If you want to rank higher on Fiverr and want to increase your sales then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you how to optimize your Fiverr gig title. So without any time wastage let’s get straight into the topic.

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If you don’t know what gig title means then let me give you a quick definition of it.

What is Fiverr Gig Title?

Gig title is a short sentence about what you are offering in your gig.

As you know, if your gig title is optimized then you can rank higher on Fiverr. Do bear in mind that it is not a big Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor like other “So-Called” Fiverr Gurus Say!!

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It is just a description of what you offer. Your gig title is the things that decide whether a buyer should click on your gig or not only when it comes in front of them.

However, it ads to the ranking and tells Fiverr Search Engine what your gig is all about.

Now you know the importance of a gig title, so never hurry in writing that. If your gig title is well written then it will not only appear in the searches of that specific gig but also in the searches of that niche.

So now, let’s talk about some tips to have a Fiverr SEO title for your gig.

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1- URL of the Gig – Fiverr Gig Title

You might don’t know about it but a gig’s title creates an unchangeable URL. If you create that URL with some effort then it can help you a lot to rank higher on Fiverr. So you should create a catchy and memorable URL for your gig. Now you might be wondering how you can create a URL on your own, then let me tell you how you can do it.

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Suppose you are a content writer so let’s consider a general title for a content writer’s gig. Amm, let it be “I will write expertly searched 500 words in 24 hours.” Let’s have a look at its URL now, it will look like https://www.fiverr.com/username/write-expertly-searched-words

This is a common URL and 80% of Fiverr gigs have this type of common URLs. This type of URL can never help you to rank higher. So let me tell you how to use your gig title to have an optimized URL.

As we were talking about a gig of a content writer and we wrote the title as “I will write expertly searched 500 words in 24 hours”. Now, instead of making it your first title and getting a common URL, you can write it in another way to have an optimized URL. So if you want to have an optimized URL then you should write that title as “I will write research blog article content”.

I know it sounds weird, but you will write your gig title like this just to have an optimized URL, you can change it later as you want.

Now let me tell you a big benefit of writing your gig title like that. If your gig title is “I will write research blog article content” then if someone searches content research, writes an article, writes content then your gig will rank on these keywords just because of the URL you created by writing that weird title.

I am repeating here, you can change your gig title after getting your required URL because URL will not change by changing the title.

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2- Capitalization – Fiverr Gig Title

Now you might also don’t know it but Fiverr allows you to capitalize one word in your gig title. You might be thinking why would they allow us to use one capitalized word? The answer is, to bring the buyer’s focus on the MAIN point. Let’s have an example to make it more clear.


Again suppose your gig title is “I will write expertly searched 500 words in 24 hours”. Now you can capitalize EXPERTLY or WORDS on this to make it look more professional.

Now let’s move to the next point.

3- Use Google Keyword Tool

If you use Google Chrome browser then you might know about it. You can search for keywords with the help of the Google Keywords Tool. Here again, let’s take an example to make things more clear. Don’t follow the wrong practices when it comes to Fiverr earning and grab this eBook to avoid Fiverr mistakes.


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Consider you are a content writer then if you search “writer” in Google keyword tool then it will give you results like writer jobs, writer team, and a lot more. So you can use those keywords in your gig title to rank higher.

4- Keywords Suggestions – Fiverr Gig Title

Google is a great place to have a lot of keywords, at this point we are going to talk about Google keyword suggestions.

If you want to know what people are actually searching about your niche then you should go to Google to find out.


Consider you are a content writer, simply write content writer in the google search tab and check out the results. Choose the most relatable one for your gig title.

5- Fiverr Keywords

You can also find some healthy keywords from the Fiverr search box. If you find keywords from Fiverr suggestions then you can hit maximum buyers. Here I am going to give you a Fiverr SEO tip to do it.


Just type two letters after the main thing and check out the results. For example, if you are a content writer then you can search “content write ab”, “content writer bb” to get your required keyword.


One thing about keywords that you should keep in mind is, NEVER OVERUSE them. If you overuse keywords then it will make your gig title unattractive, so avoid it.

Fiverr Gig Title Generator

First there is no gig title generator (as per my knowledge) and if there is any it does not worth it. Simply use your logical mind to generate.

You can get benefit of the following book if you are really into Fiverr. It works marvels as it has been written after tough research and all things have been explained in the simplest possible way.

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Final Words

If you use the tips listed above then you can grab maximum buyers for your gig. I will recommend you not to underestimate even a little thing on Fiverr, even if it is a title.

If you have more tips regarding Fiverr gig title optimization then drop them in the comment section to help others.

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