What Happens When The Shopify Trial Ends

Shopify is a successful cloud-based platform having low start-up costs. 

It is a great choice for many businesses.

People who run small businesses can use an admin panel to run their online store, add new products, and process orders.

When it comes to running an online store, the software is very easy to use and there isn’t a lot of time to learn.

It’s a subscription to an all-in-one internet selling platform that you pay for each month. 

It doesn’t take long to start. 

If you want to market, sell, and distribute your products to customers, you’ll first need to figure out how much you’re going to charge them for each one.

What happens after Shopify free trial? (Quick Guide)

Shopify allows you to start an online store for free, with no coding necessary.

If your free trial period expires and you have not yet signed up for a plan, you will not be able to access the store’s back or admin area unless you have purchased a plan from them. 

Before you proceed with the process on your store, make a plan. 

As soon as you log in, you’ll be presented with a window asking which plan you’d like to use.

How to activate the trial?

To start the trial you must select whether a payment plan is available.

It has three possible choices.

After making the decision click the button “Choose a Plan” to proceed. 

You may pay via bank transfer or PayPal. 

It must happen during the 14-day trial unless the store is frozen (or halted) or will remain inactive. 

How can I close/cancel/delete Shopify free trial period without paying?

If you didn’t fill out the payment form and didn’t choose a paid plan, you won’t need it. 

The free trial ends immediately.  

The store will automatically shut off if you enter an email address or phone number. 

You could close the store by selecting Default > Plans > Cancel subscription (Or De-activate the store).

In the event that your payment is delayed by Shopify, the retailer has strict terms and conditions. 

The retailer won’t refund your money back.” 

Are there any limitations while on the Shopify free trial?

There is no limitation on the free Shopify account. 

It’s possible to customize your store with any product you want.

The Advanced Shopify plan includes a full list of features. 

And you have a chance to sell.

How can I extend my Shopify free trial?

Unfortunately, this extension is impossible – this trial lasts 14 days. 

Shopify has offered accelerated trials of COVID19, which have lasted 90 days but are no longer available to purchase.

How long is the Shopify free trial?

Shopify offers free trials every day for 14 days.

Shopify has offered longer testing periods of up to 90 days during previous special events (e.g. COVID-19 pandemic), but it is currently unavailable.

Can you make money (sales) with the Shopify free trial?

Absolutely! The free trial on Shopify does not contain a limit on what’s free. 

It is important to make a good sale for yourself. 

The exact transaction fees used are still unclear.

Tell me the start date of the free trial of Shopify?

The free trial starts with the completion of the registration process. 

A total of fourteen days are required for activation.

Reactivating a Paused Account

You could be in a situation where the 14-day period ends if you don’t pick any plans. 

You might be afraid of losing everything you have built. 

No worries! You still can decide how much time you should spend on a Shopify Plan. 

Storage time is 90 days. 

The Shopify support team recommends making a decision within the first 30-day period to avoid deleting data or information stored in this case.

 If you wish to delete or update your pause accounts, you simply need to log in with a redirected password that was used when creating a trial.

Final words

Shopify was my first time finding out about this company. 

The platform lets you test all functionality for the duration of 14 days before you purchase the product.

Contrary to some individuals and websites, 21 Days Trials are no longer available. 

They often attempt or sell a fraudulent way of obtaining your identity.

It would be safer for you to trust Shopify’s official site, which says 14 days for Free Trial.

Shopify free trial faqs 

What happens after a free trial of Shopify?

Even if you opt to pay in advance on this free trial, you are not charged unless you terminate your free trial.

You can choose the paid option during the time you have the trial so you can’t work with that plan without paying for an introductory subscription plan. 

Only you decide when you should continue using this service after the test period.

Shopify Free Trials. Limitations

Although Shopify is useful for launching online stores and familiarizing yourself with its functionality, you are limited to its structure and design and prepared to receive real orders.

How Can I Cancel Shopify Free Trial?

After you cancel an online subscription you can stop using the service automatically and without any action required! This will remain as if you were locked. 

Whenever you opt-in for a paid subscription, you can log in and work will be done.

The different types of trials that are available

There are a variety of Shopify Free Demos available and you should select which one suits your requirements.

I’ve heard about a 90-day free trial of Shopify. Does this really exist?

To help retailers prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic, Shopify has provided an online test for 90 days. 

These offers are currently ending and you can also try a free trial and request extending the period.

Free dropshipping starter kit

If you are attempting Dropshipping with Shopify, you can find Shopify’s free Starter Kit here.

 It gives you the chance to trial Dropshipping for 14 days and also offers you additional support services.

How much does Shopify cost?

Shopify costs range between $9 – $249 a month based on the plan you select.

More on this fee and the differences in different plans can be seen below.

Standard free trial

The standard trial period provides you with a 14-day free trial of Shopify for the first time. This information is available through Shopify’s site.

Can I sell products during my Shopify free trial?

Unlike the free Shopify trial, you cannot sell anything until you buy an Amazon plan.

How do I cancel my Shopify trial?

You’ll be locked out after a paid trial on Shopify. 

There’s no charge for it.

Does Shopify delete your website after a free trial?

Your store cannot be deleted immediately, however, you can reopen the account anytime you want to pay and proceed. In just the next few days you can select the plans and take back where you left off.

How long will Shopify’s 90 day free trial last?

Shopify now offers just one trial duration, set at 14 days. 

The only time Shopify had 90 days was during the COVID19 Pandemic between November 2018 and June 2019. 

This project helped people to start a business online, but that offer has not been renewed yet.

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