Website Improvements and COVID – 19

A well-designed website, without doubts, is crucial for the digital presence of any brand. Notably, during this pandemic, your website would be your brand’s primary driving force. As people are staying home, they are inclined towards online shopping and most likely would but upon your site!

Here is your 23 Steps Survival Guide: Digital Marketing and COVID

If you want to redesign your website, now is the time! Following the five steps, you will get the best site ever.

1. Add a COVID 19 update

It is crucial to let your clients know whether you are working, making deliveries, or have you changed your working hours. Regardless of how minor your changes are, keeping your clients updated in essential.

This can be by using a ribbon at the top or by displaying a dedicated pop-up message on your website. Just highlight the changes, or even if you are the same, be sure to mention it.

2. Change your homepage

It might not be possible for you to offer the same services due to this pandemic. So, take the time and note the changes. See if you have anything new you want to mention on your website. Whether you are introducing a new service like online courses or any promo offers like free delivery, be sure to put it on your homepage!

You can put a pop-up notification as Fitness Playground did. They introduced a Virtual Playground with every amenity possible within weeks!

3. Brush up on the basics

Making sure that your website runs smoothly is a must when it is your sole point of contact. Some minor typos or broken links, or even slow loading pages may discourage your clients!

Here are some points you should look out for:

Site speed. Slow-loading websites are the worst. The main reason for website traffic plummets is due to slow loading speed along with the performance of the server, bulky image files, high-density codes, or plugin issues. Check out Google PageSpeed Insights and evaluate your website performance with their handy tools.

Watch out for broken links. 404 errors or broken links are a buzzkill. Hitting multiple 404 errors during surfing would frustrate your clients, causing them to leave your site. You can use free tools like Dead Link Checker or Broken Link Checker.

Run your website through a spell checker. It is estimated that customers would leave your website if they see silly errors like typos.

4. Revise your customer journey

Understand what your potential customers turn to your page for. Is any of it changed due to this pandemic? Will it affect their satisfaction?

Keep these points in mind and customize your ‘About Us’ page or even your navigation bar. Use a sitemap as a starting point to re-organize and restructure your website.

5. Look into a full redesign

Most businesses do not consider designing a website for petty reasons. It’s high time that you rethink your decision now.

Complete designing or redesigning is likely to take around 3-6 months, by which time we would likely be recovering from this pandemic. Thus, launch your service strongly!

Checklist for your website improvement during COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, keep your audience updated.

Highlight new services 0r products on your homepage.

Make your clients visit smooth by removing any broken links.

Redesign and optimize your customer service.

Consider full or partial redesigning of your website.

Google Ads and COVID – 19

In this situation, online shopping has escalated to greater heights. Paid promotion of your business is the best way to target a greater audience during this pandemic. However, be wise while spending your budget on ads like other leading businesses are doing.

Do consider our four most recommended marketing strategies.

1. Adjust your campaign

An example of people’s preference is well-depicted by Wordstream statistics. Now, people spend more time on different desktop sites rather than mobiles.

It’s high time to rethink your previous mobile-based strategies. Also, be sure to change the schedules to attract more potential customers. And spending time behind regular optimization is a must.

2. Look at keywords which were out of reach previously

It is a lot cheaper to invest in ads now, thanks to companies spending less. The less popular keywords might be trendy now, and you can get them for a lesser price!

Re-evaluate your tactic and invest in finding contemporary trends and work accordingly. Rather than being vague, be more explicit about your research.

3. Advertise across multiple networks

News sites and YouTube traffics increased by 13% and 21%, respectively. So, it is a great time to invest in YouTube ads or Google Shopping!  You would see an increase in your traffic easily.

SEO and COVID – 19

Due to COVID19, the search habits of people, have changed drastically. During this time,

Having less website traffic is common. Know that many keywords you used might not be among the recent top searches. 

However, SEO is crucial. People still search online, and they still spend considerable time and money; if not in one sector, maybe in another! If you keep up with the recent trends, you may get even more traffic than you had! 

Follow the given steps to effectively redesign your website’s SEO.

1. Understand the changing trends

With the changing search trend, new opportunities are opening to rank your website with relevant and timely keywords. Understand what people are searching for and create the best content! 

Use Google Trends that has tons of real-time data on what people’s recent search, which are crucial in optimizing your digital marketing strategy and reach out to more potential clients. 

2. Optimize your website for SEO

On-page optimization makes sure that your website is well-set to rank on Google Relevant keywords with high search volume and help you continue raking your website content. Launch a blog. It is most efficient to make your website visible on search engines.

Also, do off-page optimization through guest posting, creating backlinks from high ranking websites, or getting reviews from bloggers.

     3. Plan ahead

Planning and adjusting your SEO strategy is crucial to target search results that might pop-up in the future. Planning ensures that you can create relatable content for the keywords and would potentially rank higher when these keywords would trend!

Social media and COVID – 19

Using social media has soared during the Covid19 pandemic. This calls for a wonderful opportunity to promote your business! Keep your clients updated with what you are offering in this situation and keep your clients engaged with your services.

Here are some steps you should follow for social media marketing during this pandemic-

1. Try live streaming

Many big and small businesses are coming live with to engage their potential clients with them. Live streaming is a great way to show off your services and promote them. For a beauty company, streaming live make-up tutorials or profiling customer’s beauty routine is a great way to start. And for business in the food industry, showing off your cooking expertise could be a powerful way. 

Be creative and surpass all in your respective industry! 

2. Promote on a new social media platform

People, in this pandemic, are looking for new entertaining ways to spend their time. So, if you are of Facebook, try making an Instagram business profile! You may find new hope there! 

3. Influencer collaboration

Big brands usually always collaborate with social media influencers. And if you’re a small enterprise, you will find hiring an influencer easier than ever as many companies are cutting off on their spending. 

Make a list of your favorite influencers. Text them or mail them directly. You would surely find great help from them! 

Branding and COVID – 19

If your business is slowing in the last few months, branding is more important than any marketing strategy. In the next few months, the brands which would be most influential in people’s lives will remain memorable to them forever.

With plenty of time, you have to be sure to wor on your brand fundamentals and make your target audience aware! 

1. Revisit brand reputation

It is high time you check on your business’s branding!  

Did your brand’s vision, mission, and core values change due to this crisis? Keep your clients updated about it.

 Let your target audiences know what differences they should expect from your enterprise. 

Now, focus on brand identity. Rethink your logo, typography, color palette, and image library. Make sure everything coordinates with your changes. 

Then, make your brand assets attractive. Whether old or new products, use eye-catching labeling on them.

2. Investigate ways to give back and help

Find ways to increase your CSR efforts, which would boost up your total brand awareness. Try to keep it genuine and compatible with your enterprise values and share it throughout social media platforms. 

3. Spread good vibes and kindness

We are in this together! So, in such a situation, we must spread as much happiness as we can. Doing this would make your company remembered for days. 

Content Marketing and COVID – 19

In this pandemic, business owners genuinely understand what content marketing stands for. Everyone is trying to spend their extra time on making their content more visible. 

Many businesses have excellent content, but they cannot always realize them. This pandemic has created all the time for those companies to really work for that killer content marketing strategy they were planning for years on social media! 

Six content marketing essentials for COVID 19 are, 

1. Review and adapt to your content calendar.

In this situation, it is best to rethink your calendar according to the need. 

2. Be genuine and helpful.

This uncertain situation of Covid19 really got people crazy. With more reliable and helpful info from your company, people would surely remember you for a long time. 

3. Switch up your content topics.

Produce some brand new content related to COVID-19, but don’t neglect your own content ideas altogether. Among the newsfeeds filled with ‘A COVID-19 update,’ try and add a welcome text instead, then highlight the dire changes.

4. Experiment with many new types of content.

Blog posts are crucial for SEO, and so everyone is doing this. 

But think out of the box. Do videos related to unpackaging your products or anything that relates to your content. 

5. Don’t forget about the evergreen content.

Think of ‘how-to’ guide that helps beginners or a listing of the best resources related to your industry. No matter the situation, they would always be at the top. 

6. Take this time to build out your testimonials.

Genuine word-of-mouth is crucial in boosting your company’s sales, no matter what industry you are. Ask your loyal customers if they’d provide a shot and quick review or testimonial for your website. Add these on your websites and social media platforms. 

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