Due to the obvious high commission rate, lack of shipping constraints, and rapid delivery, digital products are amongst the finest things to advertise as an affiliate.

In this article, I’ll go through some of the best 15 Digital Products Affiliate Marketing Programmes with which you can advertise. 

15 Affiliate Program for Digital Products

Here on the internet, there seem to be numerous affiliate programs. However, finding a decent something that benefits both you and your customer is difficult. Here are a few of the greatest I’ve come across on the internet:

1- The Qomotop

The Qomotop Official Web portal affiliate program directs users to qomotop.com, an online retailer of garden, outdoor, & home supplies. With the tangible benefit at qomotop.com, customers may take everyday life to new heights.

This program could be promoted to your audience’s householders who want to improve the performance of their houses and lifestyles. The Qomotop official website affiliate program provides the best customer convenience with fast/free shipping and applicable guarantees, Qomotop stresses the value of the consumer.

  • Home Goods with Commission qomotop.com pays a commission on each sale. The majority of products sold are among the top two or three most popular.

Publishers could also receive a 9% fee, which works out to roughly $18 per order with only an average unit price of $200.

  • Financial Stability – Qomotop offers payment security measures to ensure a secure and quick purchasing transaction.

2- Survey Sparrow

Your customers can use an omnichannel experience management solution with the Survey Sparrow affiliate program. Surveys, automation, insights, and more are all available through a single platform.

Brands like FedEx, Xerox, and Gucci rely on Survey Sparrow all around the world. The duration of such a program’s cookie is 90 days.

What Can You Get Out Of It?

You’ll give your customers access to advanced furnishings and some other garden/outdoor and household goods products by marketing the Qomotop Official Website affiliate program. Qomotop aspires to produce life-enhancing items that encourage a sense of adventure & beauty in its customers. This vendor accomplishes this goal by creating extremely detailed products that are refined until they satisfy the expectations of each consumer. 

Furthermore, every product is manufactured with environmentally safe materials to ensure that your audience has a clean & guilt-free experience. Your website visitors may relax knowing that the items they’ve purchased both seem to be durable and long-lasting.

3- 3Commas

Their site visitors can access deals specifically and algorithmic trading bot for crypto traders through the 3commas.io affiliate program. A Smart Trading terminal with a user-friendly interface is available as part of the service. 

Their toolkit enables even the most intricate non-trivial solutions to be implemented. This program has a cookie duration of 30 days.

4- Cudoo

Your audience will have access to that of an eLearning platform with over 1,000 languages and professional development programs through the Cudoo affiliate program. Cudoo believes that education seems to have the ability to improve people’s lives & empowers them. 

A 45-day cookie is included in this program.

5- Bluehost

Bluehost is a well-known and reputable web hosting provider. The nicest thing about Bluehost would be that their hosting plans include a free name and SSL. 

You can utilize this offer to get more clients. They seem to have an excellent affiliate program that pays $65 per sale. 

When you suggest additional consumers, though, this amount might rise to $125 per sale. The affiliate dashboard is functional and well-designed. 

You’ll also receive some useful marketing resources.

6- GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation platform for online businesses. It is considered to be one of the greatest in the industry. 

They have just a lot of features incorporated into one tool, which sets them apart from the competition.

GetResponse pricing options start at $15 per month, making it the most cost-effective fully – featured marketing solution available.

They give a one-time $100 bounty for each paid customer as part of the bounty program. You can get 33 percent of the plan your consumer purchases with the recurring one, but you’ll be paid so long as they remain.

7- Clickfunnels

Amongst the most popular online sales funnel builders is Clickfunnels. It’s well-known in the internet marketing field, so you won’t need much of an introduction to promote it.

Its affiliate program is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. Depending on the number of sales you offer them, the commission rate goes from 20% to 40%.

Furthermore, you will be given other products to market alongside the tool, with commissions ranging from 100% to 100%. Commissions range from 20% to 40% on Clickfunnels and upwards to 100% on other goods.

8- Nordvpn

The majority of people make use of a VPN or virtual private network. It keeps you anonymous and safer here on the internet by allowing you to join a secure network.

One tool that can assist you in this is NordVPN. It’s amongst the most useful apps on the internet.

They do offer a great affiliate program that pays to range from 30% to 100% commission.

9- Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an accounting program that is mostly used by small and medium-sized enterprises.

On this list, this is without a doubt one of the best affiliate programs. 

Each trial enrollment is worth $10, and each paid subscription is worth up to $200. This affiliate program is fantastic because the software is so inexpensive, starting at just $6 per month. 

As a result, this software’s rate of exchange would be relatively high.

10- Binance

In terms of quantity, Binance is the nation’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. It’s essentially a site for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

It has a decent affiliate program. On the trading costs that Binance generates, they give a 40% commission rate. 

As a result, when a user trades on the platform, you will receive 40% of the transaction fees that Binance earns from the user.

11- Teachable

Teachable is a web-based platform for creating and selling online courses. Entrepreneurs and content developers are the primary users of this site. 

As a result, be sure you’re targeting the right people. Their affiliate program has a preset commission rate of 30%, which grows depending on how many people you recommend to the platform. If you recommend 11-30 people per month, the commission rate is 40%, and then if you refer 31 or maybe more people per month, it is 50%.

12- Semrush

Semrush is indeed an SEO tool that can help you find keywords, spy on competitors, and discover backlinks, among other things. It’s a great tool for bloggers and online marketers.

Many bloggers and internet companies use these methods to improve their Google rankings. I periodically use these tools and therefore have found them to be pretty handy.

Semrush will pay you $0.01 for enrolling a new user, $10 if customers try the trial version, and $200 if they purchase a subscription.

A one affiliate network might provide you with a regular income if you advertise the product appropriately.

13- TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an online travel agency based in the United States. With over 463 million monthly travelers, they are amongst the largest platforms in the industry.

They have had an affiliate program that pays out at least 50% commission upon every hotel reservation. This may appear to be a lot, but it isn’t. 

They will give you half of the commissions they collect from hotel booking partners, which can vary based on the hotel.

When contrasted to other affiliate programs, TripAdvisor remains one of the best.

14- Skillshare

Professionals provide classes on Skillshare, an online learning platform. They offer classes in a variety of subjects, such as photography, business, and programming.

Skillshare, on the other hand, is not like other platforms where users pay for particular courses. Instead, buyers must pay a monthly subscription price of $13.99 to obtain access to all the courses.

You will get paid $7 for each person you introduce as an affiliate. The best thing is that even though they join up for the service, you still get $7.

15- Game Affiliate Program

Your customers will be able to play a free mobile and internet browser MMO strategy video game produced by AMT Games if they join the Battle for the Galaxy affiliate network. Battle for the Galaxy was originally produced by NinjaKiwi and featured the player-controlled building of a space outpost, as well as protecting it from other players and attacking other players’ outposts. 

Battle again for Galaxy received favorable feedback and high ratings because of its high-quality graphics and well-known gameplay paradigm, which has already proven effective in the famous smartphone game Clash of Clans.

Digital Products Affiliate Marketing Programmes

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