$1000/day promise from Chain Reaction trading is amazing but is it really possible? I wrote this post about it last year and I thought that people will be aware of it but I just saw that people are still getting into Chain Reaction Trading Scam. So, I thought to write a complete and real Chain Reaction Trading Review.

Exploring the Chain Reaction Ad: A Laughable Scam

Now, let’s talk about Chain Reaction more. I came across an ad for Chain Reaction while browsing through trailers and news on Youtube, and I just had to record and share this with all of you because this situation is laughable. Do you want to make a thousand dollars today, and then a thousand dollars a day every day?

Here is how the site looks like. The name says it is an app but it is actually a website. This is the first thing to see when it comes to Chain Reaction Trading Reveiw.

Why Chain Reaction Trading is a Scam?

First, the logo looks so vague, infact it looks like a screenshot of some image as been taken after creating a logo from third class graphic designing site.

The app name is not Chain Reaction Trading; it’s name is just Chain Reaction App which does not show either it is the real Chain Reaction Trading site or something else. There is a possibility that someone created the site just with the name and posted the same video there.

Once you scroll down this is the text.

Chain Reaction Trading Review
Chain Reaction Trading Review

It says “offered by minimal Bitcoin investments”. It does not explain what is that and how to get the “huge returns”.

I scrolled down then. Here is what it looks like

chain reaction $1,000 dollars a day review
Chain reaction $1,000 dollars a day review

You can see the grammar issues and the images have also been not bothered to be aligned. If the app (by the way in the last year there was an other site of chain reaction program that was also below average quality) is giving a $100 per day to the investors then why could not they hire someone just for a few bucks (like $100 even) to create a good app or site.

No Information about the owner

There is no information about the owner of the site on the main page. Just some news and random text is placed here and there. While writing about Chain Reaction Trading avis, I first wanted to see who the owner is.

No News & Views about it

If there was a legitimate program that could make people a thousand dollars a day every day for the rest of their lives, this would be headline news. Everyone would know about it. It would be in the headlines. Earning $1,000 a day just by signing up for a program? It’s a fantasy. Can we also point out the glaring typo in the highlight? Yeah, real professional. You’re really selling the legitimacy of this.

What Does Chain Reaction Trading Offer?

In less than 24 hours, you’ll have a thousand dollars in your account, and then one thousand dollars a day for the rest of your life in just five minutes. Five minutes!

Supposedly, there’s a time limit for this program, a limited number of slots available, putting pressure on potential victims to sign up right away without thinking it through. The person behind this program is apparently Harry Fisher. A quick search for Harry Fisher exposes this as a scam. There is no Harry Fisher with the Chain Reaction trading on the internet.

Harry Fisher – it’s just stock footage of actors, repeating the same thousand-dollar-a-day claim. It proves nothing. It’s an insulting attempt at manipulation and persuasion.

Error In The Site

I clicked register now and the button did not work. Just changed it’s color.

chain reaction program

Final Words: Chain Reaction Trading Review

In conclusion, there’s not much more to say about Chain Reaction but I have added the main Review. You can google things and see by yourself how great it looks like but what is the reality. The ad of this Chain Reaction Trading Scam tells a lot about this scam.

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