I. What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#). It is used on social media websites and applications, especially on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It lets users apply dynamic, user-generated tagging that helps other users easily find messages with specific content or theme.

On social networking sites, a hashtag is just a label that makes it much easier to identify posts or material that has a clear genre or unique information. It’s made by putting the symbol “#” before a word or even a group of words that aren’t separated by space.

Hashtags encourage people on social media to look for information that they find interesting.

II. Importance Of Hashtags – Best Instagram Hashtag Research Tools

1) Increase Followers

Hashtags are crucial in growing a 100-follower Instagram account to 100,000+ followers; after all, about 70% of Instagram posts go unnoticed. It’s the distinction between wasting so much time on Instagram attempting to acquire any engagement and reach and becoming infamous and raking in cash. By simply adding one hashtag to your message, you can boost interaction by 12.6 percent.

2) More Visible

Posts using hashtags garner 70 percent higher engagement on Instagram than posts without them. As a result, they’re less popular and visible on Instagram than ones that aren’t hashtagged. All you have to do is look at the most popular posts in a particular niche, take their hashtags, and create a selection of the top hashtags to utilize in your posts.

3) Categorize The Post

Hashtags are just a better way to organize your content. They assist you in reaching out to a target audience and, more significantly, assisting your target audience in finding you. Since your content is exactly what they were looking for, these people are much more likely to engage with it.

4) Competition

It’s vital to determine who your competitors are, what they provide, and how they market, just like it is for any other business, so you understand what makes yours the superior option. Instagram hashtags can be used to study competitor accounts, top posts, and also most hashtags.

Hashtags help marketers and brands reach more audiences, increase followers for their accounts, and gain more engagement in their posts. You can reach more people by using relevant hashtags that your target audience is already following.

By creating a hashtag for your brand, all the people who are interested to post about your brand will use that hashtag and your brand-related posts will be available at a single page. So it’s very important to use Instagram hashtags for your posts.

29 Useful Tools to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags

Here’s a detailed description of 9 useful tools to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts:

01. AutoHash

Best forprofessional Instagram Users, Influencers, andSocial media agencies,
FunctionsHashtag Research

AutoHash is a totally free Instagram hashtag tool. This app is available on Android Play Store and it comes with many unique features. 

The most interesting feature of this app is that you can get relevant hashtags for your posts just by showing the app your photo. This app works through super smart computer vision algorithms that take its accuracy to the next level. 

If you use a photo for getting relevant hashtags then, first of all, it will recognize different objects in that photo, and then it will give hashtags related to those objects. 

You can use its “Favorite Hashtag” feature for keeping a record of your most used hashtags. It also has a “Hashtags Counter” feature which tells you how many hashtags you’ve used on a post.

02. Sked Social

CostFundamentals: USD 25/moEssentials: USD 75/moProfessional: USD 135/mo
Best forCommunication ManagementSocial Media ManagementContent Management.
FunctionsFor enterprises, brands, and agencies, Sked Social (previously Schedugram) is an all-in-one creative social media marketing tool.Built from the ground up to let you produce, save, discover, and manage all of your online social media marketing material while collaborating with colleagues and partners.Posts of ALL kinds are immediately published (for real).

Sked Social is a very useful Instagram tool. It has many unique features like it offers scheduling tools and direct publishing for Instagram Stories and videos, a photo editor, multiple hashtag tools, multiple accounts management, easy photo creation with Canva, and many more. 

For getting quick hashtags, it has an advanced feature that recommends reliable hashtags for your posts. These recommendations will appear automatically after adding at least one hashtag to your caption. By adding more hashtags, your hashtags recommendations will become more accurate. 

Sked Social also shows how popular a hashtag is. It indicates whether a hashtag is ‘OK,’ ‘good’ or ‘great’ to use. Another cool feature is that you can easily schedule your hashtags to keep your caption clean.

Moreover, it also helps create and edit Instagram content easily and you will find a number of popular hashtag suggestions here. So if you want an all-in-one Instagram hashtag tool then you should try this app.

03. Hashtagify

CostPersonal: 29 $/moBusiness: 86 $/moEnterprise: 311 $/mo
Best forSocial media marketingInstagram and Twitter hashtag tracking
FunctionsHashtagify is a tool that helps you locate the top hashtags and users on Twitter and Instagram to enable you to improve your social media plan.It aids in the discovery, analysis, and expansion of hashtag strategies, the identification of appropriate Twitter influencers, the tracking of any Twitter account, and the exploration of hashtag engagement, trends, and popularity.

Hashtagify is a popular hashtag tool that helps you find, analyze, and monitor hashtags easily. 

Hashtagify analyses how much a hashtag is popular, which hashtags are used by top influencers and the audience of popular hashtags belongs to which country. 

This app also provides several hashtags suggestions. You can click on any hashtag to analyze that. If you want an advanced and in-depth hashtag research tool to analyze hashtags and give you accurate hashtag suggestions then you must try Hashtagify.

04. Display Purposes

Best forfreelancers and online businesses
FunctionsDiscoverability and Hashtag research only.

This one is completely based on Instagram hashtags and here you can easily find the right Instagram hashtags for your posts. 

It is a basic and useful tool. You just have to type one or two keywords in its search box. By doing so, it will show you several hashtags related to the keywords which you type in the search box. 

This app is full of hashtags suggestions. You can easily copy these suggestions and paste them to your posts. You can see their relevance to your keywords and also their popularity in percentages.

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So If you’re just looking for Instagram hashtag suggestions then you should try this app. 

05. HashMe

CostIt’sFreeFor premium: $8.99 monthly
Best forInstagram Influencers
FunctionsHashtag generator

HashMe is an AI-Powered Hashtag Generator. This famous hashtag generator app is available on the iOS App Store. This app comes with many unique features. Basically, this app is free but if you want to use its premium features then you will have to buy its monthly subscription. By doing so, you will get unlimited search queries. 

By using this app, you will get information about trending hashtags, top influencers, and the popularity of a hashtag. You can also see weekly and monthly trends of hashtags here. 

06. All Hashtag

Best forSocial media managers or business owners with a limited budget but some social media experience.This hashtag research tool is best used in conjunction with other resources.
FunctionsHashtag research

All Hashtag is not only limited to Instagram hashtags. It provides Facebook and Twitter hashtags as well. This app can generate and analyze professional hashtags for your brand. 

First of all, you will have to enter your keyword in its search box. After that, select which kind of hashtags you want to use. You can choose the ‘Top’ option if you want to get the most popular related hashtags. Choose the ‘Random’ option if you want to get hashtags related to your keyword. 

All Hashtag provides a proper list of 30 best Instagram hashtags for your brand. At the end of the page, you’ll get even more hashtag suggestions. This app also provides a hashtag analytics tool, which lets you use a hashtag more easily. 

07. Hashtag Expert for IG

Best forsocial media marketing and influencers
FunctionsCopy with a unique style. Create your hashtag algorithm and save your favorites for later. Trending hashtags daily various hashtag categories

This Instagram hashtag tool is available on the iOS App Store. It provides Instagram hashtag suggestions and it can analyze each hashtag of your concern. 

To get started, search for a hashtag on it, and then this app will show 30 related hashtags. Now click on the “Copy 30 Hashtags” option to copy them, or simply click on “View Advanced Results” to see the popularity of each hashtag. 

This app is not so accurate because it’s very difficult to provide 30 accurate related hashtags. Almost 25 out of 30 hashtags are related to your searched hashtag. So some hashtags might not be related to your posts and thus, be careful while using this app. 

This hashtag tool adds the most popular hashtags on the top of suggested hashtags. If you want to use this tool then you should analyze its suggested hashtags before copying them. 

So if are searching for a hashtag tool based on hashtag suggestions and analysis that you can use easily then you must try Hashtag Expert for IG. 

08. Webstagram

Cost100% free of charge
Best forSocial media marketing, influencers
FunctionsHashtag research

Webstagram generates hyperlinked hashtags. You can check live posts of hashtags by clicking on its hyperlinked hashtags suggestions. You can visit all top posts of a specific hashtag which is useful for getting some inspiration. 

For getting started, just enter hashtags, keywords, or usernames in its search box and Webstagram will show suggestions and it will also show you the number of posts each hashtag has.   

09. Seekmetrics

Best forBusiness owners and social media managers desire a free, easy-to-use hashtag creator or utilize Seekmetrics for other activities.
FunctionsHashtag research.

It is mainly a social media analytics tool. Its features include a hashtag generator which is very accurate and you can use it for free. It provides a basic hashtag generator. It has a user-friendly interface and it’s easy to use.

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For using its hashtag generator, just enter a particular keyword and hit enter. After that, you will get a list of the top 30 hashtag suggestions from here. These suggestions will be related to your entered keyword.

10. Tagsfinder

Tagsfinder is identical to Display Purposes; however, it offers a little more capability for hashtag research. What is the reason for this? This tool, on the other hand, allows you to choose a language and a nation’s location, allowing you to identify hashtags that are specific to your place.

You can enter up to ten hashtags into Tagsfinder’s search feature. Just enter your desired language and location, then click “Search.”

After that, the program will generate a list of comparable hashtags for you to copy and paste. Click the “X” to eliminate any hashtags that aren’t relevant from the list. Another utility will replace it.

Tagsfinder also has information relevant to particular locations, making it a useful tool when you’re doing some broad research and like to know what’s popular in your country or prominent places at sight.

Best forIf you’re a social media manager or a business owner searching for a hashtag research tool but don’t have a lot of money, this is the tool for you.This tool is appropriate for folks who still know a little about social networking and have other scheduling and reporting tools on hand.It’s ideal for local businesses and service-based organizations that require hashtags.
FunctionsHashtag research

11. Preview App

Preview App began as a simple Instagram feed planner, but it has since grown in scope.

Basic features such as posting, editing, and planning posts are available in the free edition. It can even preserve groupings of useful hashtags or recent hashtags to be utilized in your posts if you already have lists of hashtags.

The premium version, which costs a nominal monthly fee, is required for more extensive functions. This offers you access to more and better hashtag research and analytics tools.

This sophisticated Instagram app streamlines the planning procedure, but it’s best used on a mobile device rather than a computer.

Cost Primary functions are free to use, but all other features, such as hashtag research tools, cost $6.67 per month
Best forThose who only use Instagram and publish from a mobile device, such as social media managers, small businesses, and freelancers owners.
FunctionsHashtag research, scheduling, and feed planning.

12. Instavast

Relying on your photographs, posts, and phrases, Instavast creates appropriate hashtags instantly.

You have the option of uploading a photo, entering the URL of your post, or typing a term that is pertinent to your post. This program will also provide a list of hashtags that will assist you in increasing the interaction of your article.

CostPromotion: $15/monthDirect Marketing: $10/monthScheduled Posting: $10/month
Best forSocial media marketing
FunctionsLiking posts, scheduling posts, and commenting on posts.

13. Keyhole

For marketers who use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracking tool. It has a basic visual dashboard that can be shared with customers. Keyhole helps brands, reporters, and advertisers evaluate social media metrics by providing practical, simple data.

Advanced ad campaign tracking and measurement capabilities, brand reputation and competitor monitoring, event analytics to capture real-time social and digital influence, and influencer implications measurement are all keyhole characteristics. By developing and administering real-time hashtag and keyword monitors on your end, Keyhole’s API helps track conversations around any topic, be it a brand, business, hashtag, or event.

CostBasic: $49per MonthPlus: $99per monthProfessional: $199per monthEnterprise: Custom pricing
Best forSocial Listening & AnalyticsCampaign TrackingInfluencer Marketing
FunctionsHashtag performance

14. Sistrix

You can use SISTRIX to create trending hashtags that are related to your content. This can assist you in gaining more followers by increasing the number of likes on your posts.

Cost100€ for all plans except; Marketplace plan: 1€ (plus taxes) per Month
Best forSocial media marketing, Influencers, Advertising
FunctionsHashtag research

15. Inflact

Inflact, formerly known as Ingramer, is a basic hashtag research tool that employs artificial intelligence to produce hashtags automatically. 

This tool is useful since it groups hashtags into three categories: “regular” hashtags, “average” hashtags, and “rare” hashtags. Then click the hashtags you desire, and they will be moved to a new section. You can then copy your hashtag list that has been finalized.

The program also features a section called “Hashtag Trends,” where you can browse prominent hashtag trends by category.

Cost$57/ month
Best forSocial media managers, freelancers, photographers, and small business owners.
FunctionsHashtag research, post-scheduling, and hashtag analytics.

16. Tailwind

17. Flick

Flick is an Instagram hashtag generator that includes everything you’ll need to utilize hashtags successfully. It not only makes it easier to search and manage hashtags but it also shows you which hashtags are helping you become more visible.

CostSolo Plan: £7/month (approximately $9.60)Growth Plan £12/month (approximately $16.50)Pro Plan: £19/month (approximately $26.00)Agency: £40/month (approximately $55.00)
Best forInstagram Influencers
Functionsfilter out hashtags

18. Tagmentor

TagMentor is a tool that helps you come up with the finest hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can quickly locate hashtags related to your core keyword and can assist your posts in gaining greater popularity.

You may improve your social media marketing game and increase your followers by using the proper hashtags.

Best forInstagram Influencers.Business Brandssocial media marketing veterans
FunctionsGenerate hashtags

19. Tagsfinder

10 Bonus Tools

  1. Instavast Hashtag Generator
  2. Hashatit
  3. Photerloo
  4. Hashtagsforlikes
  5. Kicksta
  6. Bigbangram
  7. Seekmetrics
  8. Photerloo
  9. Photerloo Instagram Hashtag And Keyword Generator
  10. Hashtags For Likes

How Do You Create A Catchy Hashtag?

Make it brief but distinct.

elicit an emotion

Choose a current topic.

For events, use a hashtag.

Make use of wit or humor.

Maintain Your Brand Consistency.

Check for hidden meanings and proofread them.

51 Instagram Secrets

  1. Send Pics Privately To Your Friends
  2. Hide Extra Hashtags
  3. Hide, Delete, Or Disable Unwanted Comments In Your Posts.
  4. Adjust Filter Intensity
  5. Add Another Instagram Account To Your Bio
  6. Share A Story To Your Main Feed
  7. Change Your Instagram Highlights Icon Without Publishing It To Your Feed.
  8. Embed Instagram Posts On WordPress.
  9. Create Stories Highlights To Show Stories For Longer Than A Day.
  10.  Reorder Instagram Stories Highlights.
  11.  Use Instagram As A Photo Editor
  12.  Drive Site Visitors To An Outdoor Website.
  13.  Add Particular Characters To Your Bio.
  14.  Get Notifications Whilst Your Favorite People Submit.
  15.  Set Up -Factor Authentication.
  16.  Find An Image’s Url.
  17.  Upload And Read Video Content Material On Igtv.
  18.    Use ‘type Mode’ To Enhance Your Instagram Stories.
  19.    Receive Notifications When Others Make New Posts.
  20.    Search Instagram Clients Without An Account.
  21.    Put Multiple Pictures In One Post.
  22.    Add Particular Fonts To Your Bio.
  23.    Put A Border On Your Image.
  24.    Create An Auto-Entire Quick Reply For Modern Day Responses.
  25.    Hide Unwanted Tagged Photos.
  26.    Change Links In Your Bio.
  27.    Hide Classified Ads You Do Now No Longer Find Relevant.
  28.    Add A Line Break.
  29.    Clean Up Your Search History.
  30.    Sell Products From Instagram Using Shoppable Posts.
  31.    Manage Your Filters.
  32.    Organize Saved Posts In Collections.
  33.    Reorder Filters And Conceal The Ones You Do Now No Longer Use.
  34.    Adjust Your Settings To Approve Tagged Pics In Advance Than They Show Up In Your Profile.
  35.    Hide Photos You’ve Been Tagged In
  36.    View The Activity Of The People You Follow.
  37.    Optimize Your Instagram Bio To Appear Withinside The Explore Tab.
  38.    Pin Your Instagram Submit To Pinterest.
  39.    Edit Photos Without Posting Them.
  40.    Create And Manage Multiple Accounts.
  41.    Schedule Posts In Advance.
  42.    Browse Posts From Nice Locations.
  43.    Insert Line Breaks Into Your Bio And Captions.
  44.    Link To Other Accounts In Your Stories

9 Killer Tips How To Get Free Instagram Followers 

Here is a detailed description of the best ways to increase your Instagram followers:

1- Follow People

It’s a unique strategy for increasing Instagram followers. For doing this, you just have to follow some celebrities about 10 to 20 celebrities per day. A lot of people visit their follower’s list and many of them will follow you if they find something interesting in your account.

You can only follow/unfollow about 20 Instagram accounts per hour, and a maximum of 100 to 200 accounts per day. If you follow more than 20 accounts per hour or 200 accounts per day then it will be against their community guidelines and your account might get temporarily banned.

2- Use Perfect Hashtags

A hashtag makes your post reachable to the people who need content related to your post. You can easily get several hashtags related to your post by using apps available in app stores. Your hashtags should be related to your post. Otherwise, this method will not work. 

3- Follow Back

There are a number of people who want to be popular on Instagram. For this purpose, they follow people for getting follow back. So, if your account is new and someone follows you then you should follow him back so that he keeps constantly following you. When your account grows up then you can unfollow such accounts. By following back to your followers, you will notice that more people will start following you. 

You can also follow accounts related to your ones but avoid following more than 150 accounts per day. Instagram does not allow anyone to follow more than 7,500 people.

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4- Add Location

Several people search for locations on Instagram. If you will add a location to your post then there are more chances to get followers. People who visit these locations on Instagram can also visit your accounts and thus, they might follow you.

If you are looking for How To Get Free Instagram Followers in your location then this tip is killer for you.

5- Tag People

You should tag your friends and relatives if your account is for your personal use. But in case of a professional account, you should tag accounts related to your post or account. You should avoid tagging any unrelated account. 

You should link your Instagram account to your website and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also upload posts and information about your Instagram account to these social media accounts. People who will see these posts might visit your Instagram account to follow you. 

7- Make Your Profile Attractive

New visitors will follow your account if your profile is good. You should make your profile attractive. Proper account details should be present in your bio. Your profile picture should be professional and avoid using other people’s profile pictures as your own profile picture. 

8- Post Consistently

This is the hardest part when you ask “How To Get Free Instagram Followers? “.

If you already have a good number of followers but don’t post regularly then you will lose multiple followers in a single day. So for getting a number of followers, you should post on a daily basis. Your posts should be unique and non-copied.

9. Follow all This

Most people on the internet just get the knowledge and then stay silent. Why grab knowledge if you are not gonna implement it?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hashtag Generator?

It’s a program that will help you locate hashtags relevant to your posts, depending on the keywords you mention. In the case of our program, Ai examines the image content you want to submit and recommends keywords.

How Do You Use Hashtags Correctly?

It’s best if your hashtag is short, accurate, and easy to remember. It should provide your audience with a clear understanding of the comment’s topic.

What’s The Best Hashtag App For Instagram?

Autohash is a favorite of anyone on Instagram, and it’s one of the best photo identification applications (both iOS and Android). Upload your photo to Autohash, and it will use a computer vision technique to create a list of hashtags related to the photo.

What Are The Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools?

Influencer Marketing Hub Instagram
Hashtag Generator
All Hashtag
Hashtag Generator #HashMe

What’re The Most Hashtags You Can Use On Instagram?

A standard post can include up to 30 hashtags, while a Story can have up to 10. Your remark or caption will not be posted if you try to include more. However, just because you can use so many hashtags on Instagram doesn’t mean you should.

Final Words – Best Instagram Hashtag Tools

All these tools are great to go and you can use them with care as there is no exactly 100% correct tool. So, do your search as well.

If you want to know how you can get free followers on Instagram then you’re at the right place. I’ll tell you some accurate methods for getting Instagram followers easily. 

For getting quick Instagram followers, many people buy followers or use bots. But these methods are not helpful because Instagram detects the accounts which are getting followers rapidly. If you get many followers at a time then your account might get temporarily banned. 

Moreover, bot followers or simply the followers which you purchase will not provide you a good Instagram engagement. These followers will just follow you. They will not even visit your page nor like your posts. Due to this reason, anyone can guess that your followers are fake. 


The key to making money on Instagram is not follower count. It’s all about having a good account engagement rate with a minimum of 10k+ followers. 

So if you want to gain followers in the right way then all the above methods are just for you. But if you want to have several Instagram followers at a time then you will have to use apps that are not available on the play store. 

Keep in mind that if you have a professional account then never tag an account that is not of your concern, never add the wrong country location and avoid using unrelated hashtags because these things are not good for your account’s reputation.

Tell us your favorite way on “How To Get Free Instagram Followers” in the comment box to help others.

Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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