Udemy is a leading destination online for learning and teaching. Become an affiliate partner and promote a product that creates new possibilities for people everywhere! The Udemy Affiliate program is run in Linkshare, and other affiliate networks.

As of 2022, Udemy affiliate commission rates are 10% of the class fee with a 7-day cookie. It implies that after your audience clicks the link, they have seven days to buy a course. You will lose your commission if the sale does not occur within seven days.

Why You Should Join The Udemy Affiliate Program

Choose from thousands of courses and promote Udemy content with tracking resources, including course-specific, sitewide, and custom links with advanced deep linking capabilities.

  •  Drive traffic to Udemy content using promotional assets and tools. 
  • Access creative assets and link tracking tools to add to your website or newsletter.
  • Earn money with competitive commission rates. 
  • Track performance through your network account to understand your sales.

How Long Does It Take To Start As A  Udemy Affiliate?

   The process usually takes about 3-4 Business Days.  

The History Of Udemy 

Udemy is a global marketplace for e-learning and education. Students learn new skills by studying from an extensive library of classes in 15 main categories and over 100 subcategories. Its most popular categories include web, mobile and app development, IT, software, business, marketing and personal growth. Some instructors make millions of dollars on Udemy.

Udemy for Business is an online learning platform founded by Gagan Biyanni, Oktay Cagleir, and Eren Balil in 2010. Their CEO is Gregg Coccari. They offer over 100,000 courses in 65 different languages. They have 35 million users. They have 57,000 instructors. Their stock ticker is UDMY. They charge $9.99 per course and $19.99 per month for subscriptions.

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Udemy Affiliate Program

Udemy has an affiliate program hosted by several different affiliates. Their commissions vary, but most pay out up to 15% of sales. You get paid once for each customer you send to Udemy. There is a seven-day cookie duration.

Affiliate Software/Network: 

  • Rakuten Advertising,
  • FlexOffers,
  • Impact,and 
  • Awin.

Program Benefits

 Affiliate networks usually have a commission threshold of 50 dollars. Once you reach this amount, you’ll receive your approved commissions during the next payment cycle. Affiliate networks receive payments to their bank account and Paypal account. 

Deep linking isn’t available, but  an affiliate can create a hyperlink to a specific page on a merchant’s site. Instead of using standard homepage affiliate links, an affiliate can link to a product or page that relates to their content to increase relevance and conversions. Publishers can create links to courses and pages of their choosing.

Affiliate programs provide excellent tools for tracking and reporting on your website traffic. 

  • Udemy offers great creative assets for banners and other marketing materials. 
  • Udemy also provides timely and efficient one-off banners for seasonal or special promotions. 
  • Category banners are available as well, such as promotional banners for business courses or training.

Udemy has an extensive catalog of courses. There are tens of thousands of courses available. The platform also includes many different categories and subcategories. Udemy provides courses for every interest.

Program Drawbacks

Udemy pays a low commission. Gone are the days where it paid affiliates 40-50% per sale. It has lowered its commission rate to 20%. Programs that pay less than 25% don’t grab my attention or warrant an active participation.

Udemy is a sales-driven marketplace. When the sales slow down, so do the affiliate conversions. Udemy has created an atmosphere whereby users wait for discounts before buying courses, which results in low commissions.

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Tips To Become A Successful Udemy Affiliate 

Udemy instructors have love-hate relationships with Udemy affiliate programs. An instructor gets a percentage of your course sale. Instead of getting 100%, you have to share it. With Udemy affiliates, you get more exposure and marketing efforts on your behalf, but you don’t have to pay them if there are no results.

Some instructors create Udemy courses, then decide to take matters into their own hands and become a Udemy Affiliate themselves. After all, why not make extra money by teaching online? Why not teach online and earn passive income!

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How Much Do Udemy Affiliates Make?

There is no fixed answer to what you can make as an Affiliate Marketer. Why? Because commission comes from commissions. Udemic claims to have competitive rates but it is best to expect 20%. 

The more you promote, the more you can earn. The minimum threshold you should aim for is 50$, but that can increase with right business and marketing decisions.

Udemy’s system makes it very hard to earn money by referring other students. There are many courses available but it takes time to complete them. It is not possible to earn more than $1000 per month.

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