In most cases, Pirate Ship earns money from the difference in the commercial shipping rates that are official and the less official, lower price it negotiates through its partner companies. The difference could be as low in the range of a single cent which is why Pirate Ship’s Pirate Ship platform relies on significant volume of orders to generate substantial revenues.

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What is Pirate Shipping? is a no-cost, web-based shipping program that can handle all sorts of mail from packages to letters. It offers USPS postage and supplies the tools to print labels and tracking packages with the USPS. (And the fact is, the USPS doesn’t ship packages through pirate ships, though this idea makes for an interesting mascot, isn’t it?)

This seems like a good bargain, doesn’t it? If getting rid of the post office sounds like an ideal dream You’ll be glad to know there are a myriad of options similar to Pirate Ship, such as ShipStation, Easyship,, Shippo and ShippingEasy. Similar to Pirate Ship, all of these platforms provide services for every aspect of your label, postage and packaging needs.

What is it that sets Pirate Ship From the Rest?

Simply put, Pirate Ship knows all the important details that you’re unable to keep track of. It’s because the USPS offers more than 12 different kinds of shipping options, and deciding which is the most suitable for you depends on many different aspects, such as the size of your package, its weight and location. Of obviously, your individual needs Are you looking for insurance? Do you want to track your expenses? Naturally, the best option isn’t always easy to determine.

If you’re looking for a method to transport your goods at a reasonable cost, and still getting the best value for your money, Pirate Ship is the best option. Pirate Ship ensures that you’ll get the most economical option and one that will meet the other requirements.

How can Pirate Ship Keep You More Educated and organized?

Additionally, USPS offers a variety of shipping options including First Class Package, Priority Mail Cubic, Priority Mail Flat Rate and Priority Mail Flat Rate, Weight-Based Priority Mail, Priority Mail Regional Rate and much moreUSPS also offers a variety of shipping options. USPS provides multiple pricing levels. This means that pricing isn’t always straightforward. The situation seems to be always changing.

Prior to the year 2019 in the year before, the USPS offered three pricing tiers however, in the year that followed they streamlined those pricing tiers and reduced them to only two: Retail Price and Commercial Price. If you stop by the local post office to deliver an item and pay the retail price for any service you select. If you’re sending large amounts of commercial mail then you’ll pay the commercial rate, and heavily discounted price to use the service. Fortunately, Pirate Ship simplifies the cost-breakdowns even more by releasing an annual statement that includes all USPS rates for customers’ details.

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Is Pirate Ship Shipping Legit?

Pirate Ship is great for any small-scale business that wants to begin with very secure shipping. It’s also remarkable as it allows the ability to use USPS cubic pricing. This is useful for those shipping large and small objects. It is usually not accessible to businesses that are extremely small like mine.

Pirate Ship is completely legal and the site’s URL is an encrypted connection and an official security certificate. The connection to the website is secured and guarantees that all sensitive information entered on the site like card numbers and passwords are kept secure.

When you are searching for Pirate ship using search engines such as Google or Yahoo, you will see an orange tick next to the site in the results of the search to verify that the URL is secure to use.

Pirate Ship states that they respect privacy and that their customer data is used only in order to buy UPS and USPS labels. It will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

How Do Pirate Ship Get Cheaper Than USPS?

Combining the shipping capacity of the many small businesses using Pirate Ship, we’re able to find the best discount USPS offers. They could save you as much as 89%, aswell with already-negotiated UPS discounts that could reduce your costs by up to 86 percent.

One of the major facets of Pirate Ship’s model of business is that they There are no markups or fees higher than those of USPS in the process of passing on the lowest-priced commercial shipping rates, at a discount provided from the USPS. So are you saying that Pirate Ship more affordable than the USPS? A little bit. That’s because Pirate Ship makes sure that shipping isn’t higher than lowest price offered by the USPS — and also allows regular customers of the retail store to get access to the more affordable commercial rates.

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Is The Pirate Ship Dying the USPS?

If Pirate Ship is contributing to USPS the financial woes of USPS is a clear “no.” It is possible to be thinking, if Pirate Ship doesn’t charge markups and isn’t charging markups, how does it stay on the right track? In reality, we earn our profits just like other software for shipping through our relationship in partnership with USPS,” Pirate Ship declares in its site. “The major differentiator between our company and rivals is that we’ve employed innovative methods to create an efficient business that is capable of running on the profits from our partnership which means we don’t have to bill clients nickels or dimes just like other companies.”

Is the pirate Ship free to Use?

As an independent shipping service provider for the US Postal Service(r) and UPS(r), Pirate Ship is free of charge without costs, markups or minimums.

Is Pirate Ship Cheaper Than Stamps Com?

You can try Pirate Ship. Much less expensive, and it comes with an user-friendly interface that takes absolutely no time, effort or scouring through the help manual to learn how to use.

Who owns Pirate Shipping?

“Pirate Ship leveled their playing fields for smaller online merchants and subscription boxes by offering customers the easiest means to gain access to the discounts on shipping they require to beat the competition. We wouldn’t be able to do this without Pitney Bowes,” said Cap’n Bjorn Borstelmann, the CEO Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship.

Does Pirate Ship Worth It?

Pirate Ship is a legit shipping site (despite their name!) But are they more affordable and safe to use as opposed to giants of shipping such as Post Office? Post Office and are they trustworthy? We’re able to say Pirate Ship has an upfront and transparent website that lays out their rates and makes a no-risk guarantee that if you do not like the service, there’s no need to make a commitment.

Is the Pirate Ship Reliable and Credible?

The ratings on the company’s website are generally positive. According to Trustpilot the company has an average score that is 3.4 out of five stars. This is just an average score but this is from 9 reviews. In the Get App review site, it has an overall score that is 4.9 from 5 based on nearly 800 reviews. On TrustRadius it has a score of 9.8 from 10.

Pirate Ship states on their site that their customer service team is available 24/7 and that the fastest method to reach their customer support team is through live chat. They typically respond clients within couple of minutes using this method. It works on a first come , first basis, which means that when the team is working with another client, there’s the option of leaving your email address in order that they can contact you as soon as they’re available.

What if I’m not sending Mail, but it’s expensive on Pirate Ship?

This is only the case if certain details of the shipment are different from the one that you delivered at Post Office Post Office and the label or quote you receive at Pirate Ship.

Postage costs increase dependent on the package’s weight and dimensions, as well as the distance to which it’s travelling (USPS Zone). If any of these is different, you’ll be charged an additional cost.

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Is Pirate Ship Cheaper Than Etsy?

The first thing that comes to mind for me is that Pirate Ship is a less costly option to ship packages. We reduced $12.62 when we shipped our packages using Pirate Ship vs. using Etsy shipping labels on the 9 packages we received. All of the items were costing to USPS Priority Shipping. Pirate Ship offers higher rates for certain packages, and also has a Simple Export Rate for international parcels. For many packages, it’s similar to Etsy rates, however.

The fact that you can get adjustments is nothing to have to do with the place you purchase the postage. This happens as your package moves through the mail stream. It could be due to one of two things. The one is that you’re making errors when you ship. While this can be obvious that you’ve made a mistake when weighting or measuring the parcel the majority of times it’s because you attempted to ship an item using a service that didn’t meet the requirements. One of the biggest mistakes is to use a first class packaging when the item does not meet the requirements. It must be at minimum 3/4″ thick or be rigid.

Another problem can be that the packages get not automatically scanned. Sometimes, two packages go through at the same time, giving the wrong weight. It is possible to contest the adjustments. It’s a hassle to make, and usually does not work, but certain adjustments have been taken out. (Pirateship is often able to help in this case if you’ve used these tools).

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