In order to win a race participants must learn from each other. They’ll observe previous races, and try to learn the strategies they’ve employed and then take advantage of how they can apply them to their own approach. This is the same for racing in SEO an fields of internet-based marketing in which the contest is certainly stronger than other fields.

The practice of stealing backlinks from competitors is not as bad as it may sound. It’s actually an extremely effective and solid SEO technique that allows you to beat your competition. It’s clever SEO to determine the sources of their links , and then target the similar backlink providers.

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Produce better Content than your Page-Level competitors

There are two types of competitions in online competition i.e. the page-level competitors and domain-level competitors. Domain-level competitors are ones that you compete with for SERPs (search engine results pages).

It is possible that the product or service that you provide is similar to the one you offer. Your competitors on the page have websites similar to yours. Your content topic could be similar and be similar in length. It’s much easier to knock your page-level rival to the top of results from search engines than your domain-level rival

It is likely that your competition has dead links on their sites. The page to which the link was placed is no longer in existence or the URL could have changed. It’s your chance to find the links and make use of your own opportunities, but how? Find the broken pages with a lot of links within your area of expertise and modify the content (don’t modify it if you’ve got similar content).

Guest Posts are the Same as the Websites of Competitors

Guest is among the most efficient and easy methods to create high-quality backlinks. Your competitors are likely to be using the same approach. To take backlinks from another site the most effective method is to search for the guest posts of your competitors and create similar content for the websites they’ve published for. The idea behind this is that if you have guest blogs published on the site, there is a chance that you’ll be able to have your content published on the same site.

If a site links on more than its competitors, that means you are able to duplicate the link of the website to your own. If it’s a forum or blog, or an industry-specific website or any other locations where prospective customers are. It is logical to get hyperlinks from these sites.

Follow and Take Your Competitors”New Linking Opportunities

To be competitive You will need to duplicate the links of your rivals to stay ahead of the game and ensure that they’re not ahead over you. If a website has a link to your competitor’s site it is likely that they’ll also link to you, too. There are many tools to can help you identify the backlinks of your competitors that are valuable and then look over the backlink profile for patterns and potential link development.

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If you’re not sure There’s more!

Industry Citations

Find credible industry citations where other brands that are good are mentioned. You can also receive a piece of their fans who might appreciate the products you provide.

Also, you can improve the overall quality of your profile by adding more relevant backlinks from websites within your field. Your backlink profile isn’t something to ignore, since having a high-quality profile will lead to improve not just the rankings of your website but also your image.

Visibility Enhancer

Enhance visibility in all the appropriate locations (i.e. those places where your target audience and others within your target market will locate your website). The competitor you are competing with is receiving visitors and views from the sites they obtained their backlinks from.

How to define your competitors

Before you steal the backlinks of your competitors, you’ll need to first understand the people you’re competing against. If you’ve not yet discovered your competitors it’s recommended to start with research on keywords

If you truly would like to be cleverly, then you shouldn’t judge any site that is ranking higher than your site, no matter if it’s page 1 or Page 3 in the SERPs. For instance, my website is ranked at number 69 (Page 8.) for the phrase “outreach linked building based on reach,” and the competitors that are ranking ahead of me would be fascinating for me to keep track of. What to do would be take a look through their profiles of backlinks. Monitoring the Backlinks of your competitors

You only have one tool you require for this:

Link checkers that are free don’t suffice to keep track of competitor backlinks all day long. You require the complete suite. Apart from being able to monitor your and your competitors backlinks, the complete Monitor Backlinks tool lets you keep track of your competitors’ keywords rankings in conjunction with your own.

In the event that you’ve added opponents into the system (you’ll be asked to do this when you sign up for the first time) and this is where you’ll see them. If you’ve not added them yet it’s easy to add them by clicking by clicking the “+” button located at the top of the screen.

What is the competition’s advantage They don’t have?

How do they make profits from your website in terms of results from searches? Most of the time, it’s just the idea of backlinks and ideas which are a lot of backlinks. The key is that they aren’t available to be borrowed or bought. They must be earned. The good thing is that you could use your competitors’ site as a template to eventually beat them in result of a search and be the winner in the race for traffic.

First the online footprint of their website is typically too small to be of any help. They may not have enough powerful replicated links to give any kind of insight. They’ve likely received a lot of their links in the past time, if they’ve delivered an acceptable product and staying for a long time.

We Partner with Nonprofit Organizations & offer special discounts

We’ll choose an example of the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego to illustrate this. Find their backlink profile using Open Site Explorer. Two things will immediately pop out:

It seems like they’re the official sponsors for the occasion, which means they’ll get some high-quality DA 80 backlinks during the process as well. It’s possible that you won’t be able to pay the money to attend a huge 3000-person event such as that. However, you can and take part in less popular SD Half Marathon or La Jolla Marathons.

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One of the most straightforward ways for companies to gain link-building (in addition to potential sales and traffic) is by donating their products to bloggers for review. Let’s say, for instance, we’ll take a the time to look at the various websites that are currently linked with Speck Products (who makes iPhone cases, among others).

You can also use associations and Corporate sponsorships

We have previously seen what we saw how the Hard Rock Hotel sponsored the Rock n Roll Marathon. B2B companies could take similar steps.

Backlinks tell Google that your website is relevant and has high-quality content. A high percentage of referring domains indicates that people are more likely to are trusting you enough to bring their visitors to your website and make you their primary source. It’s important to keep in mind that the amount of domains that refer to your site isn’t the only thing to consider. A successful link-building strategy should be focused on obtaining high-quality links, not a large quantity of spammy or low-quality links.

In most cases backlinks aren’t going to harm your website. However, if you employ an outdated SEO method that requires building link farms or a large number of links that are not high-quality may damage your website. In the end, you could lose your ranking and Google could penalize you and remove you from search engines completely.

Before making a decision on this strategy taking into consideration the advantages and disadvantages is crucial. While there are some benefits to the stealing of backlinks from competitors but there are possible drawbacks when compared with more traditional methods for building links.

First, you must to discover the source of your competitors’ their backlinks. After that, installing an SEO instrument or competitor analysis software can be of great help. Conduct a backlink analysis of some of your competitors’ websites to find out which have links to theirs most frequently. What you’ll need to look for are trends.


The act of stealing isn’t always a negative idea, particularly when you’re just getting information that’s available to you. Begin by imitating the way your competitors do things well, then customize the method to match your brand’s voice and the offering or product.

There isn’t a universal formula for creating backlinks. In the end, it all comes down to your own unique method and fresh perspective on what the people around you may be doing. While doing this however, you must be focusing on creating great content, such as infographics, videos, blog posts, and more.That is how you’ll also be able to get organic backlinks essential for your profile on the backlinks.

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