Fiverr gig description is all about constructing trustworthiness in the eyes of buyers. If your description succeeds to claim you as a reliable and credible person to do their job, you’ve done a wonderful job!!

Your Fiverr gig description is the central point that attracts the buyer to purchase more. It can make or break your gig. To create the best Fiverr gig description briefly describe your gig, add work samples, tell your expertise, narrate your experience and have a clear CTA.

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Why Fiverr Gig Description is Important? 

As you know, if your gig description is well written then you can win more projects in less time.

Sadly, most of the Fiverr gig descriptions are so poor that buyers don’t even read them till the end.

When I started working on Fiverr as a seller, I also had no idea of writing a good gig description. Then I searched a lot about it and came up with some points of writing a good gig description.

Fiverr gig description of a seller
Fiverr description of a seller

In this article, I am going to share those points one by one. So if you want to write an outstanding gig description then read this article till the end.

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Tips to Write Fiverr Gig Description 

Now, let’s check those tips which should be followed when you are writing a description for your Fiverr gig.

1- Proper Research

The first thing that you should do before writing a gig description is proper research. Search for the gigs that are related to your services.

For example, if you are providing the services to a blogger then search for the low competition gigs of bloggers and read the gig descriptions of top sellers as they use keywords perfectly which can help you a lot.

Note down the main points of their gig description and add those points in your gig description but DON’T COPY anyone’s gig description because it can create a lot of issues for you.

Even if you write the whole gig description on your own still you need to check it with some plagiarism checkers.

Copyscape is one of the best plagiarism checkers and you can check your gig here but it’s paid. If you cannot afford then contact us ([email protected]) and we will provide you with the report for Free just to help you grow.

Copyscape to write the best Fiverr gig description

If you do this all in the best way then your gig description will be unique and will surely appear on the top of searches.

2- Introduction and Bio

You can capture the buyer’s attention in the introduction of your gig. Keep your introduction short, as you can write only 1200 characters in your gig description. 

Fiverr gig description wordcount
Gig description wordcount

So there is no need to write about your age or hobbies. Just start with a “Hi” and write about your service.

Your introduction should be of 2 to 3 lines in Fiverr Gig.

And one more important thing, use simple English and don’t write complicated words as most of the buyers are non-native and they might find it hard to understand your description. Let me make it more clear through an example.

Also, go through the ways to save money in a year; you can save $10,000 after using these techniques.


Hi, do you need a unique post for your website? Congrats! You have come across the best gig.

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Looking for customized short stories?

My name is Anna and I run an online shop fully dedicated to creating personalized short stories. The thing I love the most about my service is that each story is like a work of art, carefully crafted by me in order to reflect the image, beliefs, and experiences in your life.

A while back I was struggling with what to write about because I wanted the story to be just right. So I turned to learn to write short stories and have more than a decade of experience doing it.

I will ask you multiple questions about your life in order to have a better understanding of the kind of person you are and then you will get the best story either about your life (if you want) or for your business.

3- Use Keywords

Using keywords in your gig description is of great importance. It can increase sales of your gig and if you have used the right keywords then your gig can appear at the top of searches too.

Select your keywords carefully and add only 2 to 3 keywords in your gig description.

fiverr gig description keywords research
fiverr gig description keywords research


Don’t write the same keyword again and again, try to keep a proper balance by using multiple keywords so it does go with the sentence as Keyword addition in NOT a big Fiverr Gig Ranking Factor.

See the gig description of a pro-Fiverr seller.

killer tips for fiverr gig description sampl and fiverr gig description formatting

See no keywords but this gig is ranking on the first page for a competitive term “writing”. We have discussed the secrets of Fiverr gig ranking in our book below!

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4- Add Unique Points of Your Service

Fiverr gig description unique points
Fiverr gig description unique points

This section of your gig description is a bit technical where you describe the uniqueness of your service. You can add some unique points of your service in this like:

  • Plagiarism Free Content
  • No Grammatical or Spelling Mistake
  • SEO Optimized
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • On-time Delivery
  • Excellent Communication 

You can also add your packages like starter, standard, and premium package.

5- Tell About your Requirements

If you want to remove some questions from the buyer’s mind then let them know your requirements. Tell them what you need to start the project and if the buyer has some additional requirements then provide an option of creating a custom order.

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fiverr gig description requirements


If you are a blogger and a buyer wants you to write a blog post then you can ask for the topic, post length, and targeted audience, etc.

6- Write About your Experiences

If you have experience with the service which you are offering then it’s good to mention it as buyers like to work with experienced sellers. Your experience is the thing that will make your gig stand out among others.

fiverr gig description experience
Description experience

Don’t add paragraphs about your experiences, just add a short detail.


If you are a blogger then you can write:

“I wrote thousands of blog posts for this and this company. Except this, I have my own blog page where I post my own blogs.” 

I hope you get it.

7- Write Some Benefits of Hiring You

This section of your gig description might be the most important one. You will have to tell the buyer about the benefits of hiring you.

If you are wondering what you will write in it then ask yourself, how far can you go to meet the buyer’s expectations? 

Let me give an example to make it more clear.

You might know that staying online on Fiverr can increase your chances of getting orders. So, to stay online on Fiverr, read Fiverr Autorefresh: Stay Online On Fiverr 24/7 & ALERT


You can write the following things in the benefits of hiring you:

  • I can save your time by delivering the work fast
  • I have many satisfied buyers, you can check reviews on my profile
  • I have good communication skills, you will find it comfortable talking to me

and many more.

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8- Write About your Freebies

Providing something for free can help you to get more clients. This point is only for beginners, so if you are well settled then there is no need for it.

For beginners, don’t worry about it as this is just an option. If you don’t want to do this then alright.

So now let me give some examples of it for those who want to add this in their gig description.


If you are a blogger then you can offer:

  • Free audit of the website
  • Unlimited revisions

And whatever you want to add.

9- Give a Reason to the Buyer to Hire You

Why the client will hire you? Now, this is the last question that might come in your mind. When a buyer search for a particular service, he will see a lot of gigs in the search results.

Then why he would go for your gig only? So the answer is, you will give him a reason to hire you.

If you are a beginner then you might not have any review on your profile, then only the thing that will encourage the buyer to hire you is your gig description.

Ask yourself, have you used the right keywords? Did you provide enough information? Did you add the strong points?

If the answer is yes then the buyer will surely hire you.

Want to know more about your Fiverr profile picture, read Fiverr Profile Picture Size & Rules – Must Have!!

Now, let me give you an example of some strong points for your gig description.


Again, if you are a blogger then your strong points can be:

  • I Don’t Deliver Spinned or Robotic Content
  • I Search From Authentic Sites Only
  • I Only Deliver SEO optimized content
  • I Never Compromise On The Quality Of My Work

I hope you get it.

10- What do You Offer?

At this point, you will have to write about what you actually offer. For example, if you are a blogger then you can write

  • I can provide 500 words for $5 in 24 hours
  • My content will be 100% plagiarism-free
  • I provide only creative and engaging content

Furthermore, you should add extras to your gig too.

11- Promote your Other Gigs

If you are providing multiple services then you can promote your gigs on your own. Tell the buyers if they need something related to the current gig then they can look at your other services. 


If you are providing a service of content writing and another service of copy writing then you can add about your service of copywriting in the gig of content writing

Hope you get it:)

12- Add Samples of your Previous Work

If you are a beginner then you obviously don’t have any feedback. So it’s best to utilize the option of posting samples. 

Fiverr works in simple rules and allows you to post samples of your previous work in your gig description. If you’re offering the services of a blogger then add any blog post which you wrote.


Your samples do not have to order you have completed them on Fiverr.

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13- Add FAQs

FAQs are an essential part of your gig description. If you use FAQs properly then it will help the buyer to know more about your service. 

So use them properly and try to answer some of them right there.

14- Add Call-to-Action

In the last part of your gig, encourage the buyers to buy your gig. Invite them to click the “Order Now” button.

But for this, firstly you will have to write a great description that can make them happy. You will have to gain their trust if you want them to buy your gig.

For example in call-to-action, you can write:

“If you have further questions in your mind then you can contact me. Don’t forget, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get the deal done!”

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15- Your Gig Should be Well-Presented 

Whatever you do to write a good description, but the thing that matters the most is your presentation. If your gig description is not presented in a good way then you will not have any benefit of using the previous 14 tips.

So let’s have a look at the gig presentation tricks to make your gig look awesome.

16- Sentence Length

Avoid providing explanations about anything, just write straight to the point. If you use long sentences then it will disturb the look of your description which will not leave a good impact on the buyer, try to avoid it.

17- Use Bullets

If you use bullets in your gig description then it will become easy for the buyer to read it. So use them wherever they can be used.

18- Length of Paragraph

If you use too many long paragraphs in your gig description then it will not convert better. Use only 2 to 3 sentences in one paragraph.

19- Capitalization

Capitalizing the important words can leave a good impact on the buyer. You will be shocked to know that capitalization plays a good role in the SEO of your gig.

So capitalize the important words which you want the buyer the read.

20- Use Attractive Words

You can catch the buyer’s attention by using attractive and powerful words like “100% sure, definitely” etc. These types of words can help a lot in winning the projects.

So we are done with gig presentation tricks. If you have some more tricks then add them in the comment box to help others.

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If you are looking for Fiverr gig examples then you are at the right place. In this article, you will get the best gig description samples.

21. Quote Addition

Business owners like quotations and this is what makes you stand out. This is how it should look like.

Fiverr Description Examples/Templates

For new users, it becomes a critical task to describe gigs. So to help them with this, I would simply say “briefly describe your gig”. The following templates will give you an idea of an excellent Fiverr gig description:

1. Fiverr Gig Description Template For Social Media Marketing

I’m a professional marketing manager and marketer, and I represent a group of people who will work hard to achieve the best results possible. We will help you set up and develop organic participation in your corner of the social media world.

My specialties include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also strive to provide you with the best experience possible by uploading 100% original content, operating efficiently, and providing personalized support to all of my clients.

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Our services involve, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your accounts
  • Creating high-quality photographs with your logo or website URL imprinted on them
  • Study on common hashtags
  • Increasing participation
  • Increasing brand recognition and a lot more!

Platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

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2. Gig Description Template For WordPress Developer

For the past 5 years, I’ve been a certified WordPress Developer, completing 500+ projects with satisfied clients all over the world. 

What I can do: 

  • Build WordPress Site Locations (Personal, Blog, Business Websites, etc. )
  • Transform Any Photoshop Model or Sketches Into WordPress Site
  • On-Site Seo
  • Adjust any WordPress Site and Modify Themes
  • Add any WP Plugins and Create Custom as Required
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Online Reservation System (Calendly) Integration
  • Move
  • Domain name Propagation
  • Securing WordPress Internet sites

I Can Also Provide the Following Services:

  • Fix any issues with the layout
  • Make your website responsive to mobile devices.
  • Resolve issues with themes and plugins
  • Fix problems with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Resolve the internal server error
  • Customize the theme and add-ons
  • Resolve Login Issues
  • Fix the problem with WP not sending emails
  • Errors with the WP RSS Feed
  • In WP, fix the 403 Forbidden bugs
  • WP’s white screen issues
  • Resolve any database-related issues
  • Errors in Memory 
  • Resolve any issues with redirection.
  • Mobile-Friendly 
  • Enabled Memory 
  • Admin White Page

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3. Gig Description Template for Proofreading 

I can proofread and edit 2000+ words for checking grammar, punctuation, and spelling professionally. I’m a trained proofreader and copywriter with a degree in English and Political Science from a prestigious university.

With over 8+ years of experience in writing and editing, I consider myself a generalist who specializes in many niche areas such as: 

  • College Coursework
  • Academic Documents (dissertations/thesis)
  • Technical Documents
  • Brochures
  • E-books
  • Long-Form and Daily Blog Posts
  • CVs
  • Resumes

and other documents.

Why limit yourself to only one niche when you can have them all? Your power potential and possibilities are represented by words.

I’ve been a one-stop-shop for those looking for knowledgeable, passionate, and practical advice. I previously worked for an audio branding agency, where I write sales copy for different companies.

Please do not hesitate to ask for a previous work specimen.

4. Gig Description Template for Data Entry

I’ve been employed in the data entry jobs industry for over 3 years, and my organization has successfully focused on ensuring consistent quality.

Do you even have a Data Entry-related offline or online job that needs little experience to be completed and you’re searching for a professional to help you? You should get in touch with me.

My colleagues and I are available to assist you at any time. If you have a long mission, please feel free to contact us first so that we can figure out how to finish it on time.

We can operate for you as well as your business, ensuring accountability and 100% point consistency.

List of Services

  • Any Form Filling Using MS Office Data Analysis
  • Converting PDFs
  • Scraping data from the internet for research
  • Copy and paste the work image into an Excel/Word data entry sheet (Online or Offline)
  • Site Contact Info
  • Adding Work to an Excel or Word Doc Manually
  • User assistance or repetitive work of any kind

Why Should You Hire Me?

  • 100% precision
  • Ensure 100% loyal customers with high-quality work that is kept completely secret.
  • Internet worker who is fast, effective, and dependable

And do not hesitate to text me. If I’m inaccessible at the right time, please submit a dispatch along with your information and you will get a response as soon as possible.

Unbelievable 30% OFF & 100% Money-Back Guarantee!! Till June 30th, 2023

5. Fiverr Gig Description Sample For Graphic Designer

Also review the full summary before placing orders, if you’ve any queries or want to address your project in greater detail, Contact Out Before.

Graphic design gig is needed for this job, which includes posters, leaflets, social media templates, 3D mockups, models, logo designs, brochures, and game designs, among other things.

All works now contain source files as well as seek access. Please contact us before placing orders for bigger projects, either in terms of amount or duration, or for graphic development work, as these services are often not accessible and come at an additional cost. 

Please keep in mind that I do not provide design drawing jobs unless it is really easy to touch me first with animations or web design.

Funds Back Promise – If you’re not satisfied, I’ll gladly return to the drawing table or take your money.

If making your choice, please ensure to include those necessary details, such as logos, pictures, text, labeling, samples, and sizing. All content must be in a usable form, such as Word, Pages, Text message, RTF, or Google Documents.

Fiverr Gig Description Template – General

Hey! You are looking for a professional [service or profession name]? Here you will get all that is expected.

Being a professional [service or profession name] and [ X no of years] expertise in [Field name] I know what it takes to skyrocket your business. Try a sample or see my existing portfolio to see the professionalism at work.

I offer:

  • Service 1
  • Service 2
  • and so on

Here is the list of all the enterprises I worked for:

  • Business 1
  • Business 2
  • and so on

Here’s what I need to get started!

  • Requirment 1
  • Requirment 2
  • And so on

Click Buy Now to get started or Get in touch if there is any question.

I’ll look forward to working with you.

Thanks for visiting my gig!
[Your Name]

Note: It’s a simple Fiverr gig description and you need to add your creativity into it according to your expertise.


Wrapping up, your gig should be presented well, briefly describe your gig and add keywords.

I provided every type of information about this topic. If you still have any questions regarding gig description then comment below, we will love to answer your questions.

But wait.

If you want professional gigs that match your amazing Fiverr profile picture then we can make them for you at a reasonable price. If you want to hire us then you can contact us through our website.


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Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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