Everything You Need To Know About The Fiverr Seller Levels

Fiverr has a level-based system that helps its users select a freelancer and increase their customers’ satisfaction. This article explains the New Seller, Level 1, 2, and Top Rated Seller Levels in detail. 

Fiverrs are freelancers who work on this platform, and choosing a freelancer is quite simple because of the straightforward level system. There are several reasons for it, including customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and high quality.

Before you place your first order, make sure you know how much money you want to spend, and what kind of service you need. 

You should also check if there are any other services you might need. For example, if you’re looking for a website builder, you’ll probably want to make sure that it has a drag-and-drop editor.

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What Are Seller Levels?

Your seller level is based on how many buyers you have satisfied. You should be happy if you receive 5 stars from customers. A high rating means people trust your work. This helps you get more traffic and sales.

New Seller

This is where everything starts. You start out as a new seller. We encourage you to do your best work and serve. 

Deliver your best work and service and you’ll be promoted to the next level. You can add up to seven extra services per gig.

You can withdraw up to $20,000 per offer. After 14 days, you’ll get your money back.

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Level 1 Seller

To become a Level 1 seller, you must be:

  • Active for 60 days
  • Complete 10 orders
  • Earn $400 or more
  • Maintain a 4.7 star rating over 60 days
  • Deliver a 90% response rate over 60 days
  • Score a 90% order completion over 60 days


  • Creating up to 10 active gigs 
  • Adding 4 extra services per gig
  • Creating custom offers 
  • Withdrawing your earnings after 14 days

Level 2 Seller

To get to level two, you must be 

  • an active seller for at least 120 days.  
  •  complete 50 orders (all time) 
  •  earn $2000 or more. 
  • maintain a 4.7 star rating over 60 days. 
  •  deliver a 90% response rate over 60 days. 
  •  achieve a 90% order completion percentage over 60 days.

Top Rated Seller

Top Rated Sellers are those who offer a high-quality service. They’re constantly delivering excellent service to customers. Their customers love them because they provide a great customer experience.

  • This job requires you to be active on Fiverr for at least 180 days. 
  • You must complete 100 individual orders. 
  • Your earnings must be at least $20,00. 
  • You must maintain a 4.7 star average rating over the course of your 60 day period. 
  • And finally, your response rate should be at least 90%.


  • 30 active gigs
  • 6 gig extras ($5, $10 etc)
  • 20 gig multiples (up to $10k)  
  • custom offers (up to $10K)
  • VIP customer support
  • Eligibility to feature in promotional listings 
  • Eligible for the customer success program
  • Earnings clearance: 7 days
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