You are currently viewing Fiverr Gigs That Require No Skill: 21 Gigs To Make Money Today

I know you’re talented, but you still want someone to give you suggestions for Fiverr projects that don’t require any skill.

Here are 21 ways to make money right now!

01. Create Awesome Graphics Designs

You are your boss as a graphic designer! 

You’ll work with clients one-on-one to create innovative designs utilizing various tools customized to the client’s needs. You can provide any service, such as logo design, graphic assembly, and so forth.

Sites for graphic designersCategories 
BehanceSocial Media Posters
CanvaWebsite Design
DribbleeBook Design
FreepikBrochure and flyers

02. Proofread Any Text

Many people require proofreaders for their publications, websites, business sites, blogs, and other written materials.

If you’re good at finding faults in language, spelling, grammar, and punctuation, Fiverr might be a good place for you to make money.

Sites for proofreadersCategories
GrammarlyPrint Media proofreading
TypelyAcademic proofreading

03. Social Media Marketing

Fiverr has a plethora of Freelancers who assist clients in promoting and growing their businesses via social networking sites. 

Being a social media manager, you’d be tasked with assisting the vendor in marketing or advertising his brand on a global scale.

Sites For Social Media marketerCategories
Social PilotSharing post
Sprout SocialBlogging
HootsuiteVideo posting

04. Travel Planner

This position appears to be quite fascinating. 

Many consumers require assistance in making the best travel plans. 

Companies need experts who can help them find the greatest package deals and provide recommendations on how to get there.

Sites for a travel plannerCategories
Google MapsTrip Organizing
YonderHotel accommodations

05. Design Book Covers

If you already have graphic arts talents and are experienced in creating stunning book covers, Fiverr is an excellent place to start because you might find some interesting clientele. 

You’d be able to market these services for a profit here.

Sites for book cover designerCategories
Poster My wallCover design
Book Cover DesignerLayout design

06. Financial Consulting

If you have studied finance but have some expertise in the field, this Gig on Fiverr is for you because several individuals need financial experts. 

You must provide expert accounting advice to your clients in just this role.

Sites for a financial coachCategories
FinFitFinancial advisor
Financial FinesseFinancial coach
SoFiCertified Personal Financial Consultant

07. Logo Designing

Many businesses have utilized Fiverr to obtain a stunning and appealing logo made for them. 

This service has already been in short supply on Fiverr; each day, a current or future firm requests a new logo or revisions to an established one.

Sites for logo DesignerCategories
LogasterBusiness logo designer
Logo Design Studio ProBrandmark

08. Write Catchy Content

One of my most favorite online works and service on Fiverr is content writing.

You don’t need any special skills to become a content writer.

Write a few articles and present them as your sample if anyone on Fiverr demands to show a sample.

On Fiverr, you will surely get orders for content writing services.

For content writing, you must know about article writing and blog writing. 

Besides content writing, you can also write academic blogs for clients.

You can write for your brand, and if they are satisfied with you, then there is a chance that you will be their brand content writer.

So why wait? Just create your content writer gig and get orders!

Sites for Content WriterCategories
Google TrendsBlog writing
FocusWriterArticle writing
StoryistAcademic writing

09. Be A Family Counselor

You could be wondering if it’s a job. Of course, it is.

Give valuable tips to new parents and get paid.

Many young moms seek advice and help on various topics concerning their child and their status as young moms.

You can be their advisor.

You can make $100 for half a year per client.

Sites for counselorCategories
PFSAMommy Health advisor
Parents.comInfant health advisor
Parental care counselor

10. Virtual Assistant

Performing for somebody from all over the world has become one of the best things you can do. 

The good news is that these vocations are becoming more popular and in need every year. 

There seem to be numerous professions that fall into this category, including research, entering data, email creation, lesson instructing, virtual machine maintenance, etc.

Sites for virtual assistantsCategories
SlackReal estate Virtual assistant
ZoomAdministrative VA
Google MeetSocial Media virtual assistant
Join.MeBookkeeping VA

11. Teach Language

Why just not put your bilingualism to good use and get money from it? 

You can create a Gig on Fiverr on which you can teach every language online. 

You could also sell shorter language lessons that can be beneficial to a large number of people.

Sites for language teachingCategories
Google translateVocabulary Enhancer
PixtonPronunciation corrector
MindSnacksSpeaking skills developer

12. Ad Campaigns

If you are experienced in creating ad campaigns for businesses that produce revenue. 

If you answered yes, you’ve found one of Fiverr’s most lucrative gigs. Companies such as Google Adwords and Fb advertisements help businesses in generating more prospects.

Sites For Ad CampaignersCategories
Facebook Email marketing
InstagramSocial Media campaign
AdstreamBusiness Promotion campaign

13. Website Designing

In present times, where practically all of that has gone online, every firm that wants to have a presence online requires a custom-designed website. 

If you know how to create a website, this could be an excellent alternative for you.

Sites for Website DesignerCategories
BehanceLayouts for Website
ABDZWeb development
24 WaysThemes Designing for Web
UX movement

14. Digital Marketing

This term has been there for a few years, as has the desire for it. 

As a result, there have been a lot of individuals who want to purchase marketing solutions for their business and are willing to pay lots of money for all of it.

Sites for Digital MarketingCategories
Google AnalyticsAdvertising
Google TrendsCampaigning
Screaming FrogSocial Media Marketing
BufferOnline marketing

15. Making Video Tutorials

You’ve probably seen numerous tutorials on YouTube, WhatsApp, or Facebook. 

It does have a great deal of potential for making money and gaining popularity. 

Many people create tutorials in just about any sector, and that they are knowledgeable, including cooking, makeup, building whatever item, etc.

Sites for video makersCategories
KizoaVideo presentation
VideoshowYouTube videos
BiteableSocial Media Marketing

16. Transcribe Audio

This service is also in high demand on Fiverr since customers need file translations to understand them, and other people require voice tapes in written form. You don’t need any previous experience for this job, so you must be fluent in the language in that you will be listening to the audio. 

You can expect to earn roughly $5 for transcribing a 10-minute audio track. 

That was a quick $5, and when you can transcribe ten audio files each day, anyone can earn $100 every day, making this one of Fiverr’s more lucrative gigs. 

There have been a lot of individuals using it on Fiverr, so you’ll have a large number of competitors, so if you’re comfortable about yourselves, it’s worth a go.

Sites for transcribersCategories
InqscribeAcademic transcribers
OTranscribeBusiness transcribers
Express Scribe Medical transcriptionist
RevPhonetic transcription

17. Article Writing

It wasn’t an easy task, but not everybody can do it, so if you’re good at writing, this might be one of the finest Fiverr gigs for you. 

It does have a lot of money and, as a result of the increase, is becoming very popular today.

Sites for article writingCategories
GrammarlyJournal writer
MediumNewspaper article Writer
QuoraMagazine article Writer
Google TrendsBlog writer

18. Product Description Writing

It’s fun work, but it requires a lot of imagination and a thorough perception of the process. 

You may choose this Gig on Fiverr if you already have skills and experience writing marketing materials.

Sites for description writersCategories
ScappleReview writer
GrammarlySports products description writer
BloggingProBaby products description writer
Writer’s Digest.Men and women products description writer

19. Website Testing

Many people create a website or blog but seem to be unsure if it will be successful. As a result, they’re looking for someone to test the site for things like usability, on-page SEO, and so on.

Sites for Website TestersCategories
QaseWeb application tester
ZephyrPerformance tester
Katalon Studio.

20. Photoshop Editing

That was one of Fiverr’s most successful gigs. 

Photoshop may be used to remove backgrounds from images, give photos a graphic makeover, edit, and more. 

It has a great deal of potential, and you must first meet all of the conditions before you can start training on the images.

Sites for Photoshop editingCategories
AdobePhoto Editor
CanvaGraphic designer
Photoscape XPhotoshop

21. WordPress Troubleshooter

Although WordPress is a simple piece of software, there are times when this becomes complex. 

Many individuals use WordPress nowadays, and it is quite user-friendly, even though there are occasions when individuals get stopped and don’t know what to do.

Sites for WordPress troubleshooterCategories
WordPress: Health Check
New Relic.
Firefox Developer Tools.