Unless you’re new to online advertising, I consider trying with digital goods because they’re better to market and pay you a higher transaction fee.

There are many two digital service behemoths in town: Digistore24 and Clickbank, both of which paid out over $1 billion in associate earnings that year.

I’ll compare Digistore24 with Clickbank in yesterday’s article. For internet-based product promotion, compare two associate markets. What is the superior option? Digistore24 or Clickbank? Now you can find yourself.

Digistore24 vs. ClickBank: Overview

So I can go into detail about the differences between ClickBank and Digistore24. I’d like to provide some additional context on these e-commerce platforms.

Both companies concentrate on digital items. Because then you’re employing internet advertising, digital media are likely the greatest thing to sell the product. 

You may earn the biggest royalties by marketing digital goods in a competitive marketplace with partners from all around the globe.

Now, Digistore24 is based in German and has been in business for some time, while ClickBank is headquartered in the United States and has been in business for 21 years.

Simply put, ClickBank is already operating for a looooong period, and it pays out millions of dollars in royalties to associates each year.

Each year, Digistore24 gives out around $300 million. 
Else, you can earn more with digital affiliate programmes.

The majority of ClickBank’s items are produced in the United States, whereas the majority of Digistore24’s goods are marketed in Europe. Digistore is now available in the United States. 

This necessitates a contrast to fully comprehend the differences between the two platforms.


Clickbank has been around for over 20 years, is premised in the U.s, and accepts subsidiaries from a variety of countries, primarily from North America And Europe. However, affiliates from several African countries are not accepted.

Digistore24 is an affiliate networks market german multinational that permits members from nearly any country to support ( except Nigeria ). This is the best alternative, particularly if you reside outside of the US or Europe.

Ways of Payments

Both firms will send you cash via checks or money orders, however, Digistore24 goes a step further allowing you to just get paid using Paypal, whilst Clickbank does not; that is something you should consider based on your location.

When you meet the required payment amount (for example, $10 on ClickBank), both of these platforms will reimburse you on such every week.ClickBank and Digistore generally payout on the same schedules, however, Digistore accepts more financing options.


The majority of Clickbank items offer commissions ranging from 1% to 75%, with only a handful of items whitelisting you for 90% commissions.

Digistore24 pays a higher commission, ranging from 15% to 90%. This may seem strange, however, some services are delivered on both platforms, and trying to promote the same goods in Digistore24 earns you more cash than trying to promote the same goods in Clickbank.

Timing of Cookies

Your referral link is tracked via cookies. Whenever anyone opens on your link, there’s now a good chance they won’t buy right away; but, the cookies would be placed on the user’s computer because if they plan to buy the goods later, you’ll still earn credit.

The cookie in Clickbank is active for 60 days, whereas the cookie in Digistore24 is available for six months. The duration of cookies will be compared.

This is when you will continue to receive a commission once a potential client clicks on your link — the longer the cookie lifetime, the greater.

Of course, 180 days is preferable, but 60 days is usually enough time for a consumer to make a choice, therefore 60 days is adequate.


The main difference is that ClickBank provides a far larger selection of products in numerous categories than Digistore. You can advertise roughly 100 items on Digistore, but there are over 3000 on Clickbank!

ClickBank comes out on top, but one of the most crucial aspects is the value proposition.

Clickbank has about over 10000 goods in its global market, making it the nation’s biggest digital global market. 

It provides you with a variety of options, particularly unless you’re just getting started, whereas Digistore24 only has about 1000 goods, limiting your choices.


The final element I’m considering is referencing. Would you get compensated if you suggest a buddy join an affiliate marketer like Digistore24 or ClickBank and become an accredited investor?

You will not get compensated from Clickbank. 

Years earlier, they would have a system whereby identical referrals had multiple words, and they no longer had that feature. If you recommend other individuals to do affiliate programs and sell things through Digistore24, on either hand, then get rewarded.

But keep in mind that you only get half of a percentage fee, which may not seem like much, but it is still plenty, particularly whether you’re bringing several folks or extremely successful individuals to the affiliate network. This is in favor of associate marketing strategies also you get credits for educating people about a brand.

In brief, you could make money by getting invited to become Digistore24 affiliates rather than Clickbank associates. While this would not bring you happiness, it will help you boost your affiliate income.

Digistore24’s Advantages

To use the digistore24 affiliate marketer has some advantages, including the following:

A method for managing affiliates:

The numerous processes required to manage an affiliate program make it difficult. Affiliate programs take care of these problems for you. 

By surface material, account administration, and end-to-end monitoring, digistore24 helps to simplify the affiliate procedure. For control function and customizing, users can access reports and payments alternatives.

Monitoring Sales

Digistore24’s sophisticated dashboard allows users to keep track of clicks, exposures, converts, purchases, and income at any moment. Programs may be easily optimized with this affiliate program.

Brand Recognition

By directing users to publication sites, Digistore24 promotes funds and provides an incentive for partnerships to grow. Marketers may prosper their businesses across many countries as a result of its large international influence with publications from all around the world. 

An advertising product may be exposed to an undiscovered market and a growing paradigm when a small company is engaged.

You can preserve your brand image using D24. 

You may keep your branding consistent throughout the board by submitting creative people related to the company, such as logos and graphics. In the same way that other affiliate programs work, To eliminate inconsistencies, Digistore24 allows companies to share their rules with publications.

Optimization Of ad Budget

After such a sale, advertising typically earns a fee. The connection fee is then paid. 

Digistore24 gets paid a fraction of the revenue, which varies depending on the model used by the ad. D24 does, however, provide compensation options, just as much as other affiliate programs. 

Other methods of marketing, on either hand, require a flat processing fee irrespective of whether or not the purchase is made. The variable training samples employed by Digistore24 guarantees each associate channel performs optimally.

Digistore24’s Disadvantages

Products With a Limited Supply:

The site, unlike certain other affiliate links, has a limited number of products/ services. For people that want a diverse product line, this could be a hurdle.

The System Is Improving

Although the website does a good job of making navigating simple, it might be better. Yet, it presently satisfies the fundamental requirements of consumers.

Clickbank Advantages:

A Single Affiliate ID Is Required:

When you join Clickbank, you are given a single ID. With this affiliate ID, you can advertise over 6,000 items. 

You don’t have to sign up for each product separately, which saves you a lot of time. This is one of the reasons why so many individuals prefer to promote Clickbank over other services.

Massive Commissions: 

There are no extra charges with ClickBank because of its design. This implies there is no transportation and no expenses associated with making additional goods because they are available in digitized style and could be accessed. 

Because Clickbank only offers digital things, the commissions are much larger. The majority of items in the Clickbank platform offer 30% to 70% commission, which is greater than every affiliate program. 

It isn’t unusual to make $25, $50, or $100 on each deal. It’s easy to see how this might quickly build up.

Disadvantages Of ClickBank

  • Some of the products are scam. You have to beware of such scammers otherwise you will receive a huge loss.  
  • They send no notification about sales. That clearly means you have to login every time to check for the sales. 
  • You will receive your first cheque within 60 days or sometimes it takes much time. 

Final Words

To sum up, I think ClickBank and Digistore24 are both good options. It’ll be up to you to decide which choice is the finest. 

You might wish to go with ClickBank, however, you might not be approved due to your place of origin, or the payment mechanism isn’t perfect. ClickBank, obviously, dominates in my opinion since it offers a wide range of items from which to select. 

As a result, I expect these evaluations will assist you in determining which online platform is best for you.

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