A Fiverr account can be disabled for various reasons. 

There are two kinds of disabled accounts. 

First one is Restricted and the second one is Permanently Disabled Account. 

The reasons may vary in these cases. 

But the most common reason for this is not understanding the Fiverr rules and regulations. 

Which is why it is so important to read all the terms of services of Fiverr thoroughly while creating an account. 

First let’s talk about the two kinds of Fiverr disabled accounts,

Restricted Account 

In this case, the account is temporarily disabled

But you can still have access to your account. 

Including cash withdrawal, completing ongoing orders, and reviewing order history.

But you cannot place or receive new orders, nor you can have access to your inbox messages. 

Also, seller’s Gigs will not show up on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once your account is Restricted or Temporarily disabled, you will have to wait for the trial period of 90 days just to know if your account will be restored or completely disabled. 

And in this case Fiverr’s customer support can also not help you nor can they update you on the recovery process. 

So, it’s better that you take care of it from the word go. This will help your account to be protected from these issues. 

Permanently Disabled Account

So in this case, the account is completely disabled and will not be restored.

When this happens, you can not even login to your account at all. 

The reason for this might be due to serious violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Services. 

The sellers having funds available for withdrawal will need to wait for max 90 days to withdraw their cash, as mentioned in Fiverr’s Terms of Services.

In this case Seller’s will receive an automatic email from Fiverr, that will allow them 7 days to withdraw their funds. 

And Buyers will receive a quick refund of any of their funds available on their Fiverr’s account balance.

The top reasons behind Fiverr account bans are Making multiple Fiverr’s account on the same IP address, Requesting ratings from your Buyers, Abusive behavior with your clients, Copying Gig description, Sharing your personal information with your clients, Using low-quality portfolio images, Importing fake or paid reviews, Gig favorite exchange

These are the main reasons that lead to disable or permanently delete your Fiverr’s account. 

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