I used the wrong Payment method for 1 year of my freelancing career and ended up losing $1153.

An incorrect payment method could lead to extra fees, as well as a greater chance of losing the wages. 

All methods have their advantages and disadvantages which can vary according to their physical location or country currency. 

So, consider these points listed below for offline and online payments method during freelancing. 

How does it get cheaper to take time for yourself to start working on your own? 

You can find further details by visiting the links listed here.

What you must consider when choosing a payment processor

PayPal, Venmo, Xero, Payoneer, and many others are widely used payment networks for transferring money. 

Western Union and PayPal offer a wide array of financial services and fees. 

The client or freelancer will likely be hoping for the cheapest option, therefore check transaction costs before proposing payment options if possible, or suggest alternative solutions for the customer at better prices. 

How can customers pay online or offline through the 20 top payment processors?

Best payment method for freelancers:

01. PayPal account


PayPal is an online banking service that has over 267 million customers. 

Not all countries will accept or deliver these deposited funds, so please contact your local government first. 

To send the payment from your PayPal balance instantly, you can choose a PayPal debit card option or all payments can be processed with the email.

For more information about calculating online invoices, please go through the website.

Processing time3-5 days
Country availabilityAvailable globally but not all countries will accept or deliver these deposited funds, so please contact your local government first
CurrenciesAvailable in 26 currencies
Payment methodsPaypal debit card, MasterCard, bank transfer, check, 
Transfer limit10,000 dollars per transaction
Paypal feeOn every US transfer of funds, you will be charged $0.30 plus 2.9 percent of the amount you receive from the US.4.4 percent for each non-US transaction + fixed fee % based on your country

02. Escrow


There are many top platforms for paying online and escrow is one of those. 

In particular, freelancers can make a profit after receiving funds. 

All payments must go through Escrow.org within 24 hours of their acceptance. 

Escrow feesFor amounts between $10-$5,000 – 3.25% ($10 minimum) of the processed amount, or 6.5% ($100 minimum) + 3.05%
availabilityWorldwide available, exception of Spain
currencyEUR, USD, AUD, and GPB
Payment limits5,000 dollar+ additional fees for Paypal and credit card2,000 dollars and 10 days for money orders and checks
Payment optionsCredit card, check or PayPal
Processing timeIt takes 10 days for approval of payments

03. Stripes


Stripe specializes in online financial transactions that can be completed through a website or via its mobile app.

Stripe processing time5-10 days
Stripe costIf your annual revenue is less than $1 million, you will be charged 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction.
Country availability25+ countries
Currencies13+ currencies
Payment methodCredit card, debit card, and bank account transfer
Transfer limitYou schedule the timing of your transfer

04. Xero


If you wish to use Xero or any other financial services program for any project you can use it without any hesitation. 

Xero processing timeNormally within 2-3 business days
Xero costReliant largely upon your payment processor
Country availabilityWorldwide
CurrenciesA wide selection of 160 payment types
Payment methodStripe or PayPal
Transfer limitNormally more than 1,000 transactions in 1 month

 05. Western Union


Western Union is a payment service offering online payouts and online transactions in more than 500 countries. 

Western union processing timeTypically processing times for Western currency transactions vary by country. Usually, 2-3 business days
Method of paymentBank account transfer, debit card, debit card, western union website, cash pick up
Country availabilityAvailable in more than 200 countries
currenciesMore than in 140 currencies
Western Union feesIt charges 5$ for domestic transfers. It charges 11$ for online bank transactionsIt charges more than 50$ for credit card and debit card transactions
Transfer limitIt depends on whether it’s a domestic or international transfer and your transaction background

06. Venmo


Venmo, a digital wallet (owned in part with PayPal) allows transactions online.

Besides being compatible with social media platforms Venmo provides users with commenting options to share transactions. 

Venmo processing timeIt may be instant or 3 business days
Method of the paymentChecking account, debit card, and credit card
Country availabilityThe only US. The international transfer is not available.
Venmo feesIt is free for bank transfers. It charges 1% of the payment that you transfer with a withdrawal limit of 0.25$ to 10$. 3% charge each time when you fund your account.
Transfer limitFor verified accounts, it is more than 2,999.99$ in a week.For non-verified accounts, it is more than 2,99.99$ in a week.

07. Xoom (a PayPal service)


Xoom online exchange services from the PayPal business model allow customers to quickly and securely transfer funds to and from any incoming bank account from any computer. 

Xoom processing time2-3 days
Method of paymentACH or PayPal
Country availability55+ countries
currenciesAvailable in dollars or local currency
Xoom feesThe transaction fees is 0-4.99$ for bank account transfers. But for credit cards and debit cards, it starts from 4.99$ and maybe increase depending on your amount.
Transfer limitMore than 10,000 dollars per transaction

08. TransferWise

TrranferWise offers international payment services that offer a variety of services with one simple fee per account. 

Generally, the transfer of payments is free in most nations, as money isn’t distributed internationally. 

Money transfer is available at many locations. 

Payment processing timeIt depends on the countries, currencies, payment method, and the amount 
FeesTransaction fees depend on the countries, currencies, payment method, and the amount. 
Country availabilityAll over the world
CurrenciesAvailable over more than 20 plus currencies
Payment MethodIt also depends on the countries, currencies, payment method, and the amount. Mastercards, visa cards, and bank transfers are the main method of payment
Transfer limitIt also depends on the countries, currencies, payment method, and the amount. If you cross the transaction limit or rule then you will receive an error message

09. Moneygram

It is another financial transfer provider offering international or domestic transactions. 

The affluence of more than 400 countries and the largest number of currencies with 43+ currencies. 

Charges on Moneygram vary across countries depending on the transaction amount and payment method. 

Payment processing time24 hours
FeesTransaction fees on Moneygram vary across countries depending on the transaction amount and payment method
Country availabilityMore than 400 countries
Currencies43+ currencies
Payment MethodE-booking, credit or debit card, home delivery, mobile wallet accounts, and ACH cards
Transfer limitMore than 900$ per transaction

  10. Quickbooks Online

QuickBooks is in fact an accounting software with simple solutions for payment processing on QuickBooksOnline. 

Typically, your payments can be sent as a recurring invoice, accepted as confirming payment, and entered into the software once the payments have been credited. 

Payment processing time1 to 7 days
FeesMonthly payments cost $12 with a transaction fee of 1$ per ACH transfer
Country availabilityAll over the world
CurrenciesOver 150 currencies
Payment MethodACH bank transfer, debit card, and credit card
Transfer limitIt depends on how much amount has been transferred in your account in 1 month

  11. Google Pay

With Google Pay, your account is accessible instantly through any computer using a smartphone. 

Your customer simply enters your email address and your number as their payment options go. 

Payment processing time10 business days
Google pay FeesGoogle pay is free of cost for debit cards and bank transferIt charges 2.9% fee for credit cards
Country availabilityAcross 30 countries including the UK
CurrenciesMore than 10 currencies
Payment MethodCredit or debit card, bank transfer and PayPal for Germany and US
Transfer limitMore than 10,000$ per transaction You need to connect your google pay account with your bank account in order to transfer the amount more than $2,500

  12. Payoneer


Users can receive or make payments online with an easy click. 

In the past, the cardholder has withdrawn a maximum of $1000 daily (totaling 20 ATM withdrawal transactions). 

In a recent article on Payoneer, the cardholder cited three important things: 

  • Acceptable money transfers in 250+ countries 
  • In more than 100 currencies. 
  • Payment processing time is 3-5 days.

The stock goes on for over 100 dollars.

Payment processing time3-5 days
FeesIt charges 3$ for the amount that you receiveAlmost 3$ for local bank transfers
Country availability250+ countries
CurrenciesMore than 100 currencies
Payment MethodInternational checks, local e-wallets, bank transfers, and MasterCard
Transfer limitMore than 5000$ in a day

  13. Cash app

Cash applications are an online mobile payment system for customers who are able to pay with mobile phones only.

The state of Union territory is lacking.

Payment processing timeInstant transfer or up to 1-3 business days
Transaction FeeIt is free of costs for 1-3 days withdrawCharges 1% fee for instant deposit
Country availability
Payment Methodcredit cards debit cards, and Bank transfer limits
Transfer limit

14. Authorize.net

Authorize.net is an online payment and management site offering easy credit and debit card payments. 

Payment processing time3-5 business days
Transaction FeeIt charges a 0.01$ fee per transaction.
Country availabilityAvailable in USA, UK, Australia, and some European countries
Currencies13+ currencies
Payment MethodMasterCard, Visa Check-out, Cashier Check, and Check
Transfer limit

15. Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill is an internet payment platform offering low costs for making payments abroad. 

Payment processing time2 days
Transaction FeeIt charges 9% amount that is send+exchange rate of 3.99% 
Country availabilityAlmost, all over the world except the few countries
Payment Methodprepaid digital wallet cards, bank transfers, debit card, and credit card
Transfer limitFrom 135$-25,000$ for every 30 days

16. ACH Freelance Payments

The ACH acronym for Automated Clearinghouse (ACCH) is used in bank account transactions. 

Processing is usually between 2-3 minutes. 

Banks of any type will also vary in terms of processing charges. 

Freelance writers find this problematic. 

If the ACH service does not exist anywhere outside the US, then ACH does not offer a way for you. 

17. Paper checks. Payments

This is another ancient form of payment that has become staples throughout the world today.

But this changes quickly as the web has become much faster. 

Unlike payment in cash, you should send checks on the job site. While the checks may not be fully valid, they might be stolen. 

Some customers may obtain private data in order for their identities to be accessed online or stolen. 

Some of them still rely heavily on checks though. 

It also poses the risk that the check would bounce off, and you would need to go to the bank to receive payments.

18. Payoneer Digital Payments

Payoneer Payment Processor Provides Payment Services Worldwide in 150 different currencies.

Other popular website platforms have also used this method, namely Yahoo! 

This fee may apply as long as your exchange is outside of the stated location.

It also has an advantage over traditional payment methods like wire transactions. 

A number of users complained about not getting a paid online profile approval sooner during their application.

19. In-Person Cash Payments

Imagine accepting money in many countries where it takes many hours to turn cash into dollars. 

Whilst a cash payment can be a reliable way of payment, you should always use those when handling online payments. 

This way, customers won’t need the cash to travel from a cash-only bank and have to walk down and pay.

20. Transferwise payment options

Transferwise is at the London branch that dates back to 2011. 

It sends direct payments to each recipient’s money. 

All costs must correspond to the rates you have charged the customer. 

TransferWire charges customers for one-time payment up-front. 

The cost for 15,000 is $15 each for registering through an online registration service. Also, there’s a question about currency balance. 

The target would roughly reach the middle-income rates of the industry. 

Transferwise pays for the service to have the maximum payment amount of $10 per person. 

If you are an international resident and prefer to transfer money by cash online to London, this may be the best choice.

FAQs: Freelance Payment Methods

How can I add payment options to my freelance website?

PayPal will help you easily add a credit card to a freelance web presence. Your clients are free to purchase or view your products/service directly online by visiting the website. 

How do I get paid as a freelancer?

Make sure your freelance job contracts are regular. Always ask for a credit card payment. Make payments simpler for your clients. Give an emoji reminder for clients’ feedback.

Which payment method is good for freelancer PayPal or credit card payments?

Paypal is the best option for freelancers. The freelancer is able to withdraw the amount once the client deposits it into PayPal if they have other details that will be sent to it automatically.

Which payment method is best for Upwork?

Paypal is the best method to withdraw money from Upwork.

How do I withdraw money from freelancers?

Freelancer earnings may be withdrawn through any method such as 

  • Banks 
  • Transfer of wires – The maximum withdrawal is $500 US. 
  • PayPal will accept credit card info at confirmation. 
  • Skill that only enables EUR / EUR.
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