What Is HCom ?

H Com 2020 is an e-commerce drop shipping course that teaches you how to start a shopify store on Shopify and how to brand your products. 

It also teaches you how to market your products online using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

This course promises to teach you everything there is to know about branding, digital, email marketing, print-on-demand and traffic generation. 

However, if you watch the video, you’ll notice that the presenter doesn’t actually show any examples of what he’s talking about. He simply tells you things that you should already know. And when you ask him questions, he gives you answers that are completely wrong. After watching this video, you might think that this course is worth buying. But after reading the reviews, you’ll see that most people who bought this course were disappointed by it.

The course claims to be newbie friendly but at that price, there are many alternatives out here that would be much less a blow on your wallet if you sign up.

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Who Created H.Com?

Alex Becker is an online marketer who sells courses. He also does some video marketing. He has over 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He mainly makes videos about selling courses.

Alex Becker is an internet marketer who uses his software to promote his courses. He gets people into his program by promoting his course. Once they sign up, he sells them more expensive products. This is known as the sales funnel.

Regardless of his sales funnel, Alexander knows his stuff and talks a lot. 

He has a great teaching style and if you like a character, you definitely won’t go wrong with his methods and his tone of voice when he’s not in his garage with his Lambos. When he’s not sitting in his garage, he’s at live events, workshops, or travelling.

Overview of HCom Course

The course teaches you how to create a Shopify store. You can start your business by selling physical or digital goods. This course promises to help you earn money from your website. However, this course does not guarantee any income. 

First Week: Website 

The first week of the course covers general mind-set topics. No specific information about dropshipping is provided.

The first week of the course was about building a website. Now we’re going to set up an online shop. In this section, we’ll learn how to create a product page, add products to our cart, and checkout.

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Week 2 eCommerce Email Marketing

This module focuses on using sales funnels and emails to send emails to get them to spend money. Done for you email scripts, triggers and of course the 6 months free Market Hero platform. It’s very convenient.

Week 3 Ad Targeting Master Class

This course teaches you how to create an effective video ad campaign using Facebook and YouTube. It also covers how to target your audience and scale your campaigns.

Week 4 Instagram Influencer Partnership

This module focuses on Instagram influencers and how to run contests to create mass brand awareness. How to work with Instagram celebrities and how to use smaller Instagram influencers. 

There are also videos on how to use Instagram for celebrities and how to handle the whole process.

Week 5 Making Addicting Offers

This week is a little misleading because it’s all about designing a store. 

Videos in this module cover getting your logo made, choosing the right color scheme, and editing your home page, as well as optimizing your product pages, creating inner store pages, and installing trust pages.

These videos are very helpful for new entrepreneurs who want to get started quickly. They show you exactly what to do and when to do it. You’ll learn everything you need to know about starting an eCommerce business in less than 10 minutes!

Week 6 Shopify 

This module teaches you how to create your first online shop using Shopify. You’ll learn about themes, products, checkout, orders, payments, shipping and more. The course covers everything you need to know to get started with Shopify.

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Week 7: Sales

This is about making money. You’ve learnt how to set up Shopify stores, find products, suppliers, so it’s time to sell and make some money. 

Alex Becker will teach you how to optimize your store for more sales. You’ll also learn how to design the checkout pages, product pages, etc. Again, this is pretty basic stuff, and you can learn all of it for free on YouTube.

Week 8 : Ads

This module covers how to advertise your online store. You will learn how to set-up your Facebook ads account, how to create ad campaigns and how to target your audience.

HCom Course Pricing

The H-com 3030 course is very costly. You would expect much more than basic content. I think this is too expensive as most of the content can easily be found free online. 

There are very few student success stories, and I don’t think it is worth investing so much money into the program.

HCom Verdict

The course is very short and does not provide enough information about how to use the product. The video quality is poor and there is no mention of who is teaching the course or what they do. The price is too high for the amount of content provided.

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