Black hair care products are growing in popularity among both men and women. Millions of people use them every day. Thousands of companies sell them. Many of these companies are based outside of America.

Black hair care products are very popular among women. There are many brands that offer quality products. Affiliate marketers can make a lot of money by promoting these products. In this article, we’ll list the top black hair care affiliate programs.

The Hair Care affiliate program gives you access to thousands of products to sell online as your own brand. You get to choose what products to sell and how much commission you want to earn. 

You also get to use coupons to boost sales and discounts if you purchase products from the company.

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Coco Black Hair Affiliate Program

Coco Black Hair is a great company offering quality hair products at affordable prices. They also offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

CocoblackHair is an official affiliate program of Black Hair Products. 

Affiliates get a 5% commission rate on all sales made by customers who use their link. Affiliates also get access to real time stats, a unique tracking ID, and dedicated support.

Commission rates: 5% commission on ALL sales.

Cookie duration: not disclosed.

NaturallyCurly Affiliate Program

NaturallyCurly is one of the top hair companies/eCommerce platforms in the country. It has been helping customers with hair care since 1998. 

It is not only an eCommerce platform for the natural and curly hair community but also a consulting service club that understands the needs of the curly hair community and helps them achieve their hair expectations.

Naturally Curly is the largest hair care brand for curly haired women. Their mission is to empower, encourage, and inspire curly haired women to stand tall, be beautiful, and be themselves.

As a Naturally Curly affiliate, you can earn a commission from each sale you refer. You can share our links, coupon codes, and promotional banners on your website. 

The entire shopping and purchasing experience happens on Through this partnership, we will handle all the order processing, including shipping and billing.

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Program Features

  • Earn up to 5% commissions. 
  • Direct links to popular products. 
  • Real-time commission tracking through your dashboard.
  • Free US shipping over $100. 
  • Free samples. 
  • Online coupon codes and discounts. 
  • Special promotions and exclusive offers. 
  • Discounts and coupons for affiliates.

This affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring people to the website. You get paid when someone buys something after clicking your link. The more referrals you make, the higher your earnings become.

Kriya Botanicals’ Affiliate Program

Kriya Botanics offers products for black hair. They also provide products for white hair. Their products include hair oils, shampoos, and more. Their products are made using organic ingredients.

Kriya Botanicals is an affiliate program. You get paid when people buy products using your link. We pay you 10% commission plus bonuses. Cookies last for 30 days.

Urban Hydration

Urban Hydration is a natural company that makes great hair and body products. They sell their products in over 7,000 retail locations across the United States. 

They were founded by a husband and wife duo who wanted to give back to the community. They donate one gallon of water per bottle of their products sold.

Urban Hydration is an affiliate marketing company that uses referrals to run its affiliate programs. Urban Hydration provides affiliates with unique links to promote on their website, blog, and social media pages. 

Urban Hydration also offers a private brand ambassador Facebook community where affiliates can learn from each other and be inspired.

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RevAir Reveler

The RevAir Reveler is the first reverse air dryer in the world. It dries hair effortlessly without damaging it. It also straightens your hair without damaging it. It creates a sleek, frizz-free finish.

RevAir Reveler is a unique hair care product. Their affiliate program offers many benefits, including regular updates, flexible payment options, and a high average order size.

Along with their generous commission rate, they also run limited-time commission incentives.

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