Freelancers can find the writing work on a different platform. Freelancers who can write content in any field can take the opportunity of digital content writing.

The content writing services are more demanded by freelancers. Moreover, the buyers for the content writing services are also present in large numbers.

The writing work is divided into many categories like technical writing, blogging, article writing, etc. Many editorials, brands, and even individuals are hiring writers for their writing projects.

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This article introduces the 21 ways how to find freelance writing jobs.  

1-Cold Pitching the Buyers

It is the best possible way for those who are asking how to find freelance writing jobs. Cold pitching is contacting companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, or bloggers through Email or other networking sites. You have to locate the respective person. It is very challenging to find a specific person. Once you find them on social media sites or blogs, you can request them about a freelance writing job. Make sure that your Email or request is very formal. Add the information about how you find them as well.

2-Apply For the Freelance Writing Jobs Through a Job Board

A new freelancer can find writing jobs on different job boards. It does not require you to make an account and wait for a buyer request. Many job boards like ProBlogger, Contena, Blogging Pro, All Freelance Writing Job Boards, and Canadian Freelance Writing provide different writing jobs.

Most buyers describe the charges on the task description, so you don’t need to bid for the task. It is the best way for people who are searching for how to find freelance writing jobs.

3-Follow the Job Boards on Twitter

Many buyers look for freelancers on social sites as well. Twitter is the most authentic social site.

Freelancers can follow different pages for clients like Write-job, JJob-tweet, and whopayswriters, etc. These pages post many jobs related to content writing.

Freelancers can get this opportunity by contacting them on the post. Moreover, the writer can sell their services by directly connecting with the client and presenting a portfolio.

If the clients have any task then they will hire them.

4-Ask Family, Friends, and Relatives

If you are a writer and want to know how to find a freelance writing job, it is the best option. Ask your family members, relatives, or friends for your services.

For example, if anyone needs help in resume writing, you can provide this service and earn money.

5-Offers the Writing Job Through Your Websites

This option could be useful to people searching for how to find a freelance writing job. If you are a blogger or you are working for any blog then you can use that website to promote your writing services.

Your blog could serve the purpose of your work sample. So, buyers approaching your blog can easily take your services.

6-Contact with Other Freelancers

Many well-established freelancers also face difficulties in finding their first job. A new freelancer can take their advice and ask them to refer them to a buyer.

Freelancers can get work through a well-established freelancer as they have a lot of work. 

7-Search Writing Jobs

You can find a writing job around you. For example, if you are interested in any specific niche like dressmaking, search the related Facebook pages and ask for your writing services. 

8-Visit the Local Companies

If you are interested in any specific company like the dressmaking industry, visit the company and ask for the job. It will help you to start your writing career in your desired niche.

9-Join the Writing Jobs, Groups, on Facebook

It is the best solution for freelancers who want to know about how to find freelance writing jobs. Facebook is the most popular social media site around the world.

Many buyers use this site as a working site. They post a lot of the job in specific groups and people interested in such work react to the post. It is the easiest way for buyers and sellers to engage in such activities.

10-Take Help Through a Referral

If you have a task and you complete that in a short period. You can get more work by asking the client for a referral.

It is better to handle the task efficiently. So, the client remembers you for the coming tasks or refers you to others.

11-Join Craigslist

Many people are unsatisfied with the Craiglist. They think that this site doesn’t have good writing jobs.

But it is the best site containing a lot of clients. Craigslist offers services around the globe.

If you are searching for a writing job on craigslist, use the keyword like how to find a freelance writing job in the UK. The big countries have more budgets than the small countries, so the UK has more quality clients than the others.

12-Search the Sites on Google That Pay the Writers

Many magazines and publications hire writers for their writing jobs and pay them for their service. Nowadays, many blogs are also looking for a writer.

Some blogs can offer free writing jobs. However, some pay for their work. The writer can build their portfolio with the free tasks and then search for paid work.

Many blogs offer paid work. For example Fund for writers, Better Humans, Ranpay, Make a living writing, Reader Digest, and many more.

13-Join LinkedIn Job Board

It is the best option for freelancers. Many people are searching for how to find freelance writing jobs on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the only site where a million buyers post projects. LinkedIn facilitates the buyer and seller both for their services.

Freelancers get writing jobs by searching the available writing jobs on LinkedIn. If you don’t find any job by searching then you can post your profile and ask people working in this field for job opportunities.

14-Join Content Agency

People looking for how to find freelance writing jobs can join the content agencies. These agencies provide much better payment as well.

They have a lot of work from different niches. So, you don’t ask anyone for a writing job.

The writer can join these agencies and get paid work. Word Candy is a small content agency. However, it provides a lot of job opportunities to the writers.

15-Join Writing Directories

People searching for how to find freelance writing jobs can start their careers through it. There are many sites where you can post your resume and get paid work.

For example, ProBlogger offers a dashboard service, so create a resume and post for a writing job.


Reddit is also a very popular site for freelancers searching for how to find freelance writing jobs online. If you search Reddit for gigs related to writing, you can find a lot of gigs.

You can find potential buyers for the gigs also. Writers looking for the work must search for /r/ForHire on Reddit. This page contains many entrepreneurs and business people who are looking for writers.

You can promote your services to subreddit for writing jobs. The subreddit category /r/WritingOpportunities provides the opportunity for publication. Writers can get tasks related to publication and earn money.

17-Provide Quality Work

It is the best option for people searching for how to find freelance writing jobs. It is very tiresome and a nuisance to ask for a referral from the client again and again.

The client will never leave you if you provide quality work. It is the best option rather than looking for a new client.

The client will always prefer you if your work amazes him every time.

18-Join Quora

Quora is the social networking area where people can get the answer to their questions.  You can get a writing job by dominating Quora.

Try to connect with the people who belong to the writing field. Answer the questions of the people and try to elaborate your answer with more concepts and clarity that will impress the user.

You can offer your writing services to the user. You can promote your services on Quora by making your account as a freelancer.

At credential and highlight, provides you experience and writing sample. It will demonstrate you as more skillful and professional.

It is better to provide your area of interest and niche in the Knows about section. Once you complete your profile then search the question related to your niche. Try to answer the question and present your paid services as well.

19- Promote Your Services Through Guest Post 

A guest post on a popular site can connect you with many clients. This could be the best answer for how to find freelance writing jobs.

You can search different websites related to your interest on google. Once you get a specific website like, Write for us.

You can post your services on the website. It is better to create a potential author bio before posting your guest post and provide your experience and skills as well. 

20-Leave the Social Site and Directly Contact the Clients

The advancement in technology reduces the distances. You can connect and interact with the person present anywhere in the world.

Instead of wasting your time on social sites, you can connect with the respective people. Search the potential entrepreneur or client and directly Email your profile to the clients.

You can follow the respective person on Twitter or add to the Facebook page. Once you get access to the person, formally present your portfolio with a writing sample.

This option works best if the client has an opportunity.


Most people don’t like to write as a ghostwriter. As a ghostwriter writes for others, they never get any fame for their work.

If you’re a beginner then it will boost your career. The ghostwriter sometimes earns more than the others.

The ghostwriter can write for a different niche. A ghostwriter can work as a book writer and can sell on amazon as well.

If a writer wants to earn money, then ghostwriting is the best option.

The most important thing is you can earn money anytime as a ghostwriter. Many people hesitate to join as a ghostwriter, so there is no such competition among the writers.


This article introduces many ways to start your career as a writer. The content writing services are much preferred among the freelancers so the competition is high.

If you follow the above-mentioned points then you can easily get a freelance writing job. Many freelancing sites, agencies are available, enabling the freelancer to sell their services.

However, many beginners are unable to start their careers on these sites. Thus they can start up their career through referral or through following the above-mentioned ways.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Who works as a freelance writer?

Anyone having the writing skills can start a career as a writer. The person who enjoys writing, and has a creative sense then can start his/her career as a writer.

Don’t opt for this if you don’t like the writing or get bored with writing. Because it is very time-consuming work.

Q. How much can a freelancer earn through writing?

The freelancer earning through writing depends on the niche. Some categories are highly paid like book writing or publication.

While, some categories start paying from just $5 like resume writing, Email writing. A blogger can earn $5 to $50 per post depending on their skills and expertise. 

Q. Who hires freelancers for content writing?

Content writing is a very broad field. Many bloggers hire writers for their blogs.

Many entrepreneurs, business people, or individuals hire writers for their tasks.

Q. Is the writing job for freelancers legit?

Many freelancers earn through writing. It is legit. However, some clients are a scam. It all depends on the way you are choosing the freelancing writing job.

If you get a freelancing job through authentic freelancer sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or through the authentic client then the chances for the scam reduce.

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