Chocolate lovers are everywhere! More than half of the world population is interested in buying or eating chocolates. In the last five years, more people searched for chocolates online than ever before. This trend is likely to continue as the number of people searching for chocolates increases.

There are many different kinds of chocolate. Some people eat chocolate everyday. Others don’t eat chocolate every day. Chocolate is very delicious. Chocolate is also healthy. People who eat chocolate often feel better than those who do not eat chocolate. Chocolate is very expensive. 

Chocolate affiliate programs are pretty consistent. You should know them by now. But let’s quickly wrap up this intro. This listicle contains some great chocolate affiliate programs you definitely need to check out if you’re targeting a similar audience and want your site to monetize the same way. Let’s get it started!

Related:What To Sell At School To Make Money Affiliate Program is a great place to buy tasty handmade chocolates. Their mission is to help small businesses across the US and Canada. They sell many different types of chocolates including holiday themed chocolates, birthday cakes, and more.

Customers can sign up for chocolate deliveries straight to their doors. offers well-designed creative assets, unique promotional content, tracking tools, and an affiliate program. Their official website is Their affiliate sign up page is 

  • Their commission rates are 12% per sale and higher. 
  • Cookies last for 9 months.

Mystery Chocolate Affiliate Program

Mystery Chocolate is a company specializing in delivering fantastic bars and chocolates right at customers’ doorsteps. Their website allows customers to browse through hundreds of chocolate types, if not thousands, as well as make individual purchases or join a subscription box service. 

Anyone interested in joining the mystery chocolate affiliate program can do so by visiting the sign up page and filling out a very simple web form right then and there.

  • Mystery Chocolate Box pays affiliates 15% commission on sales. 
  • You must have an active PayPal account to get paid by Mystery Chocolate Box.

Gourmet Chocolate Of The Month Club Affiliate Program

Gourmet Chocolate Of The Monthly Club is a very popular member club that you can join and enjoy the world of delicious artisanal chocolate. This company was started in 1994, which is pretty cool! In fact, I also described this company in my article about food affiliate programs.

This company keeps adding beautifully created chocolate to their store every month. Their customers are very happy with their products and services, and they get 12 dollars per sale. 

  • CJ affiliate manages this program. 
  • Perks include Banner ads, creative assets, text link, a responsive affiliate management team, an official website, and a commission rate of $12 per membership.

How Does It Work?

You’re a chocolate connoisseur who posts links to on your website. When visitors click those links, you get credit as a referrer. When referrals result in sales, you get paid commissions.

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Is Chocolate A Good Niche?

There is a lot of interest in chocolate. People want to buy chocolate because they enjoy eating it. Chocolate is very popular among people who love sweets. You should use this information to make your website more attractive to customers.

Chocolate is a sweet treat that everyone loves. There are many different types of chocolate, but most people prefer dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is made up of cocoa beans, sugar, milk, butter, vanilla, and other ingredients. Most people love chocolate because it tastes delicious and gives them energy.

Niche Competition Insights

Popular niches will always have competition. However, competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You should focus on creating great content, and provide value to your visitors as affiliates. No matter what niche you’re in, you need to have useful and valuable content.

Organic traffic is great because it comes from real people who want to learn more about your topic. You can also rank high in the chocolate niche. Researching and working hard will help you rank better than others.

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