Types Of Keywords Every Marketer Should Know 

Keywords are extremely important since they help people find what they’re looking for online. You want to target the right types of keywords for your business. This post explains all of the different types of keywords you should be aware of.

You should use as many keywords as possible. Use them in your title, description, and content. Make sure to include them in your URL too.

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Product Keywords

Product keywords are terms related to a specific brand offering. These types of keywords include phrases that directly reference a brand’s products or services.

Brands need to have a keyword strategy for every product and service so customers and prospects can easily find them through search. For example, Nike Flex Contact.

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords are search phrases including a brand’s name or other branded terms. They may include only the brand’s name, or they may include the brand’s name along with a product type or product name. 

Examples: Nike running shoes, Nike tennis shoes, Nike sneakers, Nike football cleats, Nike basketball shoes,etc. 

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