I. Put My Extra Cash Into Good Use

In your life, at some point, you will have extra cash that you do not know what to do with. Put My Extra Cash Into Good Use as I did!

People typically use their excess cash in a way that they feel will reap the most benefits for them.

For example, I used it to start a business!

I decided to purchase shares of a company with my excess cash.

It has increased in price and now I’m earning through it!

II. Budgeting

Now that I had my debt paid off, my budget was looking a bit better.

The $320 that I had freed up from paying off my debt was more than enough to allow me to prepay my medical expenses and bump up my savings amount, but that still left me short on being able to purchase items and cover all my expenses during a 12-week leave.

It was time to look at other expenses that could be cut.

Also, see 59 creative ways to save money ideas.

Entertainment expenses were the first to go. . Without the need to purchase tickets or book hotel rooms, this dropped my $100+/month entertainment budget to nearly $0.

III.Annualize Your Spending

You’ve probably heard the question “If you had $10,000 a year for the rest of your life what would you do with it?” Probably the first answer that jumps into most people’s heads is “I’d take that money and live my perfect life.” We all know deep down inside that there are certain things we could never give up.

However, for most people, part of the reason why they can’t live their dream is that it costs too much money.

Set up a yearly budget and it will show you at what point your spending becomes unsustainable.

IV.Considered Gym alternatives

So you can still get your workouts in even if it’s hard to afford?

I saved my $100 a month by not going to the gym as the gym alternative park is a place that I can get a good workout at for no money.

A home gym is great if you have the space to do so and equipment gets dropped off. If not, look into joining a local fitness center or check out join a friend who has a home gym.

I know what this means especially when it comes to people on a budget!

V. Eliminate Your Debt

I’ve had people ask me that question on more than one occasion, and I finally decided it was time to actually write something down. No matter the person’s age, education level, or profession there seems to be some type of debt – credit card, mortgage, student loans…the list goes on!

VI. Decluttered And Sold A Bunch Of Old Stuff

After going through everything in my room, I had stuffed all of my clothes into trash bags so they could get donated to the Salvation Army, just like most other people would do with their best!

I also sold some of my old clothes on eBay.

VII. Made Money Losing Weight

By 2021, it is becoming more commonplace to be paid by companies to lose weight.

It appears that the weight loss industry has finally realized that some people have a lot of extra weight and they don’t want to lose it. That leaves us with only one question: “Why didn’t you realize this before?”   

Well, money is a motivation for a lot of us.

Here are some companies which pay for losing weight!

  • HealthyWage
  • DietBet
  • Stickk
  • Walgreens Balance Rewards

VIII. Spend to Save

1. Spend to Save: Pay Yourself First

3. Set a Ceiling on Housing Costs

4. Shop Smart for Insurance

5. Take Advantage of Your Employer’s Savings And Benefits Programs

IX. Utility Savings

People who leave their thermostat at the same temperature year-round save money, while those who heat and cool their homes more than necessary can increase their utility bills.

 Leave your thermostat at the same setting all year to save money on heating and cooling costs. You’ll find that you don’t need to heat or cool. I did the same To Save $5000 In 6 Months!

X. Pack Your Lunch

For many, packing a lunch to eat at work is much easier and cheaper than going out to lunch every day. If you pack your lunch in reusable containers like these, you can save money and protect the environment.

Today’s technology makes it easy to find containers that are microwave safe.

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