Are you looking for the best place to sell clothes and make some good earnings? 

I’ll make it easy for you! 

In this article, I’m going to discuss the best place to sell clothes for cash. So let’s get started:

I- Places To Sell Clothes Online

Well, this depends on who you’re trying to sell. 

Internet sites are growing increasingly specialized, and then you’ll find plenty of selections in this list to help you locate the ideal match for your style.

1- Poshmark 

Poshmark Is a website that sells clothes. 

Poshmark has become one of the finest locations to sell goods online since it is so simple to use. 

Download the app, begin photographing your clothing, and then share them around the network and on your social sites. 

It’s simple to get started, as the company even handles your shipment for you. 

USPS will send you priority packages that were before labels for a 20% cost.

It’s a platform that encourages social interaction. 

You must establish a following & share other people’s comments if you wish to sell.
Download The AppGoogle play
Good forwomen’s, Men’s, and children’s clothing from mid- to high-end labels.
Payoutcheck (via USPS) or store credit, Direct deposit.

2- Depop

Depop is a mobile app that is a cross between Instagram and eBay

It’s primarily geared towards teenagers and young adults hunting for old treasures. 

Good photographs and descriptions are critical for success, and you should use pertinent brand tags to increase your chances of being discovered. 

It’s almost as if you’re running your own clothes shop on the application, and you’ll be in charge of negotiating with prospective clients.

Depop takes a 10% commission on anything you sell, and then you’ll be paid by PayPal.
Download The AppGoogle play
Good forLatest vintage and street wear
PayoutPayPal or store credit, Direct deposit

3- eBay

The benefit of selling your clothes on eBay has been that you can conceivably earn more sales and profit. Their charges are also much lower than those of other applications, but still, the site is a little clunky to use.

You have the option of selling your items at auction or setting a fixed price for them. 

I prefer a fixed price since it allows you to give customers the choice of submitting their best offer. 

When it comes to eBay, you must be on top of its game. 

Make sure your search results look professional, have wonderful descriptions, and are appropriately keyworded. 

This platform’s users are looking for specialized information. 

They aren’t only looking for something lovely to look at.

This is why it’s far preferable to sell in-demand things just to make the most out of them.
Download The AppGoogle play
Good forDresses and accessories of all kinds for mostly local customers.
PayoutDirect deposit

4- Facebook Marketplace

Used clothes can be easily sold on Facebook Marketplace. 

Simply hit the Market button at the bottom of your Facebook app and select Sell Something to begin listing your stuff.

Because Facebook Marketplace was free, businesses can retain a larger portion of the income. 

Essentially, the market functions similarly to a classified section: you advertise a product, buyers approach you via Facebook, and you engage with people directly. 

Mark the product as sold after you’ve met with your purchaser in a public area to complete the transaction, and it would no longer appear in the search.

It’s a fantastic way to sell ordinary goods in your neighborhood!
Download The AppGoogle play
Good forInternet selling of various kinds of apparel that don’t require shipment.
PayoutFacebook Pay or any other means that has been worked upon, such as cash or PayPal.

5- Instagram

Yes, Instagram is a fantastic platform for selling clothes! 

It won’t be as straightforward as many of the other sites we’ve glanced at before, but if you already have the desire and creativity, it’s the ideal social network. 

There seem to be no costs associated with listing your photos, and you have full control over your pricing and marketing plan.

Create a separate Instagram profile just your resale products, take gorgeous flat lay photos of them, and add relevant hashtags like, #instacloset, #clothes for sale, #shopmycloset #instasale, and will help users understand your profile. PayPal is indeed the preferred way of payment on Instagram, so assure you have one established before you begin.

Download The AppGoogle play
Good forAll kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories
PayoutMastercard, PayPal, American Express or Discover.

6- is indeed an online resale business that takes a wide range of fashion items. 

According to Swap, the most popular goods are trend-forward clothes which have been sold in a mall or store over the last 3 years.

Each month, will send you 3 prepaid boxes. 

One disadvantage would be that you do not even realize how much money you’ll make until your package arrives. 

Once your things have been processed, Swap will name the price.

Processing and listing your things can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days. 

The things must then be sold before you get compensated.’s SureSell service allows you to sell certain things and be paid right away.

This feature is only available with the most popular items.
Download The AppNo app available — website only
Good forHigher-end brands for women, men and kids
Payoutcheck (via USPS) or store credit, Direct deposit.

7- Mercari

Mercari is indeed a similar application to eBay. 

Simply take a picture of your outfit and write a description. 

Next, you set your price and pick who will pay for shipping. 

This site resembles eBay in appearance and feels, except there are no auction-style listings.

With Mercari, you get two distinct shipping options. 

Paying a set price for a printable label is one alternative.

The second alternative is to pay a charge that is determined by the actual weight. 

You can still save money by charging the flat cost for big products.

The app serves as a hub for all communication to both you and the potential customer. 

When your item sells, you send it back to the seller. 

Mercari rewards you via direct transfer every Monday. 

Every product you sell is subject to a 10% charge. 

The fee charged by this vendor may be less than that charged by typical consignment stores.

Download The AppGoogle App
Good forClothes, accessories and cosmetics.
PayoutInstant Pay, Direct Deposit.

8- Build A Shopify Store To Dropship

Clothing flipping for a business is also a great idea. 

It’s referred to as retail arbitrage. 

You can then either buy worn garments locally and sell them online, or you could just buy new items and sell them online. 

You can also drop ship new things by partnering with a brand. 

You’ll need to create a website for drop shippers which also lists your product through social media. 

Shopify will create your store and take care of all of the payments. 

Your drop shipper partnerships made money by selling products from their warehouses. 

All you have to do now is organize the purchase and get paid for your efforts.

Download The AppGoogle play
Good forAll kind of products include clothes
PayoutShopify Payment, Google pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay.

9- Etsy

You may sell homemade or vintage apparel for youth and teens on Etsy.

Selling on Etsy allows you to reach out to a different type of customer that isn’t seeking designer labels. 

On Etsy, you may offer secondhand, pre-made, and made-to-order clothing.

Networking with some other Etsy businesses is a great way to expand your shop’s audience. 

One of the secrets to placing importance on the Etsy algorithm would be to network. 

You will show at the top of the search if you have a higher ranking!

10- The RealReal

This is the best time to market your Chanel, Prada, Fendi, as well as other high-end apparel and shoes if you have a closet full of them. 

They’re the only second business that verifies each item they sell, making them the industry leader in luxury assignments. 

Thousands of goods are inspected each day by hundreds of experts & brand authentication tokens, including mined diamonds and sometimes even watch enthusiasts. 

Another of the reasons their 20 million members respect and purchase their upscale offerings is because of this.

The amount of commission you get is dependent on a scale ranging, and the more you sell, the more money you make. 

For novices, the amount you make is determined by the cost of your item: $145 or less gets you 40%, $146–$195 manages to earn you 50%, and so on. 

Even when you do not influence the pricing of your goods, you can arrange a video conference or email with a local agent to see whether the company will handle your things and get a price quote. 

You can then schedule a pickup or drop-off at your house, or obtain a free shipping address to send your items in.

11- Vinted

On this stylish website, there have been no fees or expenditures for vendors. 

That’s right, you read it accurately. 

Because you keep 100% of your money, it was one of the greatest sites to sell shirts online. Instead, purchasers pay $0.70 for each transaction plus 5% of the total price as a “Buyer Protection” fee. 

Vinted does have more than 37 million registered users from 13 countries that buy clothes, shoes, and cosmetics for women, men, and kids. 

The site provides tactics and tips for moving products quickly, such as purchasing a $0.95 “bump” for each item.

Whenever you purchase a bump, your ad appears once a day for 3 days in Vinted’s feed and search outcomes to more people. 

Swapping also is permitted, making this an excellent chance to trade in just about any clothing that isn’t selling.

12- ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Market was not for rookies or those eager to make a few extra pounds by buying their last season for example leftovers — it was for dedicated clothing sellers wishing to start or grow their operations.

For instance, you must also have at least 15 things posted in your boutique, which is a tall order.

To begin, you must apply for just a boutique; they will only accept you provided you design your apparel, have a significant range of high-quality vintage clothes, or have already proven yourselves as an autonomous clothing brand.

It’s expensive in comparison to some other options discussed here, and your TOTUM card won’t happen in the Marketplace either, though if you’re serious about a future in elevated or retailing fashion, getting access to ASOS’ huge audience is a great benefit.

13- Rebelle

Unless you’re lucky enough to have enough designer garments you no longer desire, Changed almost every aspect is among the greatest places to sell things online — and for a good price.

Unlike some of the other sites mentioned above, you must first list the item before sending it to the Section devoted. 

They will check the item’s validity and reliability, effectively stopping any scammers from taking advantage of the situation.

They’ll send the item to both the buyer and transfer the funds to you after it’s sold. 

You may also hire Rebelle to manage the sale process for you, but then at £15 per item bought, we’d only advise though if you’re buying a lot of high-end clothing.

14- Rebag

Selling clothes becomes a thing, but Rebag is your best hope for turning luxury handbags into cold, hard cash. However, the website only accepts high-end premium bags, because anything without a branded product will most likely be passed over.

You can submit images of your bag via their app, online, or in-person if you live near one of their stores. 

They will examine your bag and decide whether or not it should accept it. 

Their rules are quite rigorous, so read them carefully to prevent wasting your time. 

If you’re authorized, you’ll receive a quote and therefore can proceed from there. 

Overall, their pricing is reasonable.

However, bear in mind that you will probably not get more than if you’re sold straight to the consumer.

15- Grailed

The majority of online clothing retailers cater to women. 

Men, on the other hand, may declutter their closets as well, and this is where Grailed comes in. 

Grailed specializes in men’s apparel and accessories, though if you’re a man or have some amazing items to sell, that’s the place to go. 

Here is another quick rundown of the four marketplaces you may sell to:

  • Core: for well-known labels such as Uniqlo, Levi’s, H&M, Zara, and others.
  • Sartorial is a term used to describe high-end traditional clothes.
  • Hype is a term used to describe highly anticipated latest products.

For elevated designers, there are grails.

You must include at least three high-quality pictures in the listing. Whenever an item sells, a 6% commission is charged (tax credits PayPal fees: 2.9 percent + 30 cents on domestic), resulting in a total cost of 9-11 percent of the overall transaction value.

16- LePrix

SnobSwap was the previous name for LePrix. 

The company collaborates with over 500 second-hand stores and employs machine learning to improve both the browsing and selling experiences.

Obtain a consignment kit and complete the vetting process. 

Please remember that LePrix prefers garments in outstanding condition. 

Unless they’re particularly stylish, keep your old hand-me-downs for those other sites. 

You can even go in person rather than just sending the garments unless one of the shops is nearby.

17- Material World

Materialist Worldview works in the same way as thredUP does. 

You receive a free shipping kit for your apparel in exchange for a $5 deposit, send it in, and within just a few days, you receive an offer from the organization.

You may send over more than just your clothes; you can also bring in any accessories they have. 

In general, the website is expecting high, lightly, or used unworn products. 

They accept just a select group of designers that embrace their objective for a much more responsible fashion business.

18- VarageSale

VarageSale is ideal for selling a wide range of things, such as apparel and footwear. 

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about shipping to other state or worldwide markets because you’ll be selling locally. 

All you have to do now is sign up, choose your region to find your nearest community, and also get verified. 

This app operates in the same way as any other: you create a listing with photos and a description. 

When a buyer expresses an interest in your item, you can set up a meeting to complete the transaction. 

VarageSale is also far better than some other websites like eBay or craigslist since it verifies both purchasers’ and vendors’ IDs. 

It’s also entirely free for use.

II- Tips For Selling Things Online

Improve the chances until you get started. 

The experts we spoke with had a couple of extra pointers that you should be aware of before listing your stuff on any reselling application or website.

It Is Critical To Be In Good Physical Condition

  • According to TheRealReal’s Skoda, “the better shape an object is in, as it becomes more valuable.” “Whether that’s simply keeping your handbag in its zipper pouch when not being used or treating your footwear with a decent leather protection, these care techniques can go a ways away in maintaining an item’s residual value.”

Take Care Of The Garments

  • “Make sure your garments are clean and free from holes, rips, or stains,” says Aaronson from thredUP. “Assume you’re sending it to your best friend!”
  • Maintain a positive image – Be open and honest about the condition of the product you’re selling, along with any blemishes or tears! 

Always reply to communications and reviews, and consider including a written letter thanking the customer for their business.

Provide Detailed Descriptions

  • A thorough and honest description should include information about the status, including any defects or flaws, particular dimensions and dimensions, and fabric & material details. 

It also is a good idea to provide the official brand color/style name, which may be found on the tag or even on the actual retail site, so that experienced designer aficionados can easily find your item using keywords.

Use High-quality Photographs

  • Just use a constant backdrop with appropriate lighting, urges Trott, to guarantee products appear their best. 

It’s also crucial to demonstrate the goods from several perspectives. “Illustrating scale is also important to a customer when it comes to accessories,” she says. 

“Place a smartphone next to a little bag, for instance, to provide it with spatial context.”

Make Certain The Price Is Reasonable

  • To secure a timely transaction, do your homework. “Before selling an item, I recommend having a feel of what type of resale value a manufacturer or style has,” Skoda adds. 

Check the postings on several marketplaces to see where you can sell your items and how much you should charge.

  • Be accurate when it comes to pricing — only because you paid £30 for something doesn’t mean you’ll get the same price when businesses resell it. 

Consumers aren’t always willing to pay as much for anything used because they would for anything new from such a store, but don’t ever scare them away with excessive costs.

Keep A Record Of Your Expenditures

  • Make sure you factor in the cost of shipping and packaging. Buyers are charged for postage in some countries, while sellers are responsible for it in others. Remember to account for any network prices to ensure you make a profit.

Keep Up With Current Events In Pop Culture

  • Have you noticed a pattern on TikTok or perhaps a Netflix movie that you have in your closet? According to Aaronson, it will most likely sell quickly. To increase your earning potential, remain on top of any hot fashion trends, especially on clothing-selling applications.

Ensure That Your Clothing Is Presentable

  • Should go without stating, but even before you sell anything, giving it a nice wash & iron. No one wants to buy a garment that has been created!


How can I sell my old clothes for money?

Here are several online consignments and secondhand clothing companies where you may sell your old clothes.

thredUp, Tradesy, Le Prix, VarageSale, Poshmark, Instagram,  Buffalo Exchange, Clothes Mentor, and eBay.

Take a lot of high-resolution pictures. Set a reasonable price. Make a note of the brand, color, and size.

Where is the best place to sell unwanted clothes?

Top sites for selling your old clothes are Facebook, Depop, eBay, Vinted, Preloved, Marketplace,  Etsy, Rebelle, ASOS Marketplace.

Which resale store pays the most?

Crossroads Trading, Beacon’s Closet, 

Tradesy, The RealReal, Buffalo Exchange, Vestiaire Collective, thredUP, and Kidizen.

How much money does Platos Closet pay for clothes?

If they buy your garments, the price will normally be approximately 30-40% of what you paid for them. They offer their items for 60-80% off wholesale, thus they don’t want to spend a huge amount on them to maximize profits. 

They’ll spend roughly $2 on simple items like T-shirts.

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