site that offers a lifetime license for $149 which is now for $97.

3. Vistaprint Website Builder

It is a very good site for beginners to make any simple website as it has a limited amount of features with many positive reviews. However, it offers some quite good features which other website builders do not offer like personalizing the website and creating business cards, etc.


There are three versions available of this site starting from $2.81 per month which is the Get Personal plan. This plan is best for creating a website, or a resume.

Then there is the Get Professional plan for $10.12 per month that offers you domain name, SEO tools, etc. The last version is for $14.06 per month and has an additional feature which is e-commerce proficiencies.

4. GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy has quite good working and processing speed. However, it has limited storage i.e 250,000 files.

Furthermore, its bandwidth attracts unlimited traffic to the site. The setbacks of this website builder are that it does not allow migration from any other website and it is a bit expensive.


It has an economic plan for $ 8.99 a month with 100GB storage and only 1 website. The deluxe plan for $11.99 a month with unlimited websites, the ultimate plan for $16.99 a month which has a free SSL certificate, unlimited databases. And the last plan is for $24.99 a month with 2GB memory.

5. Network Solutions Website Builder

This website is easy to start your work as it offers a minimum of 15 GB storage up to unlimited with an option of a free custom domain. Moreover, it also has some features like virus checking, email forwarding, and autoresponders, etc.

It offers the installation of many apps in just one click and vast support for programming. Furthermore, it offers from 300GB to unlimited disk space with domain name free for up to 12 months.

This website also guarantees that the website created would look pretty much like that of a professionally created site.


The price starts from $3.99 a month for the essential plan, $18.95 for the professional plan, and $36.95 for the premium plan. One of its major setbacks is that it does not offer any money-back guarantee.

6. WordPress Website Builder

It is a good website builder for blogging or a simple kind of website designing. It offers 3GB storage space and also it is responsible for the backups and the updates.

However, this site does not allow the users to near through posting ads on their site. WordPress has many positive reviews but not all positive because of its setbacks.

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It has 5 pricing plans i.e. a Personal plan for $48 per year, a Premium plan for $96 per year, a Business plan for $300 per year, an eCommerce plan for $540 per year, and in the last, a VIP plan starting at $5000 per month.

7. Site123 Website Builder 

As the name indicates, SITE123 makes it much easier to create a website in just three steps. Those three steps are design selection, content addition, and then going live.

Unfortunately, the pricing isn’t very well structured. Even if you visit the pricing page, you will find a single premium plan available. You must have a free account first to choose from the other plans and then an upgrade according to your requirement.


It has a free version available and the professional one is for $5.80 per month with a free domain for 1 year, 10GB storage, 5GB bandwidth, and E-commerce. 

8. Ionos Website Builder

Ionos is for building a professional website that is flexible to use and also offers great customer support 24/7. Moreover, it also offers industry-specific templates to enhance the outlook and working of the site. 

It also offers a free domain for the first year with a very strict privacy policy.


It has 3 plans that start with a Starter plan for $1 per month then it has a $5 Plus plan for developers and professionals and a $10 Pro plan with dynamic editorial features.

9. Weebly Website Builder

It can safely be called a one-step site builder for small enterprises. This quite affordable website builder is used by many people around the world. 

It is not only user-friendly but also provides good security, SEO settings, and updating options. However, its speed is not too satisfactory and sometimes the site needs a refresh. 

You can build a site from 100-1000 pages but it does not have too many customization options.


It has 4 plans, the first one is free with no free domain name and also a Weebly ad at the end. Connect plan is for $5 per month in which ch site can be connected to a domain name according to choice.  Pro plan is ad-free and is for $12 and finally business plan is for $26 per month having some extra e-commerce options

10. Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace has many templates that can be published easily, many of the templates are dependent on photography which helps in giving a customized overall look. Its backend design can be easily used, even if you’ve no experience with the builder.

Its admin section is perfectly built to help you figure out navigation. Ir is considered to be a platform that is all in one. Its troubleshooting has very few issues.

Squarespace automatically provides you with the backups and redundancies for the site you have. Its monthly subscription price is reasonable and customer support is available 24/7.

It offers 4 plans starting from $12 per month for the Personal plan, a Business plan for $18 per month, a Basic Commerce plan for $26 per month, and $40 for an advanced Commerce plan per month.

11. HostGator Website Builder

HostGator has many features like disk space, bandwidth, host domains (excluding hatching plan), and MySQL with Unlimited Databases, cPanel interface, an uptime guarantee of 99%. It also has a money-back guarantee of 45 days and is currently hosting more than a million sites.

However, it has uneven support as times of customer support responses are slow and does not provide very good performance too. Still, it is a good idea for entrepreneurs, personal websites, and bloggers.


It has 3 plans like most of the other sites starting from $2.75 a month for Hatchling plan, $3.50 for the baby plan, and $5.25 for a Business plan with unlimited domain, Free WordPress/cPanel, One-click WordPress installs, website transfer, Free SEO tools, Free dedicated IP and many more. 

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