What Online Business Managers Do And How Much They Charge?

An online assistance expert that assists firms in managing everyday tasks, operations, and staff members is known as an online business manager. 

Managers are in charge of keeping the organization’s functions running smoothly by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), setting targets, and monitoring performance.

OBM earns as little as $10 per hour, while the normal charge is $29 per hour, and perhaps the most premium Online business managers pay as much as $55. Furthermore, many employees are paid on a commission plan. 

This implies you’ll charge more if your company grows as a result of the OBM’s efforts.

Business Manager TitleRates (per hour)
Office manager$40
Business administrator$39
Facilities manager$56
Program manager$45

In some cases, your OBM fees will depend upon how experienced you are. Web-based business manager salaries in their lowest range can be up to 10 hours. It averages $29/hour with the most expensive OBMs charging up to $55 /. A big percentage of OBMs are financed by incentives and you pay extra when this helps you perform well and focuses on customer service. To earn accreditation professionals often must produce a specific project and work with customers to the greatest degree at all costs. This solution allows businesses with diverse funds the chance to work together.

Virtual assistant salary averages

Since virtual assistants actually provide all kinds of services, salaries and wages can also vary quite considerably. You will spend anywhere from 10 dollars for VA subcontractors who are moving from the United States or someone who just got his startup in the field. A starting VA must have some skills to be able to bring to market with minimal training. An expert Virtual Assistant is able to jump into most platforms to work immediately with little supervision.

Online business manager salary averages

Online Business Manager salaries can vary among virtual assistants. The average annual rate can range between 40 – 25 hours in this case. Internet business managers typically do specialized jobs between $50 and $60. Some OBMs concentrate solely on launch & creating the system. It can also differ depending upon the type and quality of the product, and the experience for which a Managing Director is able to work.

Difference between an online business manager and a virtual assistant

Virtually all business managers must be online, even though there are different roles in it. Virtual Assistants can lead companies into OBM careers. Some are also experienced project managers or have worked with the private sector for the past several years. Though OBM’s primarily operate online for tasks which a VA lacks knowledge of, it’s there where the similarities end.


There is already an OBM rate to look into now. Show some comparison between virtual assistants? The next one will always depend. In addition to out-sourcing the VA to another country, the rates will range from $2 to $25 per hour or around $20 per hour. Virtual assistant costs $15 in North America. Depending on the complexity of the work this rate may reach the highest level. Most customers charge more. $60. AVMs require around 20 hours per month which means a virtual assistant is much more affordable than online business owners.

Number of clients

Online business management typically requires 20 hours per month. Determine the hours for which the virtual assistant would work. OBS are more dedicated to customers than VA’s. A VA is likely to help at this point while an uninspiring and less efficient program may not. Others may demand regular work hours, but the flexibility is still available. It will also help your VA stay on top with clients for the entire year instead of merely working two hours.

Need for Guidance

Virtual assistants want to perform certain actions. They may also wish for directions on how to do this project. Hopefully your plan is well defined so you aren’t looking for more changes at once. A manager preparing to start a web business does not need any supervision. It simply needs an understanding of your business, then management can be done through these guys who will manage it. It finds problems you don’t know and resolves all.


Most of the time when you notify a virtual assistant you do some specific tasks. VAs can work for hours they choose but they have limited control over the workflow beyond that; in this respect, they cannot. Nevertheless businesses are given specific requirements by a website manager. Eventually the group decides on how work should be done to reach its objectives.

Which is better: virtual assistant vs online business manager?

Dedicated Online business staff is essential for the success of the company. According to some companies, their size, their demand and goals determine where to start your operations. Tell yourself what questions best suit your circumstances and goals.

How much do business managers charge?

Business Management typically charges a monthly payback of a minimum of $3,000 or 6% of your earnings.

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