My website with 12 high-quality articles (600 words each) got rejected due to low value (I think less number of articles it means) content!

It may seem like an enormous problem to apply with Google AdSense.

What’s more annoying is that you had to wait a couple of weeks before you received an email telling you the request hasn’t been granted due to the low content value.

Before we go I want to mention I was rejected by Google ads more than five times in one period.

Almost three-thirds of these reasons were due to “poor content values”.

I’ve overcome this and I’d rather share the experience that I learned.

However, Google does not provide specific information about each issue.

What’s the meaning of low content value?

It is vital to know that low content value means many different things.

Maybe Google’s goal is to be as general as it can because explaining all of the situations takes time.

If your sitesemails have a low content value, the reason is probably the fact that your website lacks content.

Those site managers that review applications will be askedforced to add content.

Avoid Forums


Although the website, was created for Google.

Google does not even read the forums.

There is an open discussion forum where participation grows.

It creates false labels on members’ handles claiming to have the expertise in a particular area when most people have nothing but an uninformed opinion.

I’ve a simple example.

I spent 5three to 6four months trying to secure AdSense approval and asked many questions.

The answers which I got were not satisfactory.They are always told that their type of site is now covered on their site but that Google doesn’t now support it in its niche.

It turns into a completely false truth.

Get more page views

This website has recently been rejected form Google ads manager due to low value content. There are 45 articles on the site with 50,000 words in total on the site.

It may sound difficult, but it is important that you attract most people before and after Google ads become approved.

Depending upon what the review process involves, your site will likely determine how your site is approved.

Google won’ t let a website be approved with no page views.

This means they won’t have any cash.

You may create more content for the purpose of gaining the traffic you want.

You can be more active by posting a picture on Facebook.

It will help bring visitors to your page.

You can easily create YouTube videos containing the call to action so the audience has an easier time returning to your site.

Avoid empty categories on your top navigation menu

It’s an old trick.

My initial goal was to make a full web site and put everything into one place on my homepage.

I was greeted by Google stating that it was rejected by Google.

I created only categories where I currently had enough content.

I think it will give reviewers the view that I only have three categories that have so much content in it.

During my rejection there were seven or eight categories – approximately half was empty. Google does not like it.

Please remove these blank categories and add them when creating content for them.

Continue posting unique content

I cannot emphasize this enough.

Set your mind to a minimum of a month to make your work unique as much as it can.

I am doing this and I have gotten in touch with the Adsense Team.

Several websites claim that their site has more than 20 to 30 articles each with around 800-1000 words.

BIs blogging really is  for you evern if you are not a writer.

That’s true. It happened before.

I’ll be there. I sucked and kept writing.

I’ve focused more upon it.

I have around 30 articles backed by my website, which is now over three months old.

Make sure your articles are indexed

Go to the search engine and check if you have any sites indexed.

Indicators are the processes by which search engines recognize a website that is ranking for you.

How many pages are on your website?

Moreover, if only half of the articles in Google’s database are accessible then you neeed to write more and get them indexed. Google only has 20 articles available.

I have no idea how much that factor affects approvals.

It’s one thing I do after seeing low value mail from Google.

Normally Google is good at indexing but some times you need to go to GSC to request indexing too.messages.

What you need to know

In the future you must prepare for the next step.

However the following are the things Google wants you to look into while building the site.

Thin content guidelines

IAgain, Google sees these violations as being arbitrary.

And I can see this true as the content created automatically, the affiliate pages, the content obtained or pulled from another site does not really deliver a quality that meets Google expectations.

Starting with gateways, do not use keyword lists that are linked to different sites. I am talking about anchor text. Don’t build links and generate better content so that people can link to you.

It will help win the trust of Google for fast approval and to solve the issue of low value content.

Google will not recognize this and will find this in their database.

If anyone uses an affiliate link, you must give them useful info about the product/service you promote.

Unique high-quality content and good user experience

Google needs rich, unique content.

Hence your adwords must also include a lot of unique content.

According to the official website the information must be useful enough for the reader to be drawn to it and may return to find further information.

Google has to be fair each year to see if your content has been plagiarized.

It’ll usually a worst not matter if you copied the content on another website in a blatant and unprofessional manner.

Minimum content requirements

Google says it won’t allow monetized content when no content is present on its official website.

Believe it or not, some web developers got Google AdSense when they started up their web pages.

It does not contain any material, information or usefulness.

Since that time, Google had to define criteria to limit the amount of content that sites need before getting Adsense approval.

Webmaster quality guidelines

In addition to the Thick Content guidelines, this section reiterates the importance of keeping your blog free and relevant for the reader.

Is there another solution? Make changes to logos for websites.

Change Your Theme of Your Website. Adding more titles to a page.

Use tags for your blog postings.

Search your site for any post.

How much content do you need for AdSense?

30-50The articles areis enough for ad placement.

Make a minimum of 600 to 700 words each.

Therefore, it is recommended to post lengths as well as number of postings.

The thing is not about words only. You need to delivery quality and when it comes to Google quality wins over quantity.

What is valuable inventory with no content?

Value Inventory : “No content”.

The problem shows when the site is submitting an advertisement on AdSense and it does not have any content.

It is also likely that there is not enough content for the site.

Is AdSense still worth it?

Even for high-traffic websites, AdSense seems to be the most attractive means of earning an income online.

You could technically make a little more with AdSense, but this is an expensive proposition.

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