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We live in a digital world and rely on all the safety methods to keep ourselves protected from any online theft, which makes it significant to take care of the information listed on the medical bills, bank statements, and other financial transactions.

By Adila Zakir

Thus, paper shredders are important business appliances in the market today. They help in shredding papers with classified details of the clients and prevent the theft of sensitive information.

 Paper shredders are a major part of Banks, offices, healthcare departments, and extensively present in all the educational and financial companies to shred important documents.

 It is significant to know that document shredding is not only limited to the big companies and institutions; however, they are uniformly important for homes to provide secure shredding of critical data and information.

 There are many paper shredders in the market; however, Fellowes 62MC is the ideal option to add a layer of safety and security to your office and home.

Specifications Best micro cut shredder

It shreds 6x smaller pieces than the normal crossing, cutting method and comes with a dimension is 18.75 x 13.75 x 10.44 inches. The patented lock immobilizes the shredder for additional protection. It can shred for 7 minutes but requires 60 minutes to cool down. It is specious and the waste collector bin collects up to 5 gallons of waste.

It comes with 1-year warranty and 5 years cutter warranty. Having Casters style in-place, cutting size is 3×10 with Amps 3.5. Moreover, it is not for heavy usage but works perfectly well for personal usability.

Other specs:

  • 18.75” H x 13.75” W x 10.44” D
  • ASIN: B010E9M3KG
  • Size is 18.8″ x 13.8″ x 10.4″

The 62 MC Micro-shred by Fellows is significant for shredding credit cards and other sensitive documents. Its safety lock aspect makes it safer for children and pets in the house. With the incessantly shredding capacity of 7 minutes, you can complete minor tasks in one session. The micro-cut shredder can hold 5 gallons of waste in a pullout bin that makes it easier for waste elimination. 

Best Micro-Cut Shredder

This Fellowes micro-cut shredder can shred 10 sheets into 7/64” x 25/64 particles. The fine shredding and micro-cut provides extra protection for your private documents. This machine can shred staples, papers, and credit cards by providing an additional layer of security to your identity. One of the coolest functions of this paper shredder is the silenced operation feature, which makes it easier to work in public workspaces. The Fellowes MC 62 is the perfect alternative to keep your desk space clean and being able to make comfortable movement. The manufacturer and the brand name is the same (Fellowes) for this micro paper shredder. Its estimated weight is 20.5 pounds. However, 62MC is the model number for this best micro-cut shredder. It comprises both plastic and metal. It is available in black color. 

Micro Paper Shredder

  • This micro paper shredder can shred 70grams of paper into 3×10 micro-cut fine particles with a security level of P-4. 
  • It can shred a sheet of A4 in 2000 fine particles that are extremely safe for confidential detailed documents. 
  • The manual disables the safety locker to avoid unintended activation of the machine. 
  • The sharp blades of the machine immediately grab the paper and quietly shred it. 
  • This micro paper shredder has an energy-saving option, which automatically shuts down with minimum inactivity of 2 minutes.

Maintenance of the machine

  • Fold a small section of paper and press some shredded oil over the crease. Then continue shredding the paper.
  • Never shred 10 stiff papers in one session
  • Never fill the waste disposal bin to the top; it will make a mess while emptying it later.

Safety Measures:

  • Unplug the shredder when not in use.  
  • If the bin remains open, the machine will refuse to work.  
  • Never use flammable or aerosol products near the machine. 
  • Keep it away from children and pets
  • Keep it away from heat and water
  • Never use this machine with an extension cord
  • We cannot use this shredder with power convertible sources or transformers
  • We cannot use it to shred cards with batteries or other chips on them.
  • Always unplug or turn it off before cleaning
  • We need to connect the shredder with a properly grounded wall or voltage. 
  • Always pay attention to the overheat indicator, because the paper shredder will require time to cool down before working back again.

ConclusionBest micro cut shredder

The 62 MC is the perfect micro paper shredder for your sensitive and extremely private documents. It is the finest micro-cut shredders and makes it impossible to put the page together back again. Being well developed and having wonderful features makes it the ideal micro paper shredder for a small house and office use.

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