When I was new to Fiverr, I started with writing gigs but then found that there are a lot of best Fiverr gigs that beginners or Fiverr pros should consider.

On Fiverr, you can sell services by providing your niche detail in the description. However, millions of freelancers belong to the same field, so it is difficult for newcomers to select an appropriate area of interest.

This is the place where the best gigs on Fiverr come to rock!

There are several categories under the same niche, so it is necessary to select a top-selling best Fiverr gig and add a killer description of your skills in the gig. This article provides details about best-selling gigs on Fiverr.

If you don’t know Fiverr then go here to start learning all about Fiverr and how it works.

In this post, I will be sharing some Fiverr gig ideas that will surely help.

You have the skills and want to work on the Fiverr then select gigs from the mentioned gigs. All the mentioned gigs are the best-selling Fiverr gigs that will surely provide success.

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I. Graphic Designing

EarningAbove Average
Competition Very High
Number of Gigs0.25 M

Sub Gigs

These are the most popular Fiverr gigs. Its sellers and buyers are also expanding day by day with the emergence of new companies and industries.

Every company and business needs a unique logo for their businesses. Logo designing is not a difficult task.

Anyone can work in logo designing with some skill set. Skills can easily be attained by one week of practice on photoshop.

Many templates for logo designing are also available on the internet to help freelancers.

Find out easy Fiverr gigs and start earning fast on Fiverr.

Many tools are also available for unskilled freelancers like canva provides the services of logo designing with many free templates.

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2. Infographic Designer

EarningAbove Average
Competition Mid Level
Number of Gigs6k+

Sub Gigs

 This gig is the most demanding gig on Fiverr and comes in the top Fiverr gigs category. However, the seller must be creative in providing these services to clients. The task is in the form of points or topics, but the seller should be efficient enough to create infographics. Infographics can be prepared on Photoshop, illustrator, or other online software.

 3. Flyer & Brochure Designs

Competition Mid Level
Number of Gigs25k+

Sub Gigs

These are best-selling Fiverr gigs that can be produced by any graphic designing software. Flyers and brochures attract the people towards some specific information with showing a difference between both. The brochure consists of multiple folding pages, while the flyer is a single page with information on one side.

The tools used for creating flyers, business cards, brochures, and leaflets are photoshop, Microsoft publisher, and illustrator. There are many templates present on Canva that may provide aid to freelancers.

4. Architecture and Interior Design

EarningAbove Average
Competition Mid Level
Number of Gigs7k+

This one became the best-selling gig on Fiverr with the increasing trend of online working. Most people are interested in buying the services of interior and architecture designing online as it saves time. Graphic designers specialize in Interior Designing so they could provide these services.

Sub Gigs

Fiverr proves to be a good site for providing these services. Fiverr provides services like floor designing, map designing, interior décor, and even consultation to clients. It is a more stable and profitable niche on Fiverr.

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5. Avatar Creating

Competition Low
Number of Gigs5k+

Sub Gigs

This gig is a high demanding gig on Fiverr and comes in the top Fiverr gigs category. A graphic designer with this skill can charge a higher price to clients. It needs unique skills and experience in creating an avatar.

The tools needed for creating an avatar are photoshop, illustrator, and many other online tools. It is a highly paid task and the seller can earn handsome money through this skill set.

6. Book Cover Designing

EarningAbove Average
Competition Medium
Number of Gigs12k+

Sub Gigs

A graphic designer can create a book cover on illustrator or photoshop. It is one of the best niches as it contains less competition with great demand. The seller having graphic design skills can choose this niche for career growth. The seller can earn even greater after gaining experience in this field.

1. Whiteboard Animation Videos

Number of Gigs6k+

Whiteboard Animation comes in top-selling gigs on Fiverr. There is a lot of software available in the market with proper tutorials. Even an unskilled person can learn to use this software in just a week and can start earning money on Fiverr.

Software that can be used to make these animations include Camtasia, MySimpleShow, Viderscribe, Renderforest, Doodly, Animaker, and Truscribe. A skilled person can make a video in a few hours for the client and earn up to $100 on Fiverr.

This is one of the best Fiverr gigs to consider!

2. Video Testimonials or Reviews

EarningAbove average
CompetitionVery low
Number of Gigs35

It is very trendy nowadays as it is easy to do. Freelancers can earn money by making a video on a specific product or service and give his/her reviews about that product or service.

Freelancers can earn $5 to $154 on a 1-minute video and can increase the charges on experience.

Give honest reviews and this is one of the top Fiverr gigs you should consider. It is also a trading gig as customers trust another customer.

3. Spokesperson Videos

CompetitionVery low
Number of Gigs      1k+

This gig is also very popular on Fiverr and does not require any specific skills. The freelance makes the video according to the instructions and script.

The client may provide images and videos of the business. The spoken person earns a handsome amount once he/she gains experience in this niche.

4. Slideshow Videos – Best Gig Fiverr

EarningAbove Average                                                                   
Number of Gigs1500+

Slideshow is one of the best gigs on Fiverr with many buyers. It does not require any specific skills or tools. You can transform the picture into a slideshow through software like Picasa, After Effects, Video Editing, Premiere, or other online tools. 

Microsoft PowerPoint can also make a slideshow. The seller can learn these tools and start working on Fiverr as a slideshow video maker.

5. Video Editing and Adding Music

EarningAbove Average
Number of Gigs.11k+

It looks simple, but it is a very time-consuming task. People working on YouTube or other video-making sites prefer to hire people for video editing. Video editing is a very popular but competitive gig. You can earn up to $50 through video editing on Fiverr.

If you know music then this is one of the top-selling gigs on Fiverr.

1. WordPress Website Transfer 

It is a very popular gig on Fiverr, and it is easy. This gig provides a lot of work to newbies as this category is unsaturated with gigs. In this, all you have to do is just transfer the WordPress website of the client to now hosting scheme. The Duplicator plugin software can provide this service.

You need to install the WordPress software on now host and run the Duplicator plugin. Follow the instructions provided by the Duplicator plugin to transfer it to a new host. It is a very demanding and highly paid gig on Fiverr.

2. WordPress Malware Remove

It is a very popular gig for programmers who know WordPress. It is an essential thing as websites can get malware quickly and disrupts the functioning of websites.

The seller skilled with WordPress Malware removal services can split their functioning into two parts. They can sell their services as Malware detectors or Malware remover.

Malware can easily be detected by using Sucuri plugin software.

It is always a trending gig as more and more businesses are coming online.

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3. Web Development

Web Development is no doubt a very popular and best Fiverr gig these days. Websites are essential for every industry, business, shop, market, even online service provider to access people. A website becomes the best way to provide each service like contact info, administrative structure, and recruitment information.

A programmer knowing the programming languages like Python and Java can work on Fiverr as a website developer. However, this niche requires a lot of training and experience. The seller who wants to work as a web developer can take a course and become an expert in web development.

4. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development is a highly paid gig on Fiverr as it requires expertise and professionalism. The seller can provide their services as a mobile app developer for a different operating system like Android, iPhone, etc. The person who belongs to this category must pay a lot of time for their services as these tasks are time-consuming and difficult.

5. E-commerce Development

Many programmers are now moving towards E-commerce development as it generates a lot of work for many freelancers. As the trend of online shopping has increased, E-commerce is also expanding.

If the seller has the skills, they can create an online store and manage it and can earn a lot of money through Fiverr.

It is one of the best Fiverr gigs as there is a trend that more businesses are coming online.

The online store development is generating much online work like management and marketing.

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6. Game Development (2d / 3d)

Game Development is also a highly paid and best Fiverr gig as there is less expertise available on Fiverr. Game Development is a less competitive gig as well. It requires a very professional and expert person.

Sellers having experience in game development can effortlessly find work on Fiverr and give a boost to his/her career.

1. Content Writing

It is a high-demand gig on Fiverr with a lot of competition. However, the number of buyers of this service on Fiverr is also higher than any other gig. Any freelancer who has the skills for writing can provide the services of a content writer.

Content writing is a broad category containing many subcategories like technical writing, blog writing, SEO content writing, etc. It is better to select your niche keenly while making a profile. 

There are some categories of content writing where competition is not much high. The skills needed to become a content writer are consistency, research, communication, and editing. The new worker should start freelancing by charging a 5$ amount to attract a buyer.

2. Write Standard Website Pages

Websites contain the privacy terms, cookies, and about us page that needs to upgrade on time. These web pages can easily manage through people. The seller can work on Fiverr to provide this service to buyers and can earn a profit. It can provide a profit of up to $15 for each task.

3. Guest Post Writing

It became a very popular gig on Fiverr. Guest post writing provides the services of article writing for websites. The gig has less competition and you can choose a specific keyword while making a gig to attract an audience. The workers can take $5 to $15 for 600 words depending on the expertise and experience.

4. Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading requires document editing services to the buyer. Proofreading is a highly demanding gig nowadays with an increase in its buyers. Many clients need this service for document editing which is time-consuming and tricky work. The seller needs to know the grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structuring for proofreading and editing services. Proofreading is not a much-paying gig, but the writer could increase their charges once gaining experience in this field.

5. Keyword Research – Best Gig Fiverr

It is becoming a popular and more demanding gig. Most writers write the book and do not focus on the keyword search that affects their sales. The seller can provide this service to any writer and can earn up to $15 for a single task. The profit may increase on gaining experience.

6. Press Release Writing & Submissions

If the seller knows journalism then he/she can start their career as a press release writer. It becomes a top gig with less competition. Moreover, the writer can charge the maximum amount to the clients.

If you can access more media sites, then it is one of the best and trending Fiverr gigs to start with.

Template for press release writing is also available on the internet which provides ideas to freelancers interested in this field. The writer who belongs to this category must be a creative and critical thinker.

7. Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions is also a high demanding gig on Fiverr as it does not require any specific skills. The trend of selling the product and services online creates many jobs for the sellers.

The product seller doesn’t get free time to write a description of every product so they prefer to buy this service. Fiverr helps both the seller and buyer in this regard. This service provides maximum profit to the seller.

8. Translation Services

The bilingual people could provide this service on Fiverr. The translation is top-demanding on Fiverr as there are not many gigs present on Fiverr. It requires proficiency in both languages to capture the clients.

Consider this gig as it is one of the top Fiverr gigs.

The translator could provide articles, documents, product descriptions, or script translation services to clients. It is not a profitable job, but the writer can increase the charges after becoming more professional.

best gigs on fiverr That Tell Digital Marketing Services

1. Social Media Ad promotion

Digital marketing becomes very trendy nowadays with less specific skill requirements. Anyone who can use social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can work as an ad promoter. Many YouTube videos are available on the internet to completely guide ad promoters. So you can take help from the internet and opt for this gig on Fiverr.

You can also go through the 21 ways best guide on how to promote Fiverr gigs.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a top trending niche of digital marketing in Fiverr. Most businesses require these marketing services as this strategy provides more outcomes.

Email marketing includes an Email list generator, Email marketing campaign, tracking metrics, etc. It is a less competitive strategy and much profitable than other marketing services.

There is a huge potential for it and it is an evergreen gig on Fiverr.

3. Social Media Image Designing    

These are less competitive and the most popular Fiverr gigs. Seller provides the services of social media page designing to the client. The client briefs the task description.

It is one of the easiest Fiverr gigs where you can start earning fast if you have a creative design sense.

The worker can take help from the templates available on the internet. Many tools are available on the internet related to designing like Photoshop, illustrator, and Canva to help freelancers.

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1. Improve Website Speed

It is a very demanding gig nowadays as websites need optimization after some time. The speed of the website is slowed down over time. This gig offers services like checking the issues and solving these issues. It generates a profit for freelancers, and it is a less competitive gig as well.

2. Technical Audits

The technical audit is one of the popular gigs on Fiverr that provide the right tool. It provides reports to the buyer about the website. The SEO power tool is the most efficient tool that can provide this service. It is a very basic gig, an unskilled person can easily opt for this gig through some training.

You can easily provide this service to buyers if you can access Ahref’s. This tool is very costly so small business owners prefer to take Fiverr services rather than buying this tool.

It is an easy task that’s why it has become popular nowadays. An experienced person can easily earn a profit through this.

4. On and Off-Page SEO

Search engine optimization is the most selling Fiverr gig. On-page SEO deals with the ranking of the websites. It provides the services to rank your web page at the top of the search engine. Off-page SEO helps to maintain the website’s authority. It includes link-building services.

5. Google Search Console Creation

It is also a top trending gig on Fiverr. It provides the services of website analysis. The service provider gives a detailed report of the websites to the buyer and resolves the issue if present. Freelancers who want to opt for this gig can learn through YouTube and online courses to start working.

6. Backline Indexing

It is also a very popular gig on Fiverr. This gig provides the service of collecting the links of the buyer. Backline indexing may be through software like pignfarm. The freelancer can make an RSS feed or URL for indexing the links. 

7. Send Traffic To The Website

It is not purely an SEO service but is also a very demanding service. This tool transfers the traffic to a specific domain or page. You can learn it in just a week and can work on Fiverr with this gig.

1. Virtual Assistant

These are the best-selling gigs on Fiverr. Many businesses nowadays take an online service from freelancers for their time management and other tasks. Freelancers have an opportunity to work part-time or full-time and can provide their services from anywhere around the globe.  

The tasks are varying from business to business, but the main work is to manage the activities. There are many online courses available on the internet that facilities freelancers to learn a skill and upgrade their knowledge as virtual assistants.

2. Data Entry

It is a popular and easy task that anyone can do. You can start working in this niche with a little beforehand practice. However, there is a lot of competition in this niche. Freelancers must make unique and appealing gigs to attract buyers towards their gigs.

3. Voiceover

It is an easy but quite popular gig on Fiverr. If anyone has the skills of voice-over, he/she can provide these services to a buyer. It is also a competitive gig so you will have to make an appropriate gig to attract the client.

4. Tax Queries

It is an emerging gig on Fiverr nowadays. The tax affairs are very complex that cannot be managed by the layman. Most people take help online from freelancer. Tax queries gigs can be a profitable earning platform.

Digital Download/Products:

1. Fitness Plan

It is a popular niche as the trend has increased towards a healthy living lifestyle. The freelancer who is an expert in fitness plans can provide this service to their buyers through Fiverr. These services vary with the buyer’s needs like the client is interested in weight loss, muscle top-up.

2. Diet plan

It is also trending nowadays. Many people buy dietitian services online because they have no time to consult doctors. The buyer must provide the necessary information about the weight and food of interest. Freelancers can help them in choosing the right diet plan on Fiverr. 

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3. Tutorials

Writes can choose this gig as it is top trending nowadays. The writer writes a short guide about any book or software and can sell it on Fiverr. By this, you can earn up to $15 on a short tutorial.

4. Greeting Cards and Videos

It is becoming the top trending as the people have no time to make these things on their own. Freelancers can provide this service on Fiverr to earn money. The gig must contain a sample card or greeting video to cater to clients.

Final Words – best gigs on fiverr

Fiverr is full of unique talent and skills. This article deals with the best Fiverr gigs, and this list is expanding very fast. The advancement in online work creates more gigs day by day. Anyone who wants to earn money on Fiverr just looks at this article. He/she will surely get a gig for yourself. Good luck:)

Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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