What Is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an international platform that allows people to buy products from different countries. AliExpress has a huge number of visitors from Russia.

Around 25 million Americans shop at AliExpress. Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma, who wanted to connect consumers to Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers. 

He started an online marketplace called Taobao. This allowed people to buy products from China without having to go there themselves. This was a huge step forward because, before this, you needed to physically travel to China to purchase goods. 

You can now do it from your computer. Alibaba also created Alipay, which is used as a payment system for Taobao. Affiliates make money by promoting AliExpress products.

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AliExpress Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program allows affiliates to earn revenue by referring customers to AliExpress. Affiliates can link to any product on AliExpress and receive commission for each sale.

This program is very limited, but it does offer a lot of value. You can earn up to 50% commission on sales made by your affiliates. Affiliates can withdraw commissions only through international bank transfers. There is a processing fee of $15 per transaction. 

Affiliates can withdraw only when they have accumulated at least 16 dollars. Orders are completed after 60 days from the purchase date. A customer asks for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

CJ Affiliate AliExpress Vs Self-hosted

CJ Affiliate AliExpress has the same three day referral period, but what differentiates it from self-hosted AliExpress portals is the commission. 

The affiliate program has 4% for most of the categories. You can download a spreadsheet on CJ Affiliate AliExpress with all the categories for the commission. As with self-hosted AliExpress portals, the program on CJ Affiliate AliExpress doesn’t allow promotion of hot products, and you can’t promote your website or blog.

In general, the self- hosted AliExpress affiliate program has higher commissions than the program on CJ affiliates. 

However, there are certain categories that have 4% on CJ affiliates and only 3% on Aliexpress portals. If you are planning to promote just a specific category, in some instances, the program of CJ affiliates can be a better choice.

 What Products Can You Promote?

AliExpress is a marketplace that allows people to buy products directly from China. This makes it different from other online stores because it doesn’t sell anything from the US or UK.

There are over 100 million items available on AliExpress. These items are divided into different categories, such as:

  • women’s fashion
  • men’s fashion
  • toys and babies
  • computers
  • office & security
  • consumer electronics
  • jewelry & watches
  • home 
  • pet & appliances
  • bags & shoes
  • phones & telecoms
  • home improvement & tools
  • automobiles and motorcycles
  • beauty
  • health & Hair

Home, pets, and appliances are the most popular categories on AliExpress. It has 10 sub-categories. There are many products under each category.

These range from art & scrapbook supplies to office furniture—a vast product selection that ships worldwide with new products coming online every day. It’s enough to keep any review site busy for years. You’ll have to dig deeper to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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How Does The AliExpress Affiliate Program Work?

I’d suggest you sit down for the next part because there’s some turbulence ahead. The Aliexpress affiliate program is available both inside the house and from a number of other affiliate networks. So the complete listing is as follows: 

  • AliExPress hosted
  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
  • Awin FlexOffers. 

Let’s start with the in-home AliExpress affiliate program, aka “AliExpress portals”.

Trying to register for this site was a real pain in my ass. I got redirected to different domains at various stages of the registration process. Then, once I got past the fact that it wasn’t just a sophisticated phishing scam, I came across a brick wall.

You’re asked for your email so that they can send you a confirmation code to complete your AliExpress affiliate application. Except none of it works! In fact, the ‘Next’ button doesn’t seem to have any functionality associated with it at all. It’s as useless as a paper-condom. The AliExpress portal site is also littered with grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

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Affiliate Payments

You should be careful when signing up for any affiliate programs. Make sure you read the fine print before joining. Some companies offer great commissions but terrible terms.

CJ Affiliate, on the other hand, pays “Net 30″, so they would appear to be your best option. Except there’s not a whole lot of activity around their affiliate program there: Awin is in worse shape here because it can take up to 100 days for affiliates to get paid:

There is a dedicated manager who works on the AliExpress affiliate accounts. And there might be another reason why clicks convert better with AWin. Awin also offers higher commissions than other networks.

Program Benefits

  • Commission type: Nonrecurring. 
  • Cookie duration session based. 
  • Payout threshold: 16 dollars. 
  • Affiliate software/Network: In house, FlexOffer, CJ Affiliate, Awin.
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