Meditation has been practiced by many cultures since ancient times. It was only in the last two centuries that it became popular in western countries. There are currently about 500 million people who practice meditation on a regular basis.

Meditation is becoming more popular than ever before. People are looking for ways to relax after being stressed out by modern life. There is an increasing demand for meditation products and services.

Meditation is very common among people who want to be happier. There are over 200 million people who meditate around the world, and almost 15% of Americans have tried meditation before.

Meditation is one of those niche markets that isn’t going away anytime soon. You need to position yourself in the market now by promoting the right set of meditation programs via text links and banner ads.

There’s lots to chose from, but we‘ve separated the wheat fromthe chaff. Let‘s look at what we found.

Yankee Candle

A lot of companies sell candles, but none are as popular as Yankee Candle. Their products include scented soy wax candles, votives, tapers, pillar candles, and more. The company was founded by two brothers who wanted to make candles that smelled great. Today, Yankee Candle sells over 1 billion candles per year.

Shambhala Publications

Meditation isn’t an event so much as a lifestyle. Which is how you can tell this company is legit. Their products are carefully curated and vetted to make sure you’re getting quality reading material.

Meditation is a practice that helps people relax and become more focused. There are different types of meditation, but most involve sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing or thoughts. Some people use meditation to calm down before bedtime. Others use it to get rid of stress. There are also some who use meditation to learn about themselves and how they think.

Shambhala publications is an online book store that sells Buddhist books. Affiliate programs allow publishers to sell products through other companies’ websites. This means that people who buy products through the affiliate link will be directed to the publisher’s website. Publishers then earn money by selling products through their site.

A handful of books and a few online courses could easily net you $300 in affiliate marketing commissions.


MindPlace makes headsets that help you meditate. Their products include headphones, earbuds, and other accessories.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. However, there are many scams out there. This affiliate program looks legit, but I’m still skeptical about it.

The bad news is for the consumers because their cheapest system costs over $260. The good news for the affiliates is that they can earn up to 30 percent on all affiliate sales they refer through text links or banner ads. Their top-end Kasina DeepVision system would earn them at least $80 in commission.

This website offers an affiliate program. You earn money by referring people to this site. The more people you refer, the higher your commission percentage.

Teal Swan

Teal Swan is a self-professed spiritual guru who claims to hail from another planet. She claims to be an alien, but we know better. Her goal is to help people overcome negative emotions. She was abused as a child, and now she helps others overcome similar experiences.

She sells meditation accessories, but she also offers guided meditations and courses about self-love. Her products are available online, and her customers can buy them directly from her website.

You can make money by selling other people’s products online. Her course costs $149 per course but there is a performance bonus. You earns 20% commission on sales made via text links or banners.

Experienced affiliates who can sell over 10 courses each month will earn a 30% commission rate on each sale. Pro affiliates who can move over 25 courses per month will earn a 40% commission on each course sold. So 25 courses @ 149 x 40%= 1,490 in affiliate marketing commissions.

  •  Commission: up to 40% commission.
  •  EPC: tbc. 
  • Cookie duration: 45days.

The Mindfulness Summit Affiliate Program

Mindfulness Summit is an organization that helps people get out of their unsatisfied, sad, monotone, and purposeless life by helping them learn how to be more mindful. There are many helpful training and tutorials from experts all over the world to help people become more mindful.

Mindful Summit is an affiliate marketing company that provides mindfulness training courses online. Their affiliate program is managed in house on their official website. Interested affiliates can sign up for the program for absolutely free and get lots of helpful advertising and promotion materials. They provide 50% commission on sales.

Mindvalley Affiliate Program

Mindvalley is a company that offers online courses for free. They offer a wide range of courses including meditation, self-love and personal development, leadership, manifesting, public speaking, health and more. You can start your affiliate marketing career with them without any investment.

There are a vast majority of other products/programs that you can promote through our affiliate program other than meditation. We provide all the support and promotional materials to have successful affiliate marketing campaign. Our affiliates get all the support and promotion to have successful affiliate marketing.

Ziva Affiliate Program

Ziva is a company focused on teaching people how to meditate in the best way possible. Individuals interested in joining their meditation programs can also try out many other products available on the website.

Ziva is trusted by some big companies. She has a partner program where you get paid commissions for referring people to their site. Her affiliate support team is very helpful and responsive.

This website offers a free trial. You can join an affiliate program by signing up here. You’ll get paid when someone signs up for Ziva Meditation.

Anmol Mehta Affiliate Program

Meditation and Yoga Portal is a very popular and large meditation and yoga portal on Internet. They have over 700 videos, guide, audio files, eBooks, and articles to help you meditate or practice yoga. They also provide high quality promotional materials and advanced tools to maximize your success.

Anmol Mehta is an affiliate marketer who sells products via Amazon Associates program. He offers a free course on how to make money online. You can sign up for this course by clicking here.

Live And Dare

Live and Dare is an online course that teaches how to meditate. It also teaches people how to be more positive and happy. Live and Dare is the web’s most popular non-sectary meditation blog. With 50,000 unique readers per month, and 40, 000+ subscribers.

This affiliate program is about helping people create a life changing habit by recommending my courses and guided meditation. You can earn commissions by referring others to join this affiliate program. No strings attached. They offer three programs: 

  • Calm and Free (most affordable), 
  • Limitless Life (monthly subscription) and 
  • Unlimited Wealth (one time payment).

There are many meditation courses available online. You can choose any course you want.

Joining is free, and only takes 3 minutes. 

  • Commission: 40% for all online courses, 10% for coaching services, 
  • 60 days cookie time, and
  •  45 days payments.

Recommend these programs to your friends, clients, and family members. You can email your list, add links to your resource pages, write reviews, place banners in your sidebar, etc.

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