Fiverr gig images, the minimum recommended size is actually 712 pixels wide by 430 pixels tall and maximum of 4000 x 2416 pixels at 72 DPI. That being said, keep in mind that larger images may take longer to load and may not be necessary for all types of gigs. It’s important to find a balance between a high-quality image and a file size that won’t slow down your page or make it difficult for buyers to view your gig.

Recommended formats for fiverr portfolio image size are JPEG, JPG, PN, File size limit is 5MB and you can upload 3 images maximum.

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So, what is the best Fiverr Gig Images Size? Or what is the Fiverr gig photo size? Or what is the size of Fiverr gig image?

Take a look at what Fiverr Suggests.

Fiverr started providing templates for Fiverr gig images. See if you go the options. In our book, we have added what is the gig size Fiverr used for it. Kindly grab it above as it’s in your best interest!

Fiverr gig image templates

This is the same which we call Fiverr gig photo size.

What exactly is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a revolutionary online marketplace that is changing the way the world works. Making it easier for people and organizations to find the right person to accomplish their project objectives by creating an open marketplace for experienced skills. Fiverr image size converter

What exactly is a Fiverr Gig?

A Fiverr Gig refers to the service that a freelancer will provide on the Fiverr platform. As a freelancer’s online portfolio, a Fiverr Gig allows them to display their skills and abilities to potential clients.

I. The Right Fiverr Gig Image Size 2023 Myth Vs Reality

Fiverr loves good quality images so if you need the right dimensions then follow the following dimensions.

712 width and 430 height (Minimum) maximum of 4000 x 2416 pixels at 72 DPI.

By the way, promote your Fiverr gig after creating its perfect thumbnail.

It simply means your image on Fiverr should have a 712 width and 430 height but this is not the only size which you should opt for to get the best results!!

free Fiverr Gig Image Template

1) Fiverr Gig Image Template (Text Only)

Fiverr Gig Image Template

2) Fiverr Gig Image Template (Text & Image)

Fiverr Gig Image Template 2

3) Fiverr Gig Image Template (Text, Image & Results)

Fiverr Gig Image Template 3

4) Fiverr Gig Image Template (Catchy For Graphic Designers)

Fiverr Gig Image Template (Catchy For Graphic Designers)

III. Tips to Optimize Fiverr Gig Image

Here is the complete article.

IV. How to Create the right Fiverr image size 2023?

Well, it is a simple way again! I think I am sharing too much simple information today!

Anyhow, back to the point!

how to make fiverr gig image Free Online?

If you do not have any good graphic design software installed in your system then you must prefer to create a Fiverr Gig Thumbnail online.

Canva is a free source where you can do it. In canva you can also resize image for fiverr gig.

Login or Sign in!

Go to Canva and create an account that is pretty straightforward. If you find a problem in that you can comment below.

Then click on Create a design as showing in the image below.

A dropdown will open up and here you need to click on Custom Dimensions.

A box will open up just like this one to create the best fiverr cover size.

fiverr gig size

Add 712 width and 430 height. Add width and height and click Create Design.

A new window will open up just like this one.

Here you can add any picture you want and then add text. You can add text and photos by clicking on the sidebar of the interface shown here.

fiverr gig photo size

There are pre-made templates that you can use!

Change the color of the text as you like!

Here is an example of Fiverr gig images size for Graphic designers.

You can also change the background of the image like below.

Add Image and they are royalty free or you can purchase them from Canva.

Here is the Fiverr gig image which we created.

You can play around and add your favorite elements and can also upload your image by clicking Uploads in the interface on Canva. This is the best example of Fiverr gig photo size having the least possible text and attractive design. You can also hire professionals to create the best Fiverr gig photo size.

how to make fiverr gig image Free Offline?

Here is another way to create a fiverr cover size that is offline.

Use paint in your system.

Go to the search bar of your system and type Paint.

It will look like this (for those who are just starting it off).

Fiverr thumbnail size

Now, go to resize at the left corner and then add dimensions.

Do not forget to add the same dimensions as there are in the image appointed with arrows.

Now, add your text or image as you wish.

Hope things are clear. If you need further assistance, click on the comment box and comment there. We will respond to help you create a professional Fiverr profile.

Fiverr Vs Upwork

By the way, we charge $50 to create a professional Fiverr profile and the benefits are:

You will get Fast Orders

Better Gig Ranking in Fiverr

Better Guidance to get more clients

2 weeks of free help if you find issues in profile.

You can contact us here. Remember a few bucks will save you tons of time and you will start earning earlier. So, let’s get the deal done!

If you need some initial help then comment below and we are here to assist you via replies.

Fiverr Gig Image With Photoshop

Fiverr gig image can also be created with Photoshop and it is one of the most easiest tools to create graphics for Fiverr. You will have the liberty to edit and recreate any type of Fiverr gigs image with this software.

Free Resources for Fiverr Gig Image


Stockvault is a perfect source of free stock photos, and wallpapers for your Fiverr gig image.

Moreover, this site has the best search engine and is also well organized for browsing by category.

The collection of this site is well-curated and this site has new additions on a daily basis.

STOCKVAULT for fiverr gig image


Canva is a great site for graphic designing. Canva offers a number of free stock photos. Canvas’s best advantage is that you can easily turn an image into a graphic to use on your blog.

You can grab tons of designs for your Fiverr gig image and create in any size you want.

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3. Free Images

One of the best places to start creating your Fiverr gig image in the best Fiverr gig image size in 2023.

Free Images for fiverr gig image

Remember that free images provide over 300,000 free stock images through its own license. Get Free Fiverr gig images according to your freelance service.

4. Flickr

Billions of photos will never let you alone in creating the best Fiverr gig image size.

Flicker for fiverr thumbnail

Flicker is a great platform for image hosting, with this platform you can find images very quickly and those images can be used for your project as well as commercial uses. 

And next step is that filter to find those images and must remember to check the license for every image.

Fiverr actually keeps an eye on the noncommercial use of the products.

Another place to create you Fiverr gig images! for fiverr gig image

The best fact about Stocksnap is that its photos are free to download, edit, and use for commercial and noncommercial projects. 

Stocksnap provides free photos because Stocksnap uses the Creative Common CCO License.


The big advantage of Pixabay is that they offer free vectors and illustrations. This is the best site because it has a very large database of the best quality images.

This is one of the most recommended places to get a huge chunk of Fiverr gig images and graphics.


pexels for fiverr gig image

Remember that we can not do a post on free stock images without mentioning Pexels.

Pexels provides a large and well-organized collection of free stock images, these images are chosen carefully and then available on the internet.


PicJumbo is a big and fast photo stock community that has a big selection of pretty free photos. Picjumbo was started by a 24-year-old photographer because he was tired of getting his photos rejected by the best sites and then he thought of starting his own site. These days Picjumbo is one of the best sites by comparing other sites.

Works well if you are delivering some old image-related services on Fiverr.

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9. Photoshop by Adobe Systems, Inc.

To edit and create photographs, Adobe Photoshop is the greatest program out there. A reasonable degree of Photoshop experience is all that is required to generate any form of pixel-based picture for print, online, and mobile app use.

The photos you make for your Fiverr Gig profile will be outstanding if you have any prior expertise with Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe’s feature set is so comprehensive that the creative possibilities are almost limitless.

However, if you lack Photoshop skills or the financial resources to purchase a license, you need not be concerned; there are a plethora of equally impressive platforms available to you.


Morguefile is a different site. The photos on this site are not well organized and not curated as professionally produced as other sites.

Morguefile is not a site to find big header images, you will find just simple photos on Morguefile.

For example, if you will find a kid washed his hands, this simple photo is available on Morguefile.


Unsplash does not offer a number of choices as some paid sites, but the best thing about Unsplash is that the photos on this site are top quality, as well as a lot of people adding these photos every day to their projects.

12. Kaboompics

Now I want to tell you about the two best things about kaboompics. 

1. It gives the facility to search by color

2. It provides a complementary palette of colors in the photo.

Keep going to get the best Fiverr gig image photo for you.

Kaboompics uses its own license so no need to worry about your Fiverr gig ban due to copyrighted Fiverr gig thumbnails.

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13. Life of Pix

This site provides free high-resolution photographs.


Reshot is more than just a set of stock photos, it is also a society with a task. Its goal is to provide a platform for emerging photographers to share their creativity with those in need. Their curated varieties are comprehensive, outstanding, and totally self-reliant.

Select your favorite photo and get the best Fiverr gig images size.

15. The Jopwell Collection (by Jopwell)

The Jopwell Collection includes various records, which include hundreds of pictures representing people from the Jopwell community. Images can be downloaded and used for free, as long as you clearly belong to Jopwell. (You can read the story behind the series here).

16. WOCinTech

This is a record of images of women of complexion in tech, opened by Stephanie and Christina the authors of #WOCinTech Chat. The pictures should be utilized as lengthy as you mention #WOCinTech Chat or (While the squad is not revising the record anymore, there are over 500 pictures to select from!)


Rawpixel claims to have the most varied variety of product pictures in the enterprise, which may be authentic. They also have vectors, PSD categories, and social section subjects, such as extraordinary Japanese woodblock pictures.

Your income choices help poor children so we recommend using them first.


Moreover maintaining a large variety of extraordinary product pictures, Pikwazard further gives a technique sorcerer that permits you to prepare main improvements like putting in text overlays before downloading. While the basics are available, they further have delivered an edition that’s a full-time form online picture reworking method.

19. CreateHER Stock 

The CreateHER Stock team hand-selected more than 200 high-quality pictures of women of color for personal use only. (Check your license here). When you sign up for their newsletter, you can also receive new free pictures every month.

20. Death to Stock

Various websites mentioned in this column, Expiration to Stock do not have a path of pictures. It delivers you 20 modern images every month when you register for its newspaper.

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21. Getty Images

This may surprise you (and me too). You can use Getty Images images for free by embedding them on your non-commercial website. Downloading an image and uploading it to your website is still taboo, you must embed it.

Inserting is more intrusive than simply adding a photo to your post-inserting to keep your frame, share button, and branding. Nevertheless, for many bloggers, this is an option worth considering.

22. Burst

Burst is a perfect section for business ideas, Burst gives tips and high-resolution images for getting your business started. 

Burst has free stock photos for entrepreneurs by Shopify.

Check it out to grab some amazing styles for Fiverr gig images with the perfect Fiverr gig image size.

Size of a Fiverr video?

Fiverr gig videos, like Fiverr gig images, are an excellent strategy to bring in new customers for your Fiverr jobs. When you just have a few seconds to describe your work and your experience, a Fiverr gig video comes in useful.

For certain Fiverr tasks, freelancers are expected to post videos. It’s just like the Fiverr gig picture, except the Fiverr gig video has its own set of rules.

Check out these Fiverr gig video best practices, shall we?


The duration of the video must not exceed 75 seconds.

Your Fiverr video should not exceed 50 MB in size.

mp4 or AVI are the only acceptable file types.

A landscape-oriented video is required.

It is required that the video’s content adhere to the Fiverr rules.

Voice-overs that we think are worth checking out.

Audio and video that is crystal clear

Ensure that your video exclusively focuses on the product or service you provide.


Personal or contact information should be omitted.

The same video should not be used for more than one gig.

No web addresses or e-mails should be included.

Instead of computer-generated narration, use your own voice.

Gig features such as ratings, the Fiverr emblem, or any other Gig information should not be included in the description.

Aim for the following video dimensions when posting to Fiverr:

Make sure your Fiverr video is less than 50 MB in size, with a resolution of 848 x 478 pixels and a 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a highly professional FUTURE in Fiverr then you should hire a PROFESSIONAL graphic designer to create Fiverr Thumbnail. 99Designs is the best place to hire the top professional graphic designer talent at an affordable price as compared to the other lucrative Graphic Designing Services.

FAQs: Fiverr gig image size

What is the Fiverr gig image size? (Fiverr gig size)

712 width and 430 height

Fiverr profile picture size? (Fiverr picture size)

Minimum size 250×250 for Fiverr profile picture.

How to create Fee Fiverr Thumbnail Size Online

Use Canva!

How to create Fee Fiverr Gig Image Offline?

Use Photoshop and follow step by step tutorial given in this article.

How to hire a freelancer to create the best Fiverr gig thumbnail?

Hire a Highly professional graphic designer from 99Designs.

Can you rank higher after having a great Fiverr thumbnail?

Our researches show that it has a lesser impact on your ranking yet if you have a professional thumbnail then obviously it will improve your ranking and your gig will gradually go to the top. To know all our Fiverr ranking search results, consider buying our Fiverr Ranking System ebook (Scientific Study).

How many Fiverr thumbnails can I add in one Gig?

But you can use an image slider video to add many.

What is Fiverr gig thumbnail image size in PowerPoint?
What are the recommended gig image/thumbnail dimensions?

5.73 inches by 3.85 Inches

What is Fiverr gig image size 2023?

712 width and 430 height

What is the maximum picture size that may be saved?

On Fiverr, the maximum picture size is 5Mb.

Is it possible for me to alter my Fiverr Gig’s profile picture?

You may, of course, alter your Fiverr Gig picture at any time.

My rating will be affected if I change the Fiverr Gig picture?

It may do! So, while you’re coming up with a fresh look, strive to stick to balance and harmony.

How many photos can I upload?

You can only add three photographs to the main gallery, but you can add two PDF files that can hold up to a dozen or so more images.

Good Luck with your freelance career.

Authors: Jack John & Alexa Smith

Jack and Alexa have been working in the online earning space for 4 years and have interviewed multiple Upwork, Fiverr sellers to get the actual insights about these freelance platforms.

Chief Editor & SEO Auditor: Adila Z.

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