I started searching for how to make money online about 5 years ago and since then I transferred my whole business to the internet. So, here, I’m not going to share some ways to make money online which you find everywhere on the internet.

I was a person with limited resources!

No Paypal

No fancy PC

No knowledge of MS software

No bank account credits


The BEST part is!

I “never lost money in my online businesses” to earn online throughout 5 years.

After spending 5 years (4 hours a day on an average), whatever I learned about the legitimate ways to make money online have been share here with the fullest honesty.

Here is a complete guide on How to Start a Blog within 30 minutes

Chapter 1

Tips Before Getting Started with Making Money Online

I’m writing this post to share the actual inside view on the ways to earn online and how would they work for you.

What’s the secret?

I invested a lot of effort to get the best and the most reliable information to earn extra money.

No false claims!

When I started earning first, I made up to $1200 per month during the first year.

Then, it dipped down as I focused more on getting more and more information and I also tried almost all the ways to earn online.

a) NO Quick Fix Location

There is no “easy way to earn money online”.

If you go for a few bucks then probably you are wasting your time and effort.

No! No!

I didn’t mean to demotivate you!

What I told is a reality which you will be facing after jumping into the online field.

See, there is NO QUICK FIX to anything and you need to invest a lot of effort to make extra money from the internet as it is quite gradual and demands a high level of patience, time and energy.

Then, do people really make money online?

I like this question and this is, in fact, the most asked question after when I started earning online.

The answer is simple.


Look at the graph below!

making money online tips

E-commerce is going to hit 17% market share in the global business!

No wonders!

It’s actually due to the actuality that people really make money online.

See the money in blogging!

I searched for the top-earning blog in 2019 and see what I got.

Top blogs making money online

So, there is nothing to not to believe that the online platform is something real to earn.

b) Avoid Traps

Do not feel OVERWHELMED after knowing the online income of those who share it online.

Every person has his/her own circumstances and affordability.

Well, I was a person with limited resources!

I own 3 websites and have a successful freelance background now!

So, you can compare your status with that of mine.

But do not think of the income of those who have strong financial backing or some other BORN QUALITIES to make their dream of online earning true.

Like a person who makes millions of Dollars out of online earning might have a strong social media presence.

So, do not expect that you will get a huge success or it will be a complete failure.

Be realistic!

c) Stay Focused

If you are new and want to learn some new skills to make money online then select the one which has more earning potentials.

Well, do not worry if you do not fall into the list of top-earning potential skill set. There are a lot of other jobs where you can make a lot of money.

I will share some examples and statistics later in this post!

If you are an expert in some field then go to the right platform and avoid joining those platforms which are meant for everyone.

There is a lot of competition on the obvious online earning platforms.

See, the results online search for one keyword “online earning”.

last 5 year trends on making money online

Although gradually but it is going up!

What does it mean?

More competition!

So, if you stay focused then it is easy to get to the top in your venture to start earning online.

So, your best bet is to focus on professionalism. You may not find success at the start but your consistency and patience will deliver the fruit.

d) Knowledge Upgradation

Keep on upgrading your knowledge about the latest trends in your field of interest.

Would you like your audience to switch to those who are newer but have the latest knowledge about your field?

Definitely not!

Remember, the world is moving so fast and we have to comply with the rules of the world. If you do not improve your skills that they will be obsolete and people will abandon using your services.

Important Statistic

They have a strong audience of 5 million!

Save Extra Effort: Read Before Starting Making Money Online 2020

e) No Blind Jump

Never jump blindly into any field and never rely only on one resource.

Yes! Not even me!

Grab as much information as you can as it will reduce your effort and increase work efficiency while making money online.

Learn from other’s experiences and implement the right and reliable rules in your life.

Online earning is a vast topic so do not get overwhelmed.

Select your field of interest and it is good to stay stick to that.

See, it is an age of “Nichism” and you will have to decide a specific area to start working with.

First, focus on making extra money online and then switch your whole living on making money online.

The thing is that you might get frustrated with the work you do.

Here is another thing which you can try at the start!

If you are a person who cannot stay with one job type then try different things. Do you know most of the freelancers rely on 2 or 3 skills?

See the image below!

Freelancers rely on more skills for making money online

Source: Websiteplanet

So, start with more than one and then select the one which you find the best as I mentioned earlier.

In my case, I started making money online with a focus to make extra money. I switched my business to blogging and affiliate marketing (you will get you to know about it later in this post).

Real-Life Example: Online Earning

I tried almost everything under the sun to make money online.

I tried multiple low paying and high paying ways to earn money online and found that there are only a few which would work perfectly for me.

The decision of the best online business depends on factors like your skill-set, the time you invest, the effort you give, affordability and a lot more.

When I decided to earn online, my notion was to earn more and invest less which would be the case of most of the online earning aspirants.

Plus point is that I had a lot of time to improve my skills and get more and more knowledge.

I had nothing in total, int he first year I was at 1200 USD/mo.

In the second and third years, it remained $800/mo.

It dipped as I started focusing on getting more skills and learned a lot.

I tried different things without making sound financial investments.

Today, having an earning potential of around $2,500/mo, I am still focusing on getting more and more information.

The reason I am writing this post is nothing but letting you know my experiences which I grabbed after continuous hard work in 5 years.

Before we get into it, I want to mention that some of the links in the post are affiliate. I may get some commission (no additional cost for you) if you make purchases.

I used those tools either by myself or have searched deeply about their repute. If I found something interesting then I became an affiliate.

However, I would not appreciate buying the thing which you cannot afford as I did at the start of my career.

But if something helps you save a tone of your time and can help you make extra income then why not opt for them.

In case, you need any help, you can “contact meand normally I reply within 24 hours.

If I recommend some product then it means that I am satisfied and stand behind them. If some product is shady (like I have suggested some affordable products as well) then I have mentioned the pros and cons as well.

Chapter 2

Start a Blog/Website and Monetize the Traffic

How to start a blog

One of the lucrative ways to actual financial freedom

Question Is:

How to start a blog?

How to earn from a blog?

What are the skills you need to start blogging business?

If you have a profound grip on some specific niche then I ll suggest starting a blog.

A blog is a website where you share different ideas to have some audience.

Niche is the subject you want to focus on. Like online earning is the niche of this blogging website.

It’s a lot at the very start and there are a lot of tips and tricks which you want to follow to start a blog.

Take a look at some statistics!

How much bloggers make per month infographic making money online

76% of bloggers make less than $999/mo.

So, don’t think it will be an easy job.

I worked as a freelance writer for 2 years and then I can to know how blog owners work and what are their priorities in terms of copywriting.

I know some inside tricks to share with you without giving you a fake idea of your future earnings!

If you want to become a food blogger then do it today.

However, see fashion blogging as well as it is one of the most profitable niches to opt for.

a) How to pick a niche for blogging?

First, see what is your focal point of interest and what is the area in which you can pass knowledge to others.

Now, do some research; here is how.

Go to the Google trends and add your niche keywords and then see either the searches are going up or down.

If your niche has traction then there will be an upward trend in the searches.

online earning google trends statistics

Online earning has upward trends, so it is a good niche to opt for.

But do not stay unaware of the competition.

This niche has high competition and it is difficult to come up with some nice income at the start.

There are some other ways like:

See either there are adds on the main keywords of your niche or not!

See if there are products to sell inside your niche or not!

See if it inspires you to work on or not!

See either you have skills about that niche or not!

b) How to select a domain name for your blog?

Don’t commit a mistake here.

It’s huge!

After picking a niche, you will have to select the right domain name for your blogging.

Do not think it an easy task as the future SEO (Search Engine Optimization: It is a way to make your content compatible with the search engine like Google so that it can understand your niche and rank your post on the top) of your blog depends on it!

Choosing a domain name is not difficult if you use some tips and tricks.

Important Statistic

They have a strong audience of 5 million!

c) How to select the best Website hosting?

A website hosting provider is next step and it is a crucial one.

Let me make sure you know what is website hosting as some of the clients who come for website development do not know it.

Let’s take the example of a home that you want to construct.

You need land to build a house and also there will be some address which will direct people to that house.


Website hosting is the land where you will build the house which means that it is the space that you need to keep all the data on your website.

Whereas domain name is the address of that house. Like I have onlinemoneyline.com.

Hope you got the idea!

Now, there are a NUMBER of hosting providers but you should select the one which suits your needs.

The first thing you need to keep in view while selecting is your budget.

If you can afford better hosting then I would recommend going for it especially if you have less technical knowledge.

Most of the time you will need technical support and if your web hosting provider is not responsive then you will find yourself between the devil and the deep sea.

Although I saved a lot of money during my journey of making money online but in terms of hosting, I selected Fastcomet with some extra bucks as I wanted a company with great repute and which can give me instant live support.

Although they have lesser affiliate commission for me as compared to others but I would suggest this one as I want you to get the best.

This website has also been hosted on Fastcomet.

Here are some suggestions of the most popular hosting providers.

Bluehost $2.95/Mo

HostGator $3.95/m0

Hostinger $0.80 /mo

Fastcomet $2.95/mo (I’ll get the least commission if you buy this hosting but this is the best suggestion for you to go for.)

d) Content Management System

You need a content management system for your website.

WordPress is the best content management system.

Here is why!

e) How to monetize your blog?

There are a lot of questions that revolve around connected to the monetization of your blog.

See, there are different opinions which revolve around regarding the monetization but I’ll suggest which I did.

Google Adsense

Down here, is a Google Adsense Add. Right?

I monetized the blog with Google Adsense first (as I told that I did not lose any money in my 5 years career of making money online).

I tried to test Google Adsense when there was only a few hundred audience pool on my blog.

Then, I discovered that Google Adsense pays quite low and it does not worth opting to monetize your blog especially if you are investing a lot of effort in the niche site.

I’m still testing if it works in different AB testings!

Affiliate Marketing

This is the actual place where you will fight the world.

Affiliate marketing is just like becoming a partner with the seller.

Affiliate marketing is simple.

You get clients for the sellers and get your commission.

Like, at the start of the blog I told that I am an affiliate of some of the products and I get commission after sending them clients who actually buy products.

There are some top affiliate programs that you can join in almost every niche.

Amazon Associates, Web Hosting (Bluehost, Hostinger, HostGator, FastComet), Udemy, Survey Junkie, Shopify, Skillshare, Flexjobs, Adobe are a few names to start with.

Never forget to read blogging myths vs realities.

Chapter 3

Start Freelance Work to Make Money Online

start Freelance work make money online

The world is moving to freelance work.

Question Is:

How to start making extra money with freelancing?

What are legit sites to start freelancing?

What are the mistakes to avoid in freealncing?

My post on 75 ways to start earning online without skills and experience started getting instant traction.

It was basically about freelancing!

Take a look!

Freelance work is the future of the world of online earning!

Here is how!

This is the data provided by the Harvard Business Review site about freelancing.

It is a breakdown of 53 million freelancers.

See, what is the diversification of this filed in making money online.

They also tell that there are America workforce is now 34% freelancers.

Looks unbelievable?

Well, it’s a reality!

Here are the highest paying jobs in the world of freelancing!

I can see that there is less competition in all the jobs described above except medical writers.

How do I know it?

5 years of work in the field of freelancing told me!


However, if your skill falls in some field having high competition then do not worry!

Important Statistic

They have a strong audience of 5 million!

Here is a screenshot of the mainstream skills of Upwork.com.

skills list on upwork.com make money online

Here is the screenshot of the skills of Freelancer.com.

freelance.com earn money online freealnce work

You can access that most of the categories are the same.

Choose your category and then start working.

However, you will face a lot of difficulties at the start!

Like I had!

Do not worry if buyers do not come.

Just stay patient and work at a lower price to get the initial traction!

Are you a writer?

Or can you write?

Analyze thoroughly the list of freelance sites where writers can start working.

I added the top sites with pros and cons so that you can stay safe while working.

Read a comparison of Fiverr and Upwork and freealncer.com and upwork before getting started with these freelance sites.

There is a lot of information about freelancing on the freelance category I added to the site.

Take Away

It was a detailed post where I focused only on 2 ways to make money online.

Which one is your favorite?

If you have some questions then kindly comment below.

I respond to every comment!

I ll keep on updating this page, so kindly keep on visiting the site!

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