Your Facebook News Feed is a quick method to keep up with your family and friends’ activities. Unfortunately, a Facebook friend could be the source of annoying, offending, or boring posts, articles, and opinion rants.

Fortunately, unfollowing that friend on Facebook is simple, and you won’t see their postings any longer. You’ll still be Facebook friends, and you’ll be able to communicate with each other using Messenger, but you won’t even see their postings when you open your News Feed. So let’s see What Happens When You Unfollow Someone On Facebook?

I-What Happens When You Unfollow Someone On Facebook

You Stop Seeing Their Posts

  • Unfollowing someone has two purposes. The first is that their posts will no longer appear in your newsfeed. You won’t be able to see either of their updates until you rejoin their list of followers. 

Based on their privacy controls, you may be able to read parts of their postings if you access their profile.

 They Don’t Get A Notification

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  • If you unfollow, unfriend, or ungroup a friend, they will not receive any information about it. In reality, if you choose to follow them back, they will not receive any information about it. 

The other individual is completely oblivious of the entire process.

They Will Remain On Your Friend List

  • Unfollowing someone on Facebook is not the same as blocking them. Whenever you unfollow someone, they remain on your friend’s list; nothing changes, and they are unaware that you have unfollowed them.

They See Your Posts

  • Unfollowing somebody is only a one-way street; the other person will still be able to see your updates and stories. The person you unfollow will be able to see all of your posts and stories in the same way that they did previously. 

If you are friends with them, your updates and feeds will appear on their newsfeed.

They Can Message You Normally

  • Both of you would be good at communication with each other, so messaging would stay the same. Before you unfollowed them, the person you unfollowed was able to communicate with you in a similar way. 

Other actions, such as commenting, liking, and tagging things, would be unaffected.

You Will Get Birthday Notifications

  • Just the posts in the timeline are affected by unfollowing. There would have been no difference in the way you received their birthday notifications.

Everything Remains The Same

  • Everything would go back to as it was before you unfollowed that person, and Facebook would continue to function normally. 

Likes And Comments

  • The greatest feature is that nothing will ever change if the number of likes and comments increases. You may like and comment on their posts, and they can do the same for you.

They Might Guess It

  • If you regularly post on Facebook but never interact with a specific person’s postings, they may conclude that you will have unfollowed them.

II- How To Unfollow Someone On Facebook?

There are different ways to unfollow someone on Facebook.

Unfollow From A Post

a) Go to any of the person’s posts that you want to unfollow.

b) Click the three dots in the top right corner of their post to select them.

c) Click the Unfollow option. You won’t see this person’s posts anymore, and you’re still friends on Facebook.

Unfollow From Their Profile Page

Another option for unfollowing a Facebook friend is to do so from their profile page.

a) Go to the friend’s profile page and unfollow them.

b) Hover your mouse over Following closely behind their cover photo. Tap the three dots beneath their cover photo on the app.

c) Click the Unfollow option. Tap Following and then Unfollow on the app.

Unfollow From News Feed Preferences

Here’s another method for unfollowing someone.

a) Select the down arrow from the top menu bar on your profile page. Tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom of the app.

b) Select News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu. Tap Settings, then News Feed Preferences in the app.

c) To hide their posts, unfollow people and groups.

d) Click Done after selecting the person you wish to unfollow.

Re-Follow Unfollowed Facebook Friends

It’s simple to re-follow an unfollowed Facebook friend if you change your mind.

a) Go to your profile page on Facebook.

b) From the top menu bar, click the down arrow. Tap the 3 horizontal lines just on the bottom of the app.

c) Select News Feed Preferences from the drop-down menu. Tap Settings and then News Feed Preferences inside the app to change your preferences. 

d) Select Reconnect with unfollowed persons and groups. 

e) Choose the person with whom you wish to reconnect, and then click Done. You’ll have seen this person’s posts in your News Feed once more.


Can someone tell if you unfollow them on Facebook?

No, they won’t, in a nutshell. As long as you’re Facebook friends, they’ll have no means of understanding for sure if you’ve stopped following them until they log into your account and look.

What’s the difference between Unfollow and unfriend on Facebook?

When you Unfriend someone, they will be deleted from your list of friends, and you will be erased from theirs. You will not be notified if you Unfriend someone. However, he is aware that you have unfriended him. You won’t see a person’s postings in your News Feed if you Unfollow them, but you’ll remain friends on Facebook.

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