Users can still get free site hosting from X10hosting, a Hampshire-based web hosting firm. As a more dependable and speedier hosting alternative, the firm released its x10 Premium hosting service in 2010. 

The x10VPS and the Infinity+ server management solution are also available. The slick website of x10Hosting is in English. 

The aspect that distinguishes x10hosting from other websites in this industry is the fact that it offers free hosting. A network of 750,000 users at x10hosting is available to respond and assist you with your inquiries and issues.

They think that hosting should be available to everyone so they offer limitless bandwidth and disc space, allowing your website to flourish without hindrance.

This is about the X10hosting review. Keep reading, it’s a detailed review. Also, read Rackspace hosting review and Lifetime hosting review.

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Following are X10hosting detailed characteristics. 

1- Costing

There’s not much to say about retail prices of the paid account because… well, it’s free. When it comes to paid hosting, x10Hosting offers high-quality services at affordable pricing. 

If you sign up for a two- or three-year contract, you’ll get some freebies including a free domain, SSL certificate, and IP address. Longer subscriptions are also more cost-effective. x10Hosting has plans ranging from $4 to $7. 

The cost is determined by the hosting package you select.

Which Of The x10Hosting Plans Should I  Choose?

My advice is to start with a less expensive package. Upgrades are always available. 

x10Hosting can assist you in making the switch to a more costly plan. Most times, a boost in visitors takes more time than predicted, so don’t spend lots of money unless you really need it.

2- Customer Service

Only the support forums are available for x10Hosting’s free services. Premium users, on the other hand, get access to a support email service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My email and ticket submissions went unanswered, thus I’m unsatisfied with x10Hosting’s service. 

x10Hosting isn’t one of the best web hostings. However, this could be due to x10Hosting’s status as a small, under-the-radar hosting service. A small hosting firm has an advantage in that you, as just a customer, are valued more.

3- Web Hosting Tools With A Higher Level Of Complexity

Many shapely hips are packed inside their command centre, allowing you to rapidly administer your website hosting site as well as supply a simple rating for consumers. They provide you with complete access to everything of this new control by cPanel X3 and streamlined in-house built additional x10hosting options; those who are just starting are given x10HostingBasic.

There are a variety of ways to store files simply uploaded, modified, and so on via FTP, according to the reviews or opinions. PHPMyadmin makes it simple to administer MySQL databases. All inboxes of emails and domain ratings can be readily configured.

4- Software Installation With Just One Mouse Click

Upwards of 300 one-click installations are available on this site’s servers, allowing you to install applications fast and easily.

WordPress, Joomla, and my BB are among the many servers available on their network. 

You will never need to follow installation instructions or documentation, nor will you require customer service because their cloud product will assist you. All major third-party scripts are included, and 300+ one-click installations are available.

5- Web Hosting That Is Adaptable

To make your product accessible and visible to the entire globe, x10hosting exclusively uses top-of-the-line server hardware, luxury networks, cloud infrastructure technology that will strongly impact, and the cPanel management panel.

In a nutshell, web hosting is fast and completely free for the user’s convenience. The x10 hosting plan allows for easy working upgrades based on your needs. At x10hosting, the overall impression of the website is that it is user-friendly.

6- Uptime & Performance

You want your web pages to load as rapidly as possible. This improves your website’s SEO as well as its usability. The fact that x10Hosting uses SSD hard drives is something I appreciate. These hard discs are significantly faster than SATA hard drives.

I discovered x10Hosting through my investigation. There aren’t many reviews regarding them that I’ve discovered. That is, they are either out of date or there isn’t a consistent stream of positive feedback about the company. 

However, there have been a few small complaints from previous x10Hosting clients. As a webmaster, you desire your website to be up and running as much as possible.

x10Hosting offers a 99.9% service level agreement (SLA). They will offer you credit for any delay your website experiences. If your service is down for whatever reason, x10Hosting will credit your accounts as follows:

  • Uptime of 99.9% to 100 percent – 0 percent credit
  • 10% credit for uptime of 99.1 percent to 99.8 percent.
  • Uptime of 98 percent to 99 percent – 25% credit
  • Fifty percent credit for uptime of 95% to 97.9%.
  • 100% credit for 0 to 94.9 percent uptime.

7-Domain Names

One of x10Hosting’s greatest assets is its lack of constraints. Yes, their domain allocations, hosting, and bandwidth is all covered. They also give it away for free. 

It typically ends in or Log into your cPanel control panel to get started. After that, go ahead and claim your domain. It’s worth remembering that improvements are available. However, there is a cost.

8- Database

Because of its limitless resources, people rely on the database of their web host. They provide PHP and MySQL databases in addition to email accounts and the internet. 

Daily backups are included. You can trust x10Hosting to keep your data safe. But, if you are inactive for thirty days, you can anticipate your account to be deleted. As a result, you must be active during the specified time frame.

9- Web Hosting In The Cloud

Free cloud web hosting is available from x10Hosting. You can also take advantage of a number of advantages. SSD servers and website builders are among them. 

A one-click software installer is also available. You will also have access to a personalized control panel. As a freebie from x10Hosting, it’s well worth it. There is, however, a premium version available if desired.

10-Data Transfers 

x10Hosting differs from other hosting providers in that it does not charge for transfers. You don’t have to pay anything at all for monthly transfers of 45GB. You also have an extra 2.5GB of disc space. 

A premium version of x10Hosting’s service is also available. Let’s say you’re looking for a high-end way to handle data transport. It’s much more convenient and quick in the premium edition.

11- Storage For x10 Hosts

It maintains good uptime by using RAID-10 hardware nodes on your server. According to its SSD server, which is quick and reliable, you can expect optimum webmail service.

You have access to a limitless amount of bandwidth. Using active monitoring tools, use OpenVZ to provide virtualization on the Linux operating system.

The RHEL 6 kernels, which are the most recent version of the RHEL kernel, are now running on it. It also has R1Soft Continuous Data Security software, which includes full use of these for every hardware node.

X10hosting Features Table

Free SSLNo
Free DomainYes
Website builderYes
Web migration?No
Disk space Unmetered
Control panelcPanel
Charging Duration500ms
Server LocationUSA
CPU CoresOnly 1
Disco SSD
Dedicated hosting charges start fromFree
Shared Hosting charges      –
VPS    –
Price start fromFree

Advantages And Disadvantages

Before moving forward with a plan, learn the advantages and disadvantages. x10Hosting has several advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Examine whether this web hosting brand is profitable for your cash, time, and work.


  • Prices that are reasonable
  • Features that are exceptional
  • Free plans with a variety of features
  • Software that is inexpensive
  • A large community
  • User-friendly with a helpful customer service staff
  • It’s easy to use
  • There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Resources inexhaustible


  • There is no money-back guarantee.
  • It is not possible to cancel plans.
  • Subdomains are being tweaked.
  • Occasionally, there are outages.
  • Servers that are slow to load
  • Inactive accounts are deleted.

Other Features Include:

  • Unmetered Bandwidth is a term that refers to the amount of data that can be
  • Fantastico, Cpanel
  • MySQL is a database management system.
  • Statistics from AwStats.
  • POP3, SMTP, Forwarding, Web-based Email, PHP mail, and Sendmail are all examples of email protocols.
  • 30-days In order to avoid the inactivity limit, you must visit the forums at least once a month.
  •,,, and are all hosted on the same free web host site.
  • SpamAssassin.
  • Domains that are not part of the main domain.
  • Jobs on the cron.
  • SSL that is shared.
  • Websites that are available for free must be in one of three languages: English, Spanish, or French.


Although x10hosting’s free hosting package receives the most prominence, the paid memberships are also very reliable and are efficient at affordable starting costs. 

According to customer reviews, the following features were popular: SLS, SSD storage, SSL certificate, long-term contracts, and 99.9% uptime free hosting. Customer service evaluations that are inadequate and the incapability to terminate your subscription could be the disadvantages. 

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