Amazon affiliate programs are highly appreciated across the world. Operating in about 200 countries, amazon associates are increasing day by day.

The reason is that people are getting profit from this program. Yet there are some people who aren’t happy with the program. Because they are claiming that they didn’t receive the profit when somebody purchased a product through their affiliate link.

So folks don’t be disappointed! You are making mistakes somewhere that’s why you aren’t getting profit. 

In this article, I’ll explain to you why you aren’t getting a commission on the products and how to avoid those mistakes.

1) Personal Orders Are Placed

Purchasing things via personal referral links is a regular blunder, and as a result, you will receive no compensation. If you suggest consumers who are not linked to you, Amazon will pay you a commission.

While you’re doing it, Amazon doesn’t count it, thus you don’t get paid. Also, if members of the family use your affiliate program to buy a product, it’ll be recorded as an order, but Amazon may not consider it a fee.

It is suggested that perhaps the prospective clients you reach out to have no previous relationship with you at all. So keep in mind that the more buys you make from new or unconnected consumers, the higher your income, while the more sales you make from friends and family, the lower your income.

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2) Commissions/Earnings Are Not Available On Such Items

So because the product or item for which you generated a link is eligible for commissions, you may be getting lots of affiliate sales but no profits. Affiliate profits are not available on all main advantages or purchased on Amazon.

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Since digital products cannot be transported but can only be downloaded to the device, they aren’t eligible for commissions. The following are examples of digital goods:

Amazon has provided a comprehensive table displaying Amazon’s commission rate per category. Choose the group with the highest profit margin.

3) Incorrect Credit Card Data

In some circumstances, incorrect credit card information can result in Amazon affiliate purchases but no revenue. To address this issue and avoid it from recurring in the next, take the following steps:

  • Search for your account details in the payments area.
  • Check that your very last names, card total count number, and expiration date are all correctly written.
  • If this wasn’t the case, make sure to re-enter the accurate info such that your earnings may be seen on your internal customers.

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll be given incorrect credit card details. It is, however, a fantastic place to begin. We are just human, after all, but we’re not immune to making errors.

4) Shipment Time

As previously stated, your profits will be adjusted once your customer’s purchase has been delivered with his or her address.

Based on your client’s premises and the delivery option he or she selected, it may take some time for the result to appear on your monitor.

What is the best way to solve this issue?

  • Don’t place the orders for your family members from your location and device.

You can overcome this difficulty by requesting a family member to place an order for himself/herself at a separate destination.

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If you and your friends share an apartment, have them place an order for themselves at a different location. You’ll be able to get the profits you need that way.

Request that your friends and relatives order the things that can use their own devices rather than yours.

  • Products that have no commission. Don’t recommend such products that offer zero commission. You can see the whole list on Amazon’s official website where you can easily choose the best products that offer commission.
  • Constantly contact the product seller to know about the shipment time.
  • If you aren’t happy with Amazon affiliate marketing, the solution is straightforward: look for alternative affiliate networks that do pay commissions.

Wrap up: Amazon affiliate orders but no earnings

All these were some of the common reasons why you can’t get commission on the products. Try to avoid them. 

You will probably get a commission but if you are still facing a problem you can choose another affiliate program.

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Author: Adila Z.

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