It is difficult to find a person who has never heard the word “meme” as memes are a major part of social media these days. If you open a social media platform then you will surely see memes over there.

Not only social media, TV, and movies are also influenced by memes. Memes provide you with a funny way to relate to recent or popular events.

You can enjoy memes and can tag your friends in relatable ones.

However, memes are fun but at the same time, they can give you money. If you have good meme knowledge then don’t waste it in just posting memes and getting some likes, think out of the box, use your talent to make money.

You might be wondering, can you make money from memes? So let me tell you, it is possible and I will tell you how to do it. Just read this article till the end and start earning.


Before starting it, let me tell you one thing. Earning from memes is not reliable, don’t make it your full-time job, and don’t completely rely on it. Just do it if you have the talent.

So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

What Is A Meme? – Make Money With Memes

What is a meme? What are memes? What does “meme” mean? What are examples of memes? What are internet memes? What does “trolling” mean? How do you troll on the Internet? What are some good examples of trolling on the Internet that people have found funny or interesting online?

Memes are often pictures with words, but can also be videos and gifs. What people do with memes is they take images or videos that may have been created by someone else, and then they change it around into a different context.

So the creator of the meme creates it for one thing, and then other people who see this image and like it might use it in a different way.

Making Money With Memes – A Quick Note

Making money with memes isn’t really a guaranteed means to generate income digitally, compared to many gig market occupations or part-time labour. Making money with memes is a time-consuming business.

Making memes is a great method to gain a new following or commercialize a current one. It will require time and luck to implement the following business strategies. If you want money quickly, don’t rely on memes.

Furthermore, many meme-based businesses do not grow if they become popular. Getting rich with memes can be an entertaining side business or a good sort of making money, but it may be difficult to do full-time.

How Do Meme Accounts Make Money?

Meme pages are very famous on Instagram and become a good source of income but Facebook meme pages are also earning money.

Besides your Instagram page, you can also post memes on your Facebook page. Making memes can be a good source of income and you get paid for your efforts.

There are several ways to make money through meme accounts but the authentic ways are:

  • Other accounts are being sold shout outs.
  • Selling sponsored/advertisement postings on behalf of other businesses.
  • It sells its own products.
  • Inviting visitors to go to the meme page’s blog, YouTube channel, or other website.
  • Offering to other businesses

The final aspect is quite important. Some major corporations are in the practice of purchasing Instagram meme pages.

For instance, Warner Music Group paid $85 million in 2020 for IMGN Media, a corporation that effectively operated a series of large Instagram meme pages like Daquan.

In the end, having a meme page is similar to operating a tiny media corporation. You can make money from memes in a variety of ways, and if you reach a particular level, you can definitely market!

What is the fastest way to make money in memes?

Just being truthful, earning profit with memes requires time if you want them to go viral. For a YouTube channel and Instagram page, you need to acquire a million followers until you can begin earning a profit, while others, such as Zazzle and RedBubble, request you to make purchases so that you can get paid.

Protect Your Memes

Creating memes and posting them on social media is a very popular trend as many people like memes. However, one of the indicators of viral content is the number of shares. If you think of a concept and create a meme, meanwhile, don’t forget to watermark it with your social media page to prove that it belongs to you. This way, even if someone tries to copy your meme or keeps sharing it, your social network account is credited.

How To Create Profitable Memes

Many people assume that creating a meme is as simple as slapping anything together and then uploading the image to the internet. While there’s certainly some truth to this, it’s actually not an easy thing to do. In fact, there are different ways to earn from memes.

You can earn with memes by selling advertising space on your memes. This can be done by creating a website and posting the images there or selling ad space on the images themselves.

You can also earn money from memes with t-shirts if it’s an image of something that people are interested in.

1- Sell your Memes

fiverr meme

Sounds weird? I know, but you can actually sell your memes!! It is one of the simplest ways to make money from memes.

Etsy is a marketplace with millions of users worldwide. You can sell your online crafts, printable arts, and many more on Etsy.

I personally sell my memes on Etsy and earn a handsome amount. Today, competition is high in every field, such as this.

So to sell your memes and to become a top-rated seller, you will have to earn good reviews on your profile.

You can see some top meme pages on Etsy, they are earning a lot. But don’t be discouraged or think that you can’t do it. It’s hard, but not impossible. So if you can create unique memes then show your talent on Etsy.

2- Make Meme Gigs on Fiverr – Fiverr Memes

memes on fiverr

You might know about Fiverr but if you don’t then it is a platform for online earning. You can post gigs of your services on it and can earn.

You can make Fiverr meme gigs and someone will surely buy that if you have good reviews and reputation.

So I would recommend you to do it right now as this field is not so competitive on Fiverr.

In case you are good at writing then you can earn a handsome amount. Wondering how? Read How To Become A Freelance Writer Without A Degree?

3- Make Meme Page

fiverr memes

Yes! You can earn from a meme page but it is competitive as there are thousands of meme pages on every social media platform. If you have a good meme page with a lot of followers then you can earn through it by affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is just promote any company’s products or services on your page and get paid. You can also earn by selling shoutouts to other pages. Will ChatGPT replace software engineers? A Complete Guide

4- Create and Sell your Meme Account

make money with memes

Many people are doing this to make money from memes. It is easy to get followers on a meme account as memes attract people.

So just make an account, post good memes, and gain followers. If you are thinking, how will you gain followers then let me tell you some quick ways to do it.

How to Gain Followers

  1. Firstly, you will have to create a good account with a great bio and profile picture.
  2. The second thing is, post your own content with high-quality images and use related hashtags in your posts.
  3. Search for other meme pages and send requests to their followers.

In this way, you will get your targeted audience in a very short time.

5- Make a Meme Channel on YouTube

make money meme

I was just scrolling through YouTube and I found this strange niche for you guys. Making a meme channel is just like a funny video channel and you know, how much people like those channels. 

So it is a good option for you as you can earn a lot from it. There are only a few meme channels on YouTube, so it means LESS competition!

Just go for it right now.

6- Make a Meme Game

earn with memes

Interesting? Obviously!

It is not a bad idea to create a meme game and it would not be difficult for you if you are creative in making memes.

Memes are high in demand on social media so it would be pretty fun to convert it into a game, people will surely like this new concept.


If you want to make money in less time then this option is not good for you, as it takes time for an app to rank on the top of searches.

7- Post your Memes on

making money meme

It is pretty simple to earn from picture inches as all you have to do is just make a meme and post it, you will get money according to the number of views on your meme.

Picturepunches place an advertisement under every meme and when anyone will see your meme, they will surely see that ad, so you will get paid by contributors.

You can earn even $500 through picture inches if you are an expert.

8- Meme Templates

can you make money from memes

Meme template is a thing that every memer needs, so you can make them. Just create a website and post meme templates over there and tell some memers about your website by messaging them.

You will earn according to the amount of traffic on your website.

9. Open A Meme Etsy Shop

make money memes

Open an Etsy shop. Get ready to be the coolest ideas and sell via your memes. You can sell a lot of things like memes and picture frames on Etsy. People are making money with memes and Etsy is the best place to sell and make money. Open an Etsy shop and get started today! Open a meme Etsy shop and sell all your memes products forever.

If you love using Etsy then you should also read How To Sell Clothes On eBay

10. Build An Instagram Meme Page

fiverr memess

The days of creating memes and waiting for them to go viral are over. Build an Instagram meme page and watch the likes come in as your audience shares your content with their friends! It’s much easier than you might think, and we’ll show you how you can do it today.

Instagram has become a great tool for sharing memories so sell your memes on Instagram and start earning money.

If you love using Instagram then there is a lot I need to tell you! Start with How To Make Money On Instagram With ClickBank? $5470/Mo

11. Make A Meme-Based Game

Earn money with memes by making a game based on a popular meme! Make A Meme-Based Game is a perfect opportunity to turn your favorite jokes into something great.

12. Funnel Traffic To A Blog

Before the internet, television was the only way to drive traffic but now you can use memes to drive traffic to your blog and get sales.

Earn with memes by making a blog or website with your meme. Funnel traffic to memes is a great way to make money with social media.

Using internet memes is one of the greatest ways to earn with social media using Funnel Traffic To A Blog.

Using Funnel Traffic To A Blog, you can make lots of money on any blog or webpage that you have or would create after reading this post. Start a blog just from $0.99!

13. Design memes for a POD business

Earn with memes by designing memes for POD business. Design memes for people who are tired of their day jobs.

A bit off-topic but you definitely need to know Why Mothers Should Work & Live Confidently

Design memes for POD business is an easier way to earn money online without needing technical skills, marketing skills, or even writing skills! Whether you are looking to make a few extra bucks on the side or replace your current income Design memes for a POD business bring in good money.

14. Create Memes For Brands

The internet is filled with memes. Memes are everywhere, especially on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. Create your own meme to get paid money by brands.

Are you good at creating funny memes? Create a meme for the brand of your choice and get paid! Brands will give you ads to place on your place where you advertise your memes and have an audience.

15. Sell On POD Stores

You can sell your memes in POD stores. These stores are some of the most lucrative places to sell your memes online and get clients for them.

16. Sell your memes on Zazzle

Would you like your memes to appear on a variety of items such as phone covers, mousepads, t-shirts, and mugs? You can do it using Zazzle!

Zazzle is a print-on-demand service that allows you to create and sell t-shirts and other personalized items. You can make money from memes by advertising them on other items.

Zazzle has the advantage of fulfilling purchases and handling customer support queries for you.

You may customize over 1,500 new items with your graphics, allowing you to truly broaden your meme business. You receive a royalty on every order, so you can select your own profits for your orders anywhere from 5% to 99 percent.

If you want to establish your own meme business, check out Zazzle. It is one of the good ways to make money.

17. Sell your memes onRedbubble

Redbubble is an online marketplace where you can put your memes on a number of products. Redbubble is pretty good if you’re seeking something simple where you don’t have to bother regarding putting memes on items yourself.

The website makes it very simple to market items. Simply put, you submit your memes, and when someone buys one, Redbubble prints it and takes care of the rest, including shipping.

Your memes can be printed on request on a wide selection of things, including phone covers, t-shirts, mugs.

Redbubble also gives you a lot of control over your earnings. The website does not collect a percentage of your orders as royalty. However, Redbubble has fixed pricing for every item, which is essentially the cost of printing and selling your goods on the platform. Then, as your designer profit, you may establish your own fee per order. It’s set at 20 percent by the standard. The compensation percentage, though, can be altered. The artist profit Plus the regular price equals the total selling cost billed to the buyer.

These are some of the characteristics that distinguish it from other platforms such as Redbubble.

18. Sell memes on CafePress

CafePress is another option to consider if you want to make money from memes. This is yet another print-on-demand platform where your memes can be printed on a variety of items such as notebooks, calendars, and t-shirts.

The firm takes care of everything, making it simple to market your memes. On product sales, you can also specify your own surcharges (profit margins).

19. Sell your memes with Society6

Last but not least, there’s Society6. If you want to make money with memes, this website is another alternative.

You may submit your memes to the platform and offer them on a variety of merchandise such as phone covers and art prints.

You’ll get paid 10% on every order, plus you can charge more than 10% for art prints, canvas prints, and framed prints.

You can even use an associate program to earn an additional 10% on orders that you recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions: MAKE MONEY WITH MEMES

Are Memes Copyrighted?

Recently, a meme called “Disaster Girl” was taken down from the website Quickmeme after an author claimed copyright. Here’s our article on it. This got us thinking…are memes copyrighted? Are they legal to use? Is it okay to meme without getting sued?

Most of the memes are copyrighted but some of them are white label and you can buy their copyrights.

How Much Do Meme Page Admins Make?

$2–$12 per 1000 clicks depends on what is the niche of memes and what is the region of the target audience.

Do Instagram memes get paid?

You can generate income with an Instagram page with a million followers. Commercial posts, sales, and affiliate marketing are all options for getting profit with an Insta memes account. You’ll require a big Instagram account with a large following to be competitive in any of these endeavors.

How Do Meme Accounts Make Money?

Meme accounts on Instagram and Twitter have been increasing in number rapidly since 2016, brands hire meme agencies for promotion.

Can I Earn Passive Income With Memes?

Brands hire meme agencies for promotion or you can place ads on your memes account to earn passive income.


As I explained earlier, you can’t make it your full-time job as it is not reliable. But if you have the talent then there is nothing wrong with doing this.

So turn your talent into an income source and try the ways I explained above.

Best of luck and I wish nothing but your success!

Author: Adila Z.

Google & Hubspot certified professional copywriter with a specialization in blogging and copywriting writing. Being the owner of 6 websites and 1 digital marketing agency, her expertise in online entrepreneurship is second to none.

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