People who have diabetes need to know how to manage their condition. Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires lifelong treatment. There are many complications associated with diabetes.

 A person with diabetes needs to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly. This is done by taking a sample of blood and testing it for glucose level. The test results help doctors determine if insulin or other medications should be given.

Dr Leonard’s Healthcare

Dr. Leonard’s is a well-known mail order company that offers low prices and convenience. Their customers benefit by shopping online without having to go anywhere else.

There are many ways to help people living with diabetes. Socks, shoes, CBD supplements and neuropathic treatments are some of the things you can sell to help diabetics. A pain relief cream is also something you could offer as an affiliate product.

This program offers a high commission rate, but it doesn’t seem to be very popular. It seems to be more of a side business than anything else.

Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is an online program designed to treat type 2 diabetes. It consists of a set of dietary guidelines and exercises.A diet plan that helps you lose weight without medication or surgery.

You should always seek the advice of a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. This product stands out from other diabetes affiliate products because of its generous payout.

 There is no recurring commission, but you do get paid when someone buys through your link. You also get paid after a certain time period if they buy something else from you. 

Diabetic Warehouse

Diabetes doesn’t need to exist in our perfect world. In fact, if you’re a diabetic, you should probably try to avoid buying things online.

Diabetics can get their supplies at wholesale prices. Diabetes supplies are available online.Diabetic Warehouse affiliates can expect to make about $7.50 per sale.

 They offer

  •  10% commission on sales,
  •  cookie length of 30 days, 
  • solid 4% conversion rate, 
  • $75 average order size, and 
  • free creative banners .

Total Diabetes Supply Affiliate Program

Customers find brand names diabetes supplies at 20-80% off retail prices. Products include glucose test strips and monitors, lancets, insulin pumps, and more. All products come direct to customers’ doorsteps.

  • This affiliate program pays out 6% commission on every order placed by affiliates. 
  • The average order size is $70. 

There are free banners available for affiliates to use. 

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