In the past, people were loyal to their workplaces. Employers had to take care of them because they knew they would stay for many years. Today, employees are looking for better jobs. People who are skilled are seeking higher paying positions.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income online. You don’t even need to create any products. All you need to do is to promote other people’s products.

Jobs are changing. Recruiters are asking why people stay in the same job for 10 years. Job seekers use online job boards and career matching algorithms instead of printed job listings.

Job seekers have their work cutout for them. But you could help them by making things easier for them. Thanks to our job affiliate program, you can make money while helping others. There are tons of terrible affiliate offers in this niche though, so we had to do some digging.

You’re about to learn how to use lateral thinking to increase your profits. Get started now!

AppJobs Affiliate Program

AppJobs is a global platform for jobs. It displays thousands of job offers in more than 250 cities in 38 countries worldwide as well as a variety of services including insurance, online courses, and legal support. 

Anyone interested in finding flexible extra work, weekend, part- time or even full-time work can register on the site, customize their profile, and find the right opportunity for themselves. They can explore the service page and have access discounts on insurance, online courses, etc.

AppJobs is a great place to promote your skills. You don’t even need a website to do this. All you need is a blog or social media account. You can easily insert links to job offers in your posts. This program is also free to join.

 They also offer a referral bonus. Users can earn up to $10 per friend referred.

Resumes Planet Affiliate Program

A resume should be short, sweet, and to the point. You should include your education, skills, experience, and accomplishments. Don’t waste space by including irrelevant information such as awards, certificates, and hobbies.

That’s why using a service like resumesplanet makes so much sense for you. They have an entire staff of experts ready to craft your perfect resumé. Are their services cheap, nope. Are they effective, yes! Their affiliate network performance indicates that they’re making a lot of money. So that would be a ‘yes’.

You can earn up to $49 per customer by helping them find a job.

  • Affiliate Program: 25% commission. 
  • EPC: $277, 24. 
  • Cookie duration: 45 Days.

360 Training Affiliate Program

Jobs in regulated industries require OSHA training. 360 Training offers a wide variety of courses, including food and alcohol handling, real estate, and more.

There are 6,000 courses available for you to choose from. With several million jobs available right now in the US, now is a good opportunity to re-skill. The affiliates get paid 15% for each sale they refer. Considering some of these training programs cost thousands of dollars, this could be an easy way to make money online.

This website offers an affiliate marketing program. 

  • Affiliates earn commission by promoting this site. 
  • There is a 15% fee charged when affiliates sign up. 
  • Cookies last for 60 days.

JuJu Affiliate Program

Juju is a very popular job-search engine that allows employers/ companies to advertise their job openings. Applicants find new job opportunities in different categories from accounting to Banking, Administrative and Clerical, and many others.

Just like in any other search engines the listings are pulled up from different websites, Juju also accumulates the job postings from all small and big websites around the internet.

Recruiter ads can be advertised on JuJu at much lower costs than other advertising methods. Affiliate marketers can partner with JuJu and earn money when people click on recruiter ads on their websites.

You should join the JuJu affiliate program if you’re looking for a decent income. There are no commissions or fees involved. Cookies last for 30 days.

ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program

ZipRecruiter is another famous job search platform or employment market founded back in 2010. It helps over 1.8 million companies/brands find the perfect candidates to accelerate their growth by providing them with an easy-to-use online platform. 

ZipRecruiter was featured in some of the most well-known magazines like ‘Forbes’, ‘The Wall Street Journal’, ‘The New York Times’ etc.

ZipRecruiter is an online job board that helps connect businesses with potential employees. Their affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring companies to them.

  • Commission rates: Not disclosed.Cookie duration: Not disclosed.

Snagajob Affiliate Program

Snagajob is a job portal that helps people find hourly or essential jobs. Companies also use this platform to recruit employees.

Snagajob is an online job board that allows users to post jobs and employers to search for qualified applicants. FlexOffers is the company that manages the affiliate program. Users earn commissions for every successful referral. 

  • The commission rates vary depending on the type of job being posted. 
  • Cookies last for 45 days.
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