On Fiverr, there are thousands of gigs available for any service. 

When purchasers browse for a service, they typically glance at the gigs that appear on the first page, similar to how we search for this on Google.

To become a successful seller on Fiverr, you must optimize your gigs because they appear on the top page of the marketplace and are noticed by buyers.

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The most critical of all the Fiverr gig SEO procedures is to select the proper keywords for your services. 

Keywords are quite important when it comes to ranking your gig on the first page of Fiverr.

 I’ll explain how to conduct proper Fiverr keyword research in this article.

But before starting keyword research, you must know what keywords are. Let’s see:

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are search terms that purchasers are likely to type into the Fiverr search box when seeking sellers who do work similar to theirs.

Best Ways of Fiverr Keyword Research

Here are a few methods for conducting Fiverr keyword research.

1- Identifying Keywords from Existing Fiverr Gigs

Viewing the gigs of those other sellers who’ve been on the front page for that specific phrase is another technique to uncover most search terms on Fiverr.


On Fiverr, you wish to provide a content writing service. 

In the search bar, type content writing videos and press the Search button.

This is where you’ll find all of the recommended gigs for this service. Change Relevance to Bestselling as the default value. 

This will allow you to know which gigs are currently popular.

2- Fiverr.com Using Search Tags to Find Keywords

Search tags are similar to a buyer’s terms in a search engine to find the services he wants. 

In Fiverr, you can conduct proper keyword research using search tags.

The search tags you use have a big impact on your total exposure to Fiverr. 

Consider the services you provide to your clientele while selecting tags because your potential buyers should be your primary priority.

You will receive a favorable response if your services are relevant to a Buyer’s desire.

3- Keyword Research On Fiverr Using A Free Keyword Tool

The Keyword Research Tool is amongst the most popular ways of keyword research. 

The Fiverr keyword research tool free—of charge is a good technique.

The technique for this method is the same as the other keyword research methods.

This strategy does not allow you to anticipate the monthly competition or, indeed, the search volume on Fiverr, which is vital to know.

It may, however, prevent you from using the previously mentioned approach.

Although keywords help rank your Fiverr gig, this does not guarantee that using these precise keywords will propel you to the top of the Fiverr results page. 

Aside from that, there are a few more elements that contribute to your gig ranking top.

Furthermore, keyword research tools come in a variety of forms. 

All you have to do is find the best, most commonly used, and most comprehensive keyword.

When the Fiverr SERP rotates, you’ll achieve more success in the search results this way.

4- Keyword Research on Fiverr Using the Fiverr Search Engine

Another option for keyword research is to use the Fiverr Search Engine or Fiverr gig SEO tool.

You will enter your principal term through the search field using this manner. 

This way, you’ll be able to find many more popular suggestions for your gig.

When researching for a certain product or service on Fiverr, the majority of Customers utilize several of the terms above. 

Jot down the important terms and incorporate them into the title or description of your engagement.

Let’s imagine your work is related to the keyword Data Entry.

You may now type your primary keyword into the Fiverr search feature and wait for the auto-complete to offer gig titles that match yours.

5- Using the Fiverr Search Box to Find Keywords

Using the Fiverr search engine is the easiest approach to locating keywords for your gig.

In the search box, type in your generic service title and see what comes up as ideas. 

Buyers typically search for certain terms while looking for a specific service.


You really would like to make a whiteboard video-related gig. 

In the search field, type in the term “whiteboard videos.” 

Now, wait for the auto-complete feature to recommend the most popular whiteboard video terms. 

Make a mental note of them.

Then, one by one, type these key terms into the search box to see how competitive they are.

Pay attention to this stuff of gigabytes available for that specific service to determine the level of competition with each keyword. 

The fewer the gigs on this page, the easier it would be to rank yours first.

Please make a list of each of these terms, but also their competitors. 

How To Recognize The Keywords In A Gig

Open several gigs in your niche and evaluate the keywords used in each one. 

Save all of those crucial terms in a safe place. 

This will assist you in compiling a list of frequently searched terms that you may utilize in your gig later.


The gig you’re looking at is one of my own on Fiverr, and it’s on the top page. Can you tell me what keywords I should use for this job?

Here’s how to go about it:

Pay attention to the following parts to gain a sense of the keywords that are being used:

  • Title of the Gig.
  • URL of the Gig.
  • Tags of the Gig.
  • The gig’s image/thumbnail

Final Thoughts on Fiverr Keyword Research 

Keyword research is critical for optimizing your Fiverr gig. 

Fiverr Keyword Research can be done using Search Tags, Fiverr SEO, and Fiverr Research Tools.

To accomplish successful keyword research, one must be entirely familiar with Fiverr’s rules and restrictions. Keywords are, without question, the most effective strategies for making your gig more engaging.

Once you use the best Keywords, you will see your Gigs’ ranks and get orders.

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