Data entry is a kind of administrative job that entails inputting information into systems through different methods such as composing and audio taping. Medical, banking, marketing, and transportation are just a few of the businesses that employ data entry workers.

At Home Data Entry Jobs

Entering data work is usually performed in a workplace setting however several organizations also allow remote data entry work. Many companies also have call centers and entrance transcribing positions available. 

Numerous enrollment entering data opportunities are available. In this post, we’ll go over some of the important data entry job sites that offer staying-at-home data entry jobs. 

What Exactly Is Data Entry?

Workers in the data entry field input, review, and change digital information. Throughout working hours, several organizations require employees to capture conference records, insert actual data into spreadsheets, and convert marketing statistics into digital means.

An entering data occupation requires handling various sorts of computerized material and using tools including a keyboard to insert and modify documents. Typists, coders, transcribers, and word processors are some of the jobs available in this field.

How Much Money Can You Make From Data Entry?

There are a variety of remuneration options for jobs in this area. You can be compensated by tasks, key clicks each minute, key clicks each word, keystrokes each hour, or get paid per hour when choosing this field for earning.

 In most cases, the payout scale for entering data is determined by the speed of your typing. Stenographers seem to be more able to charge much in this field.

Data entry is not a high-paying job, hence it is doubtful that you’ll generate wealth from this type of work. You’ll be seeking low-paid work, however, you can always pursue the highest-paying positions. 

This is frequently the case for admittance entering data jobs on the internet. The mean hourly pay for a database developer, as Indeed claims, is $13.84 per hour, however, this is primarily for on-site employment.

15 At Home Data Entry Jobs

I have collected some at-home data entry jobs that pay well and have many job opportunities for you. Let’s take a look at the 15 at home data entry jobs:

1) AccuTran Global 

Instead of traditional data entry jobs, AccuTran Global mostly hires transcriptionists. Therefore, if you perform well on the organization’s application evaluations, the organisation will hire you even if you do have little transcription knowledge.

AccuTran Global pays per word and occasionally adds extra for more challenging work. The U.S, U.k., and Canada inhabitants are hired workers of this platform.

2)  Amazon Mechanical Turk Lucrative at home data entry jobs

Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) is a one-of-a-kind data entry service that allows data entry employees from all over the United States to work online.

mTurk assigns jobs on behalf of many other businesses and third-party customers to you. 

Traditional data entry positions aren’t available at Amazon’s crowdsourced business. Instead, employees can choose from a variety of modest activities to accomplish for cash on the Mechanical Turk marketplace, such as data entry.

 Although this work is generally low, it can usually be accomplished without any prior expertise.

3) Clickworker

Clickworker is a crowdfunding platform that matches registered employees with data input, writing, researching, and translation assignments. These were all typically micro jobs with pay of less than $1 per performed assignment. 

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You must complete a skills evaluation to be registered with Clickworker. Jobs can be completed at any time and from any place.

4) Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services hires independent workers for long-term contracts, so there aren’t a lot of churns. You must be enrolled with the business and provide information regarding your past data entry work to be considered for a job. 

Workers with 2-3 years’ worth of data entry knowledge and a 50-word-per-minute typing rate are sought by Axion. Contractors are compensated based on the number of pieces they produce.

5) Working Solutions

Working Solutions engages individual freelancers for data entry assignments that can be done from home. Consultants are employed both domestically and internationally. 

Workers get paid on a project-by-project basis, with invoices due every two weeks to Working Solutions. Call center and editing jobs are also available at the firm.

6) Scribie

Scribie engages freelance typists in transcribing video and audio from the comfort of their own homes. The average length of a file is less than six mins. 

Individual freelancers are paid $5-$25 hourly of sound transcribed on the Scribie website; work is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Every work is scored on a five-point system, and to keep your job as a transcriber, you must maintain a grade of 2.75 or higher.

7) SmartCrowd

SmartCrowd, previously known as VirtualBee — VirtualBee is a respectable organization that is always looking for home-based employees to conduct data entry projects for their clients online. 

They will approve your request and begin to work from home as a data entry clerk if you fulfill the qualifications. You simply log into the Virtual Bee platform and begin working on one of the many available data input jobs. 

The typical hourly wage is $5-$6. Once you hit the $30 minimum payout, you’ll get paid regularly by checks. This is the business in which you can discover easy data entry work from home but if you’re a quick and accurate typewriter.

8) Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a South Carolina-based outsource firm that offers virtual office services. The company also offers transcribing, online client service, market research, translations, and secretary services in addition to its data entry employment from homes. Independent contractors are hired for home-based work.

9) SigTrack

SigTrack is a corporation that hires seasonal data entry workers to verify voter registration information for different states. When you write in the wrong data, your payment will be reduced. 

To handle voter registrations and protest signatures, SigTrack uses crowdsourced data input employees. Once your registration is authorized, you will receive training.

 Payments are paid through PayPal on a piece-by-piece basis, with reliability adjustments.

10) Cass Information Systems

CIS is without a doubt are the best data entry firms in the US. To keep up with their tremendous growth, they’re now hiring freelance data entry workers.

To be qualified, though, you must be a permanent resident of one of a few US states. This corporation favors workers who work from home and live close to their offices.

If you are positioned far away, your odds are slim to none. The freelance members are being paid roughly $11.65 per hr. 

To get chosen, you must have a fast typing speed and good accuracy. 

11) RED Vision 

The organization has previously generated a lot of attention in the news by offering fantastic employment possibilities. Unfortunately, you can only enter this organization unless you’re a US legal resident.

Furthermore, they require you to begin with a fast typing skill and outstanding consistency. In addition, you’ll need elevated internet connectivity.

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This firm, in addition to typical data input work, frequently publishes data generation tasks on their webpage. Every data input or confirmation proposal’s total compensation is exclusively determined by the proposal’s size and complexity.

 As of 2021, there is no revenue restriction in place for this business.

12) Fiverr Recommended at home data entry jobs

 Fiverr is a renowned freelance platform in which you can promote your skills like data entry, blogging, translating, interpreting, editing software, and almost any other ability. Fiverr is a wonderful location to market your data entry talents and obtain data entry tasks if you’re seeking data input work.

13) PeoplePerHour 

Companies recruit workers for work through PeoplePerHour, an employment marketplace. Data input is one of them.

PeoplePerHour’s synthetic understanding technology links people to the best suited data-entry projects according to your description and capabilities when you’ve built your portfolio. To create a profile, you must fill out an electronic form. 

A moderator looks over every registration form and approves it after confirmation. You’ll have accessibility to a steady flow of jobs from worldwide customers after you have just been registered.


Despite the fact that it appears to be an Apple company, this is not. However, it’s already established itself as among the most reliable sources of legitimate data entry tasks for those working from home.

Just permanent American citizens are eligible to work as freelancers at this organization. They are, though, planning worldwide developments as well.

It takes just minutes to finish the joining process. To be considered, all you need is a fast typing ability and a current computer. 

Since about 2021, there is no payment barrier in place for this business. Furthermore, they currently have a large number of open projects on their site.

As a result, you should not have any problems with project accessibility.

15) Xerox Last at home data entry jobs

Xerox, a famous firm, recruits data entry, data analyst, or data entry clerk professionals on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on their recruitment site for any fresh data entry positions. 

Final words: at home data entry jobs

These were some of the best at-home data entry jobs. Besides all the above-mentioned data entry job sites you can find many job opportunities on, Upwork, Workchest, Guru, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed

Rather than depending on data entry work being your primary means of earnings, consider it as a part-time career to supplement your revenue.

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