How To Change Your Amazon Seller Name On Seller Central

  • every marketplace you’re on. 
  • So, if you’re in multiple countries, you’ll have to repeat this process several times.
  • Click on Edit for the store details. Click on the American marketplace. You’ll notice here that I’ve got my seller name filled out there, Meliora Good, and you can even set your storefront link right there. 
  • So, if I wanted to change this to any store name, I would list it right there and hit submit. You’re done.

Why Seller Name Is Important? 

Amazon displays the merchant’s name when you search for products. This helps customers know exactly what they’re getting. 

When you buy something brand specific, you want to make sure it comes directly from the brand manufacturer.

You should always use the same seller name when you sell products online. This helps increase your conversion rate.

When starting a new business, it is important to choose a name that is easy to remember and scalable. This helps with scaling the business and keeping costs down. Amazon sellers should use an LLC or C-corp instead of an EIN.

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