Keto is an amazing diet plan which is a high-fat and low-carb diet plan. This wonderful diet emerged as a cure for epilepsy patients to live a ketogenic lifestyle. By taking part in the keto affiliate program, you can make a good amount of money.

From the best keto affiliate programs, you can make a great income. To get success in these keto affiliate programs, you have to be part of keto affiliate programs.

In this article on keto affiliate programs, you will find the best keto affiliate programs to help people live a ketogenic lifestyle by supplying keto products. This keto affiliate programs guide will also help you choose which keto affiliate program is best for you. So let’s get started:

1) Keto Box

Keto Box is a monthly streaming service or keto affiliate program that sends you keto meals like seven to ten reduced keto snacks at your doorstep for weight loss. Keto Box is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the patience to wait for nutritious keto snacks to aid in their high fat diet compliance.

best keto affiliate programs

It can also be difficult to find risk-reward items. Once you do discover them, you wind up splurging; however, this subscriber business sells their keto affiliate products with the option to acquire their lowest premium service only for $40.

By the way, one of the best ways to earn from affiliate programs is to start it for the top digital products.

This month on the 15th, your keto affiliate membership will be renewed. There seem to be no commitments, and you have the right to delete them at any moment. On top of it, you have access to all tools and resources.

You can earn 15% per sale if you join their referral program also called the keto affiliate program. They run their keto affiliate program using ShareASale, which provides you with beautiful graphics, text links, and statistics to assist you in advertising your business.

With an EPC of $36.72, the listing price of this keto affiliate program is $60.11. This keto affiliate program has a Performance Rank of 1000 or above, indicating that it is a highly good program with a high probability of making your income. 

When you’re a member of something like the Keto Box affiliate program, you gain access to a wealth of materials to assist you in earning the rewards of your keto affiliate program. It’s one of the best keto affiliate programs.

For people taking exogenous ketones, ketone testing is important.

Moreover, affiliates can also use social media to promote their affiliate links or blog URL of this affiliate program.

2) Keto AF

It’s what was before ketogenic medication that can help you get an additional boost during your exercise. Saturated fats, flavors, colors, or preservatives are not used in these additional items of this keto affiliate program. 

You must first register with ShareASale as an associate of this keto affiliate program to promote your affiliate links. You’ll get a portal with detailed analytics that can help you communicate clearly. 

You’ll get imaginative advertisements, category pages, and an item data feed. Keto AF affiliate is providing you with the best keto affiliate programs

This keto affiliate program was a new scheme that pays associates a 25% commission rate on all sales. You can make loads of money if you’ve had a 1,000+ Performance Rank and an EPC Profits Per Click of $11.59 or more. The better conversion rates or sales you have, the better your earning are through this keto affiliate program.

3) Keto Logic

It approaches health, nourishment, and exercise naturally. The mission of this keto affiliate program is to inform individuals about the advantages of a keto diet while also equipping them with the materials and tools they need to stick to it.

They provide an array of goods, including Ketogenic Gear, Ideas, Convenience Foods, Chocolate Bars, Samples Packs, and more. Accepting The Keto 30 Program is another option. 

This keto affiliate program helps users lose confidence and get healthier through food within only 30 days.

keto logic

All affiliate program submissions are personally evaluated, and once accepted, you’ll have accessibility to incredibly technical tools and money to support you sell more.

You’ll have been the first to know about existing innovations so they can go live on their keto affiliate website. You’ll get 20% off any sales made via your user Code as a reference associate.

If you enter their program and have a lot of followers, you’ll get extra benefits. They’re committed to assisting you in your affiliate marketing endeavors. 

Something on their affiliate program webpage can be shared with your followers and following. Affiliates will also have access to an advanced affiliate marketing gadget.

4) Keto Mojo

Keto Mojo affiliate program was founded by husbands and wives to educate people who desired a healthier way of living and want weight loss through keto products. As he reached 207 lbs, he realized things necessary to move. He and his partner began a low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic diet when he lost 47 lbs in six months.

He desired to reduce the cost of Ketone screening. They partnered with a manufacturer to develop more precise and inexpensive FDA-approved meter and diagnostic sheets.

You can earn 10% on meter kits sold using your Keto Mojo diet affiliate link if you join their global brand program. All affiliate program Keto Mojo submissions are personally approved through their Keto Mojo websites. 

You’ll gain access to a keto affiliate website with services and money to support you advertise Keto Mojo goods once you’ve been authorized. You’ll get access to attractive advertisements which you can use on your keto affiliates websites, blogs, or social networking sites.

If you’re just a fresh beginning blogger, this program isn’t for you. They only accept users with a minimum of 5,000 people groups.

You can approach this affiliate program to raise your rewards after you start earning more purchases. If you’ve any queries about just the keto diet affiliate program or require assistance in improving sales, you may call them up.

5) The Guy Gone Keto

Thom King established this keto affiliate program company. Thom was overweight till he started following a ketogenic diet. He also produced a brand of keto seasonings and published a novel with the same name.

guy gone keto

These seasonings or food products of this affiliate program were produced in response to Thom’s demand for keto-friendly tomato, spicy mayo, Blue cheese, and Thailand chili sauce. The affiliate network seems to be operated here and is powered by iDevAffiliate

With each purchase you refer through this keto affiliate program, you will receive a 10% reward per sale. For just registering, they will transfer $10 into your wallet. Transaction money is paid once a month for the preceding month, with a $50 sale/ threshold.

6) Healthful Pursuit

Wendy Vogel, a nutritional instructor and the presenter of The Keto Diet podcasts, started this keto affiliate program company called Healthful Pursuit. Healthful Pursuit affiliate includes both books and a 12-week video required training.

The Healthful Pursuit affiliate program seems to be run inside and pays out 50% on items and 35% mostly on video training courses. It stands high in the Keto affiliate programs list.  

Anyone interested in joining the keto lifestyle should visit the Healthy and nutritious Pursuit site (Healthful Pursuit) and should sign up for their affiliate program. It is an amazing experience to suggest to your targeted audience.

7) The Custom Keto Diet

The custom keto diet was an online tool that lets people design their ketogenic diet or keto affiliate program depending on their eating habits, physical fitness levels, size, mass, and desired muscle mass. Menu planning, checklists, recipes, nutritional data, and much more are provided to users through this custom keto diet affiliate program.

custom keto

Clickbank takes care of the affiliate network of the custom keto diet. With a cache distance of 60 days, it provides a 75 percent profit. Users may get diet plans tailored to their personal needs, making this a terrific service to market.

Earnings of this affiliate program are provided by cheque or direct deposit because the appropriate procurement is handled by Clickbank. Payments could also be sent weekly or monthly.

8) Keto Sports

Since carbohydrates are inadequate, the affiliate program Keto Sports assists its consumers in getting suitable fuel through its affiliate program. They began with KetoForce

The affiliate program Keto Sports rapidly discovered how keto may help the common person, so they launched their new line to include products that promote the keto diet, active lives, and medicinal use. This is among the most liked keto affiliate programs. 

The appropriate procurement of affiliate program Keto Sports is powered by Wasabi Advertising. Product photos, banner advertisements, category pages, emails, and a shop are all available to partners through Keto Sports. 

Associates can market their links as well, but these must first be authorized. Ketone goods that are suitable for everybody, not even just sportsmen, and advertising tools that are optimized. Their items aren’t simply diet aids; they’re also health supplements that boost your energy levels.

9) Perfect Keto

Affiliate program Perfect Keto, a ketogenic diet plan, was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin. Perfect Keto affiliate program offers a wide range of intuitive eating goods. The main purpose of perfect Keto also called keto perfect, is to help you live a healthier, more fulfilling life. 

perfect keto

Companies do, nevertheless, get some requirements for their partners to complete so that they can apply, such as a minimum of 5K digital media, website visitors, or website visit views. If you don’t fulfill the perfect keto affiliate program requirements, this eCommerce website may not be right for you.

10) Keto and Company

The affiliate program Keto and Company provide intuitive eating food design to help the keto friendly diet or menu be more manageable. Refersion technology is used to run the affiliate program. 

With such a 15-day cookie, Keto and Company affiliate program provides a 10% reward. I had a look at their internet and checked the things to be appealing about their affiliate commissions.

keto and company

This keto affiliate program pricing appears to be fair given the quality of the food, and also offers morning, lunch, supper, and munchies. It is an excellent firm to suggest both to new and experienced Windows users.

11) Kiss My Keto

Receive an additional 20% in rewards as a Kiss My Keto affiliate. Kiss My Keto is a company that promotes the keto diet also called a ketogenic diet. It is one of the best keto diet affiliate programs.  

We show customers how to utilize our brand in a manner that is both practical and easy for them. We believe that teaching customers when to use a thing is just as vital as selling products itself.

kiss my keto

Unless you’re new to the keto diet or have been following it for a year, we hope you’ll give Kiss My Keto a shot. We’re convinced you’ll enjoy our items as well as the helpful hints which accompany them.

12) Real Ketones

Audits on keto affiliates Make a 15% reward on anything you sell.

Extended the method of Dr. Dominic Provided by socializing with Marines, Real Ketones bodies found how effective ketones may be. 

real ketones

Using breathing apparatuses throughout their flights, he was able to eliminate their seizure problems. The Marines’ convulsions stopped while they were in a ketosis state, according to Dr. D’Agostino. 

This is fairly identical to what epileptics go through. Dr. D’Agostino mentioned the importance of ketone in working with complex diabetes mellitus and overall wellness during our conversation. 

Ketone bodies are the predominant source of energy for the brain, lungs, and structures.

13) Keto Geek

Appointed for keto affiliates Committees of 5-10% are available. Ketogeek is now on a quest to revolutionize the healthcare, culinary, and nutritional industries. 

keto geek

Our goal, using a scientific method, is to condense the most recent skill and understanding into bite-sized morsels for the general population to comprehend, while also developing food items that promote these lifestyles. 

We aren’t scared to be skeptical of ourselves and to question established ideas to make another step forward in social progress.

14) Slim T-3 Keto

Slim T-3 is a keto affiliate program UK-based. Among the most appropriate ketogenic weight medications available. The public cost of production is considerable due to the ease of absorption and fast action.

slim t 3 keto

Natural components and botanicals are included in this solution. Enzymes not only aid to start breaking down fats, and they often try to protect those additional pounds from reappearing. 

This aspect only adds to the appeal of Slim T-3 Keto supplements to prospective buyers.

15) TruBrain Affiliate Program

They’re elevated items or natural and quality supplements that can earn your site a 5-percentage-point royalty. A few of their ketogenic medicine drinks are also available for trial to see health benefits. 

It’s often a good idea to use it to promote a keto affiliate program.

TruBrain pays a 15% commission for each sale. As you can see from the list, 10-15% earnings appear to become the standard in the keto area.


It will be interesting to see if earnings decrease shortly, but as of now, enjoy the benefits of these fantastic profits.

Unfortunately, the biscuit is a letdown. 

With only 14 days to decide, your visitors’ minds will also have to be made up quite quickly so you can get paid. Although it’s not hard to move with, I’d prefer to see the monitoring cookie last at least 30 days.

16) Omni Keto

Omni Keto is a collection of Ketogenic brands offering intuitive eating items to their clients. Keto Shipped is a company that provides keto boxes. 

Reduced dishes from Keto and Partners. Ketolent and KetoOne are their two keto smoothie products. 

Their advertising program is managed through Refersion. Omni Keto provides customized links, ads, images, and precise browser plugins to their partners. 

Affiliates are free to use the graphics on their websites, blogging, newsletters, as well as other authorized messages.

Reduced low carb product lines, companies came to encourage, and generous billing rates are all efforts to support Omni Keto. Sales and memberships, especially recurring subscription services, gain profits.

17) Bullet Proof

It’s a variety of medicines and ketogenic meals designed to assist your brain, body, and central nervous function with each other to assist you to operate at your best. Bullet coffee, which began the intelligent fat fuel revolution, is their most well-known product. 

Coffee, vitamins, and MCT oil are among their keto items. The impact is responsible for their affiliate marketing. 

Bulletproof offers a range of display ads, marketing messages, and text links that are all optimized for search engines. Associates can advertise the fact that their items have been recommended by football players and doctors.

Bulletproof goods help you achieve the best results, they began the intelligent fat fueling revolution, and their cookies have a limited shelf life. It’s crucial to remember that coupon partners are not accepted into their program.

Final Words: 17 Keto Affiliate Programs

Keto affiliate programs, like Ketogenic Girl, are a good source of earning online. You have to make your blog for this affiliate program and have to do marketing of your blog. 

The description of each keto affiliate program, or ketogenic program, is very important as in this way you can compel the buyers to buy through your affiliate link URL to let you earn money. You will also get a commission per sale and make money through these affiliate programs by populating your affiliate links, even through social media.

Find out some blogging ideas.

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