How To Earn A Video Editing Degree

To begin a video editing career, a bachelor’s degree in film studies or production is usually required. 

Many students choose to enroll in internships while pursuing these degrees, allowing them to work with professional video editors.

Bachelor’s degrees are typically sufficient for entry-level positions as video editor assistants. 

Yet, many ambitious video editors will pursue master’s degrees in video or movie editing.

Traditional institutions may occasionally offer these degree programs, but aspiring video editors should consider art or film schools instead. 

These colleges are frequently able to provide more specialized training.

Associate’s Degree In Video Production

An associate’s degree in media production and broadcasting will equip you with the information and abilities needed to create and edit videos for performance or broadcast. 

This associate’s degree can help you get a job in television, cinema, or online broadcasting.

When you enroll in an associate’s degree program, you’ll study a variety of classes that will teach you the fundamentals of video production and broadcasting. 

This course will teach you how to work with technical equipment, improve your communication skills, and expose you to the era of online editing. 

You could take one of the following courses:

  • Communications
  • Field production
  • Digital broadcasting
  • Broadcast systems
  • Digital technology
  • Camera operations
  • Technical writing

Video Editing Degrees

1- Film Editor Degrees

Job Responsibilities

A film editor, sometimes known as a video editor, is a person who edits films, is in charge of transforming raw material from a video shot to a polished, unified product project. 

Getting a degree in film screenplays and putting them to use to influence scene creation, selecting what the best camera angles utilize, and coordinating audio and light post-production effects are just some of their responsibilities.

Expected Salary

Based on 34 salaries, an early-year Film / Video Editor receives average total earnings of Rs 360,000, including tips, bonuses, and overtime pay. 

Depending on nine salaries, a mid-career Film / Video Editor with 5-9 years of experience makes an average total salary of Rs 976,670.

2- Bachelor’s Degree In Video Production

Job Responsibilities

This degree will teach you shoot and edit video and audio projects, including capturing media, organizing raw media, editing footage and sound files, generating and integrating static and movement graphics, titling, adding music/voice-over/SFX, media management, and storing project material.

Expected Salary

In the U.s, the average annual compensation for a video producer is $58,121, or $27.94 per hour. In terms of pay, an entry-level video producer earns around $41,000 per year, with the top 10% earning $81,000.

3- Premiere Pro CC Degree Course

Job Responsibilities

Premiere Pro can perform all of the common video editing operations required to create broadcast-quality, high-definition footage. 

Its course degree can input video, audio, and graphics, as well as create new, altered versions of videos that may then be exported to the appropriate medium and format for dissemination.

Expected Salary

Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro inside the U.s pays an average of $57,291 per year as of September 25, 2021.

4- Video Editing Degree in DaVinci Resolve 17

Job responsibilities

DaVinci Resolve seems to be the only program in history that integrates editing, color correction, visual effects, computer animation, and audio post-production everything in one package! 

Its sleek, modern UI is simple enough for new users to pick up but powerful enough for pros.

Expected Salary

Based on two profiles, employees of DaVinci Resolve editors make an average of 20 lakhs per year, with most salaries ranging from 11 lakhs to 28 lakhs annually. 

The top 10% of employees make more than £26,000 each year.

5- iMovie

Job Responsibilities

Start a new project, then fine-tune your movie by editing clips, adding photographs, music, subtitles, and video content, and sharing this with others.


$52,649 per year, but that’s not the correct figure.

6- Video Editing Degree in Final Cut Pro X

Job Responsibilities

The editors in FCP X may edit projects to practically any level. Add Trimmed Clips towards the Timeline, Text & Titles, Transition, Impacts, Music & Audio, and Color Correction are some of the main duties.

Salary Expected

A Film/Video Editor with Apple Final Cut Pro abilities can expect to earn $49134 per year on average. You will get better with a proper course degree in it.

7- Film Editor Certification

Job Responsibilities

They collect all or most of the recorded material (including audio files and daily rushes), organize it, save it digitally, and then rearrange it, cutting portions and rearranging scenes until a ‘rough cut’ can be assembled.

Film/video editors may collaborate with music supervisors to select background music for specific sequences to improve its dramatic impact.

Expected Salary

Early-career film/video editors may earn around £19,000 and £26,000 per year, with more experience earning up to £37,000.

Working on high-profile projects, senior editors might make up to £75,000 per year with proper degree.

8- Geographic Film and Video Editor

Job Responsibilities

You’ll handle material, including camera footage, dialogue, soundtracks, graphics, and special effects, as a film/video producer to create a final film or video product. 

This is a crucial job in the post-production process, and also the quality and timeliness of the final output are dependent on your abilities.

Salary Expected

You may earn £21,000 to £35,000 as a film or video editor with experience.

9- Movie Editor College

Job Responsibilities

On film, video, or even other media, edit moving pictures. 

With this degree, you may collaborate with a director or producer to organize photographs for final production. Soundtracks can be edited or synchronized with pictures.

Salary Expected

Median Annual Wage $82,190

$39.51 per hour is the median hourly wage.

The total number of people employed in the United States is 29,880.

10- Art Editor Degree

Job Responsibilities

An art editor is a person who writes about art and supervises others who create art-related content. 

Art editors may write for newspapers about local exhibitions or design a museum’s website. 

Art editors must have a thorough understanding of art, as well as excellent written communication skills. Their key responsibility is to guarantee that the book’s pages have a consistent look and feel by putting together the appropriate graphics and copy for the target audience.

Salary Expected

In the U.s, the median artist pay is $72,459 per year or $34.84 per hour. In terms of pay, an entry-level artist earns around $50,000 per year, while the top 10% earn over $103,000.

11- Cat Scan Technology Courses

Job Responsibilities

Computed tomography (CT) procedures are performed.

Patients are positioned, and any questions they may have about the operation are answered.

Ascertain that the correct dose of radionuclides is given, and start IV lines if necessary.

Throughout the surgery, keep an eye on the patient’s discomfort.

Check the quality of the images.

Ensure that the procedure is properly documented and that the patient’s records are up to date.

Salary Expected

As of September 27, 2021, the average CAT Scan Technologist salary ranges from approximately $74,564; however, the range frequently falls between $68,108 and $81,509. 

Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on various criteria, including education, experience, location, Certifications, extra skills, and the number of years you’ve worked in your field.


Is Video Editing A Good Career?

Yes, video editing may be a lucrative and rewarding profession. Many video editors that work on specific projects or ads for businesses are highly successful and sought afterward in the industry.

What Degree Do You Need To Work In Videography And Film?

Many businesses prefer individuals with a bachelor’s degree; nevertheless, you can still get a career in this industry with the correct experience.

How Much Do Video Editors Make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, video editors earn an annual salary of over $59,500.

What Are Some Jobs That You Can Get With A Degree In Film?

With such a degree in film, someone can work as a camera operator, a film crew member, a digital illustrator, a film editor, a productions planner, a film producer, a photographer, and a music director.

Can You Get A Ph.D. In Film?

The greatest level of schooling available in this discipline is a Ph.D. in film studies.

What Is The Outlook For Video Editor Jobs?

Between 2020 and 2030, the employment of film and video directors and camera people is expected to expand by 29%, substantially faster than the average for all occupations. 

Over the next ten years, an average of 8,600 new positions for film and video editors and videographers are expected.

Can You Get A Bachelor’s Degree In Film?

Students will learn about film history and philosophy, scriptwriting, photography, audio operation, and post-production as part of a bachelor’s degree in film. 

Design, musical composition, stop-motion animations, television screenplay, and Hollywood film music are only a few electives available in some curricula.

Where Can I Apply For Construction Manager Jobs For Film And Television?

The project manager oversees the studio and set construction. They make sure that perhaps the sets are as realistic as possible.

How Much Does A Video Editor Make In Idaho?

Film & video editors in Idaho earn an average of $20.67 per hour. Wages normally range from $9.98 per hour to $42.82 per hour.

How Much Does A Film And Video Editor Make?

 With next to no experience, entrance film and video editors can continue to receive between $31940 and $43230 per year or $15 to $21 per hour.

How Can I Start A Career As A Video Editor?

Yes, this profession does not require any formal educational qualifications and degree. All that is required is knowledge of the computer systems and applications used in digital cinema editing, as well as a desire to edit visual media.

How Much Money Does An Editor Make?

Editors make an average of $54419 per year with a top notch degree.

How Much Does A Movie Editor Make?

Film and video editors in the United States earn an average of $40 per hour, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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