Invoice software makes it easier for freelancers to create invoices and track payments. These platforms also offer a mix of accounting, PM, CRM and productivity tools. All of them are cloud based, and they all have robust mobile apps.

No matter which of these invoicing software for freelancers you choose, you’ll be paid for your work in a timely manner – and, if not, an automatic payment reminder can do all the awkward heavy lifting for me.

Freelance writers need to learn how to make invoices. There are many different types of invoicing software available. Some are designed specifically for freelancers, while others are designed for businesses. 

Most of them are free to use, although there may be fees associated with using certain features.We’ve created an amazing list of invoicing tools for you! You’ll love our recommendations!


Wave Invoicing isn’t free. Freelancers should avoid this service if they’re looking for something free. Wave Invoicing is a paid service.

With Wave Invoicing, I can

  •  create unlimited invoices in my own currency with customizable payment terms. 
  •  accept bank and credit card transactions, and 
  •  set automatic payment reminders for my clients. 
  • Wave Invoicing calculates sales tax automatically, and I can access this feature through the Wave Invoicing mobile app. 
  • Everything between my app and dashboard syncs, and it backs up automatically.


Wave provides free accounting, invoicing, and receipts services. You’ll pay either $35 or 20 per month as a base charge, depending on whether you reside in a self service or tax service state, plus a $5 per employee fee. 

If you choose Wave as your payment processor you must pay standard payment processing fees (usually around 3%).


Bonsai is an excellent project management tool for freelancers. It integrates everything about your business into one place. You can easily create proposals, accept or reject them, manage projects, set up tasks, track time, invoice clients, pay bills, and more.

  • Bonsai automates everything related to invoices.
  •  It allows users to create invoices, send them out, nudge clients about late payments and even send late fees if needed. 
  • Users can also set up recurring payments, tip customers and make partial payments.
  •  Payments can be made using credit cards, ACH payments or PayPal.

What Is Bonsai?

It is an invoicing system that is manicured as well as the miniature trees it’s named after. You can quickly create one time, recurring, and recurring automatic payments. All of these allow you to easily add details such as discounts, taxes, peripheral costs and even preferred payment methods.

Bonsai is an online invoicing tool that helps freelancers manage clients and projects. Freelance writers can create proposals and contracts, and then send them to clients electronically. Clients can sign off on the documents before the writer starts working.

 What Does It Cost?

It is very simple to use, and you can create amazing designs. However, it does cost money. Plans start at $19 per month, and there is a referral program that gives you a free month if you successfully recruit a friend (which I did). There is also a 14-day free trial.

Paid plans start at $19 per month. For this price, you get unlimited projects, customizable branding and advanced reporting. You can upgrade to a white label plan for $29 per month or a subscription plan for $9 per user.

Best for freelancers who may be considering hiring employees or colleagues to their teams, and who want to send professional proposals and agreements to solidify their relationships. 


Freshbooks is an invoicing website. It has a built-in time clock, a team management system, and even a way to link your accountant to your Freshbooks account to make tax time easy!

 From the moment we signed our company up, we felt like we got exactly what we needed: there was an option for content marketer and copywriter among other writing-related careers on the sign-up form. 

The new FreshBooks also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Self-employed professionals can run invoicing anytime, anywhere. They have an excellent referral/ affiliate program.


There’s no longer a free option. You’ll need to pay $5/month or more if you want to use the service. Even when it existed, the $5/month plan wasn’t very useful because it allowed you to bill only one client per month.

Paid Plans start at $4.50 per month, though the most common option is $7.50. Premium Plan costs $15 per month, but is targeted towards business owners.Best for freelancers who want to create invoices easily.


Freelancers should use Hectic! to manage their invoices. Their integrated time tracker makes it easy to record hours worked, and their payment processor allows them to accept payments quickly and easily.

Hectic is an excellent client management software for freelancers. It helps freelancers manage clients, projects, invoices, payments, and more. It also allows them to create proposals and send them to potential clients.

This tool allows you to connect with the things you already use. 

  • You get different views depending on what style you prefer. 
  • You can see your tasks and projects visually.
  •  You can also break down your tasks into smaller ones.
  • Hectic  is an online legal document creator that allows you to create legally-compliant proposals within minutes. 
  • You can drag-and-drop text boxes, images, and other elements into your proposal. 
  • It also calculates your lifetime earnings and provides references to previous notes. 
  • This service is offered by, and you can try it out for free.


Paypal is an easy way to accept payments online. You can create unlimited invoices for unlimited clients. Clients will be able to pay using PayPal, by credit card or bank transfer. Fees will apply to the money received.

Paypal Invoicing is a great option if most of your clients use PayPal and you’re looking for an easy way to handle invoices. It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t cost you anything extra. You can also add custom fields to your invoice.

How To Choose The Right Invoicing App

Some of the apps and tools included here are quite simple and mostly focused on invoicing. Other apps and tools are more feature rich and may include things like Time Tracking and Accounting. Take your own needs into consideration when determining which would be a good match for you.

Invoicing apps are very easy to use. Most people who use them do so because they want to get paid quickly. They don’t want to spend hours learning how to set up complicated systems.

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