Organic food and other products are becoming popular because people want healthier options. 

Preservatives and other additives are being removed from store-bought foods. People are also becoming more aware of how much food they eat.

So we decided to take a deeper dive into this industry and root out the most lucrative organic product affiliate programs we could find. We found a lot more than expected.

Because it’s not hippies running them, but lots of young tech savvy entrepreneurs. You’ll see what we mean when you read this post.

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Organic products were introduced by Walgreens in 1902. The company was founded by Charles Walgreen, who had a vision of opening up drugstores that sold healthy foods and medicines. 

He started off selling only drugs but soon expanded into other areas such as groceries, cosmetics, and health care.

Walgreens is a great place to promote your affiliate program. They stock many organic products, and you can sell them online. Walgreens affiliates make money by selling products online. Their commission rates are higher than those of other programs.

  • Their cookies expire after 30 days. 
  • Commission rate is up to 8% (8/100).

My Green Mattress

Organic mattresses and pillows are great for people who suffer from allergies. Their organic materials make them hypoallergenic. You can buy these products online.

Latex mattresses are made out of rubber, and they’re often used as baby cribs. They’re very soft and comfortable, but they’re also quite expensive. You make about $45 per sale, but you need to work hard to earn that money.

Plus My Green Mattress offers a 100-night trial. Free shipping and a 20-year warranty on their products. 

This gives you leverage in your affiliate marketing effort: 

  • Commission rate of 5%. EPC: $242,34. 
  • Cookie duration: 4 weeks.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is an organic clothing company based in Copenhagen. Their products include active wear, underwear, and everyday wear. Their clothes are made from recycled materials such as old jeans, plastic bottles, and even old tires.

Each step of the production process focuses on being environmentally friendly. This makes their products perfect for any audience focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Green markets are worth tens of billions of dollars per year.

This affiliate program pays out 40% commissions on sales. 

Organic Basics sells organic food, so you should expect to make about €40 in commissions per sale. You’ll need to be an active content creator to qualify for this offer.

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Nature’s Brands Affiliate Program

Nature’s Brands is a great company to work with if you want to promote organic foods. Their products are safe and effective, and they offer a wide variety of different products. They also provide excellent customer service.

  • Nature’s Brands offers a 5-9% commission on all qualified sales. 
  • Nature’s Brands also offers a 365-day cookie duration.

Wildly Organic Affiliate Program

Wildly Organic is an online store that sells organic foods such as organic nuts, cacao beans, coconut oil, bath & body products, cooking oil, and many more. Their products are made from natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. 

They also sell organic snacks, organic drinks, organic juices, and other healthy products.

Their affiliate program pays generous commissions. You’ll never have to worry about doing a lot of optimization. They actually have wild conversion ratios, so you won’t ever have to push the products to your audience. 

To learn more about them and their affiliate program, go to their official website and affiliate registration page by clicking the navigation bar down below.

  • You’ll earn a 20% commission on qualified purchases. 
  • Cookies last for 30 days.

Top Organic Food Affiliate Programs For Tasty Profits 

Organic food is growing in popularity, and there are many companies that sell organic food. There are also many companies that sell organic foods online. This list includes some of those companies.

Organic foods are considered healthier than non-organic foods because they contain fewer chemicals and pesticides. Homemade meals are better than store bought ones because they’re fresher and more nutritious. Meal replacement products help dieters lose weight by replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives.

Fresh foods are better than canned foods because they are fresher. Canned foods are usually stored for longer before shipping. Online shopping for groceries is becoming popular. You can make money by promoting products that sell well.

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Organic Food Affiliate Programs

These companies sell products that contain natural ingredients. Some of them are organic. Others are non-GMO. Some are grown locally. Others are imported. All of these companies are owned by the same person.

Thrive Market

High flat commission fee, thrive market donates one membership per each sign up, great selection of organic foods. 

Not only does Thrive Market offer their affiliates over 40% off every new member subscription fee, $25 per sign up. They also donate a membership to a family in need, a teacher or veteran.

Live Superfoods

A website that sells healthy food. The owner buys large amounts of raw food. He packages it into smaller sizes and sells it to people. He also carries other companies’ products.

Affiliates should promote Live Superfoods because they offer high average orders, low returns, and competitive commission rates.

Live Superfood offers a very high payout per sale. Their customer base is very satisfied with their products. They also pay out a large commission to affiliates.

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Sunfood affiliate program is an excellent choice if you want to make money online. They offer many different products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, teas, oils, supplements, and much more. The average order size is $120. There are many different types of affiliates, including banners, text links, and videos. 

Commission Junction manages the affiliate program, tracks sales, and pays out monthly commissions. Banner and text links can be placed anywhere on your website.

Sunfood is an aggressive company that offers tiered commission rates. Their average order size is large, and they offer lots of marketing material. 

It’s not unusual to have individual orders over $250-$500, which means higher commissions for your business. Their commission is very high, and the cookie lasts for 30 days.

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