In the olden days, working as a nurse from home might have seemed like an unattainable wish. Work-from-home nursing employment is more common than ever before, thanks to advances in technology and the increased acceptability of virtual work in many sectors, as well as the disease outbreak highlighting the critical relevance of healthcare jobs.

remote nursing jobs

Patients can get phone support, counseling, and follow-up from remote nurses, who can also help with casework and recruitment. Patients who are older or unwell, as well as those who live in rural locations very far from health centers, can benefit from the services of remote nurses.

The plurality of remote nursing jobs on FlexJobs combine remote travel and work, and some may have specific geographic restrictions.


Anthem, Inc. is the state’s leading for-profit controlled healthcare organization, serving one out of every nine Americans. Anthem, Inc. and its related organizations provide services and goods to approximately 73 million clients across the United States, allowing them to obtain the healthcare they require to live a healthier lifestyle.

Remote nursing jobs that have recently become available on their site:

  • Program for Clinical Excellence. Managing Director.
  • Case of the Manager I/II. Telephonic Long-Term Support Service (LTSS). RN and Clinician Coordinator

2) Healthfirst

Healthfirst is a nonprofit healthcare organization that was established in 1993. Healthfirst has been one of New York’s fastest-growing healthcare plans, with almost 3,500 staff and 25,000 care providers serving over 1 million customers across Long Island and New York City. They are offering remote nursing jobs with attractive salaries.

Work-from-home nursing jobs opportunities that have recently become available:

  • RN, LPN, Case Manager, Utilization Monitoring
  • Manager of Pediatrics.

3) UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is a global leader in strengthening the health system and assisting customers in living better lives, delivering benefits products and healthcare coverage to customers and consumers around the world. Several people are getting benefits from their site that offers remote nursing jobs. It has clientele in all 50 states as well as 125 different countries.

Work-at-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Prior Authorization from a Registered Nurse is required.
  • Manager of Discharged Care Licensed to practice nursing.
  • Registered over the phone. Case Manager for Nurses.

4) Walden University

Walden University, situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was founded in 1970 and is an authorized online university that offers remote nursing jobs.

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Psychology, counseling, social service, and community health, as well as public sector, education, technologies, management, nursing, public health, and policymaking, are all available at Walden University.

Remote nursing jobs opportunities that they are offering recently on their careers page:

  • Contributing Faculty — Registered Nurse with a Bachelor degree in Nursing.
  • Faculty – Masters of Science Nursing CBE Program, College of Nursing
  • Clinical Teacher – Nurse Practitioner with a Master’s degree in Nursing.

5) Aetna

Aetna, including some of the nation’s leading health coverage organizations, provides over 50 million network members with a broad range of health insurance products and services, including medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry, behavioral health, disabilities, and universal life plans. In all 50 states, Aetna provides coverage to both individuals and groups. Thus they allow remote nursing jobs from home.

Work-at-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Nursing Case Manager
  • Clinical Strategist with a Master’s Degree.
  • The Nurse Assistant.

6) CVS Health

CVS Health is a very important healthcare firm and the biggest source of health services and medicines in the United States, with over 1 billion prescriptions filled each year. CVS Health provides an estimated 5 million clients every day through its CVS Specialist, CVS Pharmacist, CVS MinuteClinic, and CVS Caremark stores.

Remote nursing jobs opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Licensed to practice nursing.
  • Registered Nurse – RN – PAH Educator.

7) Humana

Humana is a top healthcare firm that provides a wide range of health, fitness, and insurance goods & services to help people live healthier lives. Humana, which was founded in 1961, presently has more than 13.8 million professional members in the United States. Most of the members are doing remote nursing jobs on their platforms.

Work-from-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Care Manager for Registered Nurses.
  • Nurse in charge of utilization management.
  • Telephonic Nurse 2 and Care Manager

8) EK Health Services

Employers, health insurers, governmental agencies, municipalities, or third-party administrators can all benefit from EK Health Care services’ national workers’ compensation health management systems. Case management, utilization and peer assessment, hospital bill managers, Medicaid set-aside, and health care provider network strategies are just a few of the services available. Besides all these they have many remote nursing jobs for medical staff.  

Work-from-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Consultant for Legal Nurses.
  • Nurse Specialist for Bill Review
  • Nurse in charge of triage.

9) North American Partners in Anesthesia – NAPA

North American Partners in Anesthesia has been providing anesthesia management solutions since 1986. NAPA works with hospitals, surgical centers, and physicians around the country to help them improve projects, patients and doctor comfort, operating room efficiencies, and profitability.

Remote nursing jobs opportunities that have recently become available:

  • West Region’s Top Nurse
  • RN – Quality Assurance

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10) Oscar Health Insurance

Oscar Health Insurance is a health insurance company that uses technology, style, and information to change the healthcare business by creating patient-centered healthcare insurance solutions. Oscar Health Insurance provides customized personal, family, and corporate plans, remote nursing jobs as well as Medicare Advantage.

Work-from-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Nurse Practitioner specializing in primary care.

11) Vatica Health

Vatica Health is a healthcare technology firm that offers a system that includes upcoming risk adjustment, quality care, and coding reliability. Vatica Health brings together the application of information, reduces administrative and technological costs, offers compliant medical record systems, and improves member and provider involvement.

Work-from-home nursing opportunities that have recently become available:

  • Clinical Consultant and Registered Nurse.

5 Common Remote Nursing Jobs from Home

1) Clinical Coder

Clinical coders have licensed nurses who analyze clinical data, assign adequate and effective codes, and do documents. In most cases, ICD or HCPCS coding is required. Their average salary is $50,251.

2) Nurse Case Manager

Nursing case administrators’ responsibilities may include ensuring that patients have access to health care, performing health assessments, and organizing and executing healthcare programs. This position necessitates the possession of a nursing license. The average salary is $71,268.

3) Utilization Review Nurse

Examining the usage Nurses will check to see if a patient’s therapies are covered by their insurance. They aid in the determination of medical needs, degree of caring, and staying length. It is necessary that you have a bachelor’s degree. The average salary is $69,394.

4) Nurse Auditor

Nurse auditors who work from homes examine financial reports for hospitals, institutions, clinics, and insurance organizations. They double-check for accuracy and adherence to government guidelines. Experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) is frequently required. The average salary may be more than $65,454.

5) Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are doctors who have completed additional training in diagnosing and treating patients. Such individuals are qualified to diagnose ailments and administer medications in addition to holding a professional nursing license. You can make up to $93,495. 

Is It Possible To Do Nursing Jobs From Home?

The big picture is frequently supported by remote nurse locations.

A remote staff member, for example, coordinates the complete healthcare picture over several numbers of patients, whereas a hospitalized nurse is concentrated on specific care for a few sick people. 

Handling references, managing financial concerns, and diagnosing symptoms are all examples of this, and none of these necessitate hands-on treatment.

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Many nurses work in areas like chart review and data types where involving patients is minimal or non – existent. Nursing is growing beyond its conventional functions of direct patient care to include a broader range of responsibilities that aid in the recovery of patients.

What Work Can Nurses Do From Home?

Patient data can now be accessed from anywhere on the planet thanks to the development of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Instead of being bound to a certain place with paper charts, healthcare practitioners may now just log in to a sensitive and examine the papers online, giving them more freedom and traveling flexibility.

The rising need for services outside of the hospital is driving the expansion of remote nursing possibilities. Patients return home, medical expenses are paid, but the need for follow-up treatment becomes apparent.

Nurses support this ongoing cycle of care by working in these positions, most of which are not location-dependent. 

As the treatment regimen expands and evolves, we’re witnessing an increase in demand for remote medical service and telemedicine services to lower barriers to treatment for the old and low-income patients, and to fulfill the rising desire for a new area of on-demand, continuous employment. 

Nurses are well-suited to these positions due to their extensive education and practical experience.

Final Words 

Nurses are responsible for a comprehensive spectrum of tasks, including treatments, advising, and psychological assistance. They assist in diagnosis, add treatment, and documentation, and medical information.

Lastly, look for remote nursing jobs on employment forums. You can find work-from-home opportunities on many of these major employment sites or you can go to a site dedicated to them.

You’ll probably be likely to locate a position that incorporates your nursing talents yet also enables you to work remotely.

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