Fiverr Profile Picture Size & Rules

Fiverr Profile Picture Size should be a minimum of 250 by 250 and it should be clear and should not be copyrighted anywhere.

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Your profile is the way you present yourself to people. It shows how professional you are. All your freelancing work is based on trust.

If you provide bogus, incorrect, or deceiving data in your profile then your account might get banned. So your profile picture and all other information that you provide in your profile should be accurate and correct.

Importance of A Profile Picture

The importance of a perfect profile picture is more than any other profile information. Keep in mind that when clients visit your profile then, first of all, they judge your profile picture and if your profile picture isn’t professional then it will create a negative impact on them. 

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A great profile picture increases your chances of being selected for a highly desired project. While uploading your Fiverr profile picture, take care of the Fiverr profile picture size which should be 1:1 and the best bet is 250 by 250 Pixels.

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Your profile picture is your personal brand. Using a professional profile picture increases the chances of getting work quickly. Most of the people who don’t know about these things use their simple pictures as profile pictures and thus, fewer clients contact them.

So it is very important to use a professional and attractive profile picture. 

Which Kind of Profile Picture Should be Used? Fiverr Profile Picture Size

First of all, your profile picture should be genuine. You should use your own profile picture because if other people’s profile picture is uploaded then it might get removed from your profile on Fiverr. 

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Profile picture makes the first impression. Your profile picture should represent your work like if you are an animator then you can upload a picture with little animations on it, if you work as a medical adviser then you should upload your profile picture in the doctor’s uniform.

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Rules for Uploading Profile Picture on Fiverr – Fiverr Profile Picture Size & Rules

There are not verified rules of uploading profile pictures on Fiverr. However, you should follow these rules for uploading a perfect profile picture:

• Never upload a profile picture that you don’t have the copyrights for. 

• Try not to use any “Fiverr” badges in the profile pictures

• Your profile picture should be according to your work. 

• Your profile picture should not be taken from any website. 

• Don’t write any irrelevant text on your profile picture.

• Use a simple background for your profile picture. 

• Upload a professional profile picture.

• Your profile picture should not include any product which represents a specific company. 

• If you don’t want to use your own profile picture then you can use a logo representing your account name, your work, or a cartoon of yourself.


Using a real face rather than a logo or cartoon profile picture makes your clients realize that they are dealing with a real person and not with a stranger. 

How should be the background?

The background of a profile picture plays an important role to make it look good. The background should be simple and any product which represents a specific religion or company should not be present in the image background. 

The main focus of the profile picture should be your face. If multiple things are present in the background then it can take the focus off which makes your profile picture worse. So, you should use a simple or flat colored background. 

Final words – Fiverr Profile Picture Size & Rules

A good profile picture has multiple abilities and don’t forget to have the right Fiverr Profile Picture Size & follow the rules. If you want to attract clients or hire someone easily then using a professional work-related profile picture will help you a lot. This kind of profile picture is also helpful to build the trust of others in you. Follow the above rules for making such profile pictures. 

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