Web Server

A server is a high technique machine from which we can easily have access to information.

It is connected to the browser through a trans-coder. Each web server has a distinctive IP address.

 It also prevents hackers from accessing data present in the device or on the site. The webserver aims to store, process, and deliver web pages.

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 It is static content that includes documents, images, tests, style sheets, etc. It also supports SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol )And FTP(File Transfer Protocol)for email, file transfer, and storage.

 If you write the name of a specific URL, it will search, collect, and deliver information from the internet. All the activities will be projected within a few seconds.

I. Types of web servers

01. File Server

A file server is a storage device to store files. It is designed to store files on the network.

02. Database Server

It is a device to process database queries.

03. Print Server

It shares the printer with multiple computers on the network.

II. Web hosting:

Web hosting is a company offering web hosting services. A web host can sell or rent the server machine. It also certifies that the machine is working smoothly. 

It is related to software that is able to work on a computer but on a larger scale. It is the type of Internet hosting service which allows individuals and organizations to access their website through the World Wide Web. 

When a hosting provider grants space on a webserver to store its file they are hosting a website. It makes the files that contain a website( code, images, etc). 

Every website is hosted on a server. The main types of hosting are shared, dedicated, VPS, and reseller.

III. Types of Web Hosting

1. Shared host

It is a web hosting environment that allows multiple websites to share. Usually, it is very cost-effective for hosting in businesses.

2.  Dedicated host

 In this type, the single client has access to the private server. The client has access to the server.

3. Free host

Free hosting allows hosting a limited set of websites. It comes with limited storage space.

IV. How to Differentiate  Web Server and Web Host?

Some people often get confused between these terms.

Web ServerWeb Host
A computer usually running websitesIt is the process of using a server for hosting a website.
Provides service to computers and other networksIt allows organizations or individuals to make websites that can be accessed through www.
It stores web server software.It takes care of the internal setup.
It is used to host websites.It makes websites easily accessible using the internet.

V. Are web server and web host similar in meaning?

  • They are not the same. Each term has a different meaning. The difference between server and host is to secure you and never get it wrong again. 
  • To understand the clear difference between the web server and web host there is validity: Web server is a device that runs a website whereas a web host makes those websites accessible to the user. 
  • On the internet, the Web server provides services to other devices. On the contrary, web servers allow businesses to run their websites online.
  •  The main function of a web server is storing and processing. The difference between them is also made use of many other networks.


Both the web server and web host have different functions and must be identified separately.On one hand the web server provides service to computers and aids in running websites while on the other hand web host makes websites accessible and hosts websites.

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