Look, if you don’t know Fiverr low competition gigs then you are not gonna make a huge and instant success on the platform.

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1. Short Story Writing

It is one of the high selling and low competitive gigs. Because it does not have much competition so there are more chances of excelling if you opt for this. You can write short stories of any genre from romantic to horror, depending upon interests and creativity.

If you can write a great Fiverr title then you will get fast orders.

2. Tutorial Video making and Editing

In this gig, you can create and make different video tutorials that are easy to follow. Nowadays, people prefer watching tutorials for doing stuff easily rather than reading and searching on different sites.

One more thing Fiverr is not enough to work and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need to diversify your business in the low competition niches. These tutorials can be as short as a 30 seconds video or as long as a 5 minutes video.

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3. Professional Certificate Design

This is one of the easiest Fiverr gigs.

It is also among the low competitive gigs on Fiverr as not too many are offering this. But there is a good scope of this gig as there are many small businesses around the globe which are offering professional training and certification, so they all need a professional certificate designer.

4. Infographic

In today’s world, the flow of information is mostly through visual representation as it is easy to understand because people do not like things written in blue and black. For this purpose, the visual representation must be eye-catching and appealing. 

For this one can select any kind of infographics and start selling including Instagram infographics, business infographics, infographic design, infographic video, product infographics, amazon infographics, and infographic gifs, etc.

5. Restaurant Menu Design

It is one of the growing gigs on Fiverr as there is a huge demand for this because, nowadays, restaurants prefer a digital menu design that can easily be scanned rather than manually giving it to the customers. In this, you can design food menu design, food menu, restaurant flyer, menu board, menu card, and flyer design, etc.

6. Invitation Card designs

In today’s world, as the population is growing so is the number of opportunities for celebration .people today celebrate everything they have i.e., birthdays, bachelor parties, marriages, business showers, baby showers, etc. and whatnot, so there is a huge demand for digital invitation cards as it saves time and transportation cost. So, one can earn a handsome amount through this.

7. News Article Writing

This is a great option if you are into writing or in journalism as everyone wants to stay updated in today’s busy world, it is important to provide them with important information, presented in a catchy way. For this, you can work as an article writing, news writer, press release, news writing, google news, and Forbes, etc.

8. Wikipedia Writer

This is a very good low competitive gig with only 82 gigs with this keyword where you can write according to the requirement on Wikipedia and earn as much as you can. Here you can work as a Wikipedia writer, Wikipedia backlink, Wikipedia SEO, etc.

9. Draw me as Anime

With people growing interested in anime, people are showing too much love for this feature where they are willing to pay big amounts for drawing their photos as anime. But this requires quite good drawing skills, which if you have, you can excel. The keywords you can use are: anime my Photo, draw my anime, draw me as anime, anime me in 1 day, and anime design in 24 hours, etc.

10. Web Scraping and Data Extraction

It is one of the easiest ways for earning because it does not require any fancy skills and can be done easily. Moreover, you can also use different software and tools for this where you don’t even have to work and just run the software one. You can do data scraping, web scraping, website scraping, data mining, web research, data entry, and yellow page scraping.

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11. Ghost Writing

You can work as a ghostwriter if you want to serve as a writer but keep your identity hidden. Here y0ou can write a story, journal, or anything and then sell it to a buyer for a higher price because you are giving him the right to use your intellectual work so the price you can charge can be a fair amount. 

12. Wikipedia Biography

This service has less than a hundred gigs which mean a very high chance of getting orders and very quickly. You can write a biography for your clients, companies, and businesses, etc. But it would be cherry on top if you also know SEO basics.

13. Unboxing Videos

For this purpose, the client can hand you over his product and you can just make an easy simple unboxing video. This can be in HD or 4k if you want. Here you can show your creativity by making it fun according to your client’s choice and preference.

14. Beat Making

This is also one of the very low competitive gigs with only about 300 gigs posted. In this you have to make beats, which can be very easy if you are into music or love DJ- Ying including jazz, mix, remixed, hip hop, etc.

15. Icon designing

It has less than 300 gigs, if you know the tips and tricks, you can easily design icons for different purposes that can be 4d or 3dTHis includes app icons, food icons, hand-drawn icons, website icons, flat icons, and customized icons, etc. 

16. Book Editing

The writers sometimes hire book editors to add or remove certain words, paragraphs or some story lines.This has a low competition, high demand and it is one of  the highly paid services on Fiverr.

17. T-shirt and Merchandise

You can easily get orders for this as it is a low-competition gig. And because people are launching their merchandise that can be a private business, online store, for supporting any hashtag or any cool t-shirt. In this, you can do minimalist typography, vintage, street wear clothing, retro vintage, and cartoon t-shirts. 

18. Job Description 

In this, you have to describe the job with easily understandable benefits and requirements. This does not require any rocket science, rather it is just a simple description, highlighting some important things according to your customers’ choice. 

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19. App Design 

It has a very high demand and low competition. But there is a growing trend of app design as nowadays, it is required for many purposes and almost all the businesses have their apps from online financial transactions to health and fitness, video editing, music apps, web series and there’s a long list.

20. Article to Video  

This is one of the easiest tasks so far where you just have to convert your texts into videos. For this purpose, you can even use some tools and apps where you just paste your text and it is converted into a video sometimes with voiceover.

21. Market research 

You can do market research for any product for data analysis, market Drivers, Market Trends, Market Demand, Market Restraints, Consumer Analysis, Demographics Target Audience Market Needs, and SWOT Analysis Competitor Analysis and can earn a good amount of money as it has low gigs posted. It has about 2600 gigs posted.

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22. Customer Care

You can provide this service to the buyers which just requires good communication skills and good assistance. It has less than 150 services available.

23. WhatsApp stickers

People pay for this as it is one of the selling services where you are asked to make GIFs and stickers that are used on WhatsApp. These can be cartoons, cameos, or emojis.

24. Jewelry Design

Jewelry has always been a weakness for women. For promoting businesses online it is very important to have good designs which is the reason behind businesses hiring online jewelry designers.

25. Resume Writing

In today’s busy world people hardly have time for such small tasks especially in those developed countries so they prefer paying someone a few dollars and getting their job done. It has about 500 services available.

26. LinkedIn Profiles

This is an easier way for hiring and to get hired. So people prefer professionally made LinkedIn profiles that appealingly present your CV and skills and increase your chance of getting hired. Moreover, there are less than 650 services available for this.

 27. Movie Critic

If you are a keen observer and can do a critical analysis of movies, scripts, and videos, it is best for you as there is too low competition. It will help you to an extent that businesses or individuals might hire you for a few projects or maybe permanently to improve their business and enhance growth. It has currently only 15 services available.

28. Podcast Writing

There are many YouTubers and others running podcasts on their social media platforms that do not have time to write the whole podcast so people are turning towards Fiverr and other sites to hire the podcast writers where there are only 340 services available.

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29. Scriptwriting

If you are a good storyteller or writer, you can also write scripts for plays, films, cinema, or theatres. Moreover, you can write scripts for video commercials, YouTube, comedy scripts, or short films. And there are chances of getting orders as there are 3500 gigs.

30. Dialogue Editing

You can be hired for the editing of dialogues for a play, movie, or any YouTube video, etc. This is a low competitive and high in-demand gig. And has less than a hundred services available.

 31. Remixing and mashup 

Time has changed so has music. Nowadays people prefer more remix music and mashups of songs that can be in different languages or a single language. It is also one of the newest gigs on Fiverr with as low competition as 500 gigs.

32. Online Coding Lessons

You can sell any skill online, coding is one of them. Though it is a bit technical if you know it well, you can teach it online as there is a huge number of people who are opting for this field and has less than 300 services available.

33. Drone videography

It requires you to have a drone and an interest in videography and you should know how to use the drone then you can sell your videos and sort of whatever you shoot. Most importantly, it has less than 20 services available right now on Fiverr.

34. Fashion Design

It has only as many as 350 gigs, but a big demand as people are focused on style and fashion these days so they need help In setting new trends with fashion in this you can draw sketches, 3D drawings, cloth sewing patterns, and virtual clothing having about 3700 gigs available only.

35. Dance Lessons

There are many coaches available for dance choreography but Fiverr provides their videos at cheaper rates. There are less than 300 services for this. You can easily make a choreography video of salsa, Jamaican dance, breakdance, etc, and sell it according to your desired amount of money.

Final Words: Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr

Hope you enjoyed Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr. We are adding more to it to serve you better.

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Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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